hey guys welcome back so my retro gaming
on Android was one of my most popular videos I’ve ever done on my channel and
so many if you are asking on how we can do this on a Windows PC or Windows
desktop or Windows laptop so in this video today I’ll show you how you can
install a couple of things on your Windows computer and make that into a
one-stop retro emulation station and this does not require you to download
any of the roms manually yourself all of those will be provided automatically
using the Internet Archive games launch are coming up right after this if you
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it makes a big difference to me thank you okay so for this process we need to
have just three things firstly we need a copy of the latest kay application I
have to call it care plication because if I use the other term for some reason
or other my videos keep getting demonetized so Fernandez has call it the
care plication so we can get the latest version of that and install that we need
a copy of the Zack Morris repository now this repository actually contains the
internet archive games launcher and it’s a great audio and a great repository so
big shout out to Zack Morris for doing this and Lawson you need to have a copy
of retroarch so the way this works a very high level is you use the K
application with the combination of the Internet Archive games launcher as a
emulation or retro front end so using those two you can basically look through
all the roms of all the classic consoles like Nintendo like Mega Drive like Neo
Geo all the classics are on there with a ton of roms I’m talking about thousands
and thousands of roms all available for you to browse out and look at once you
choose a ROM and once you find a ROM that you want to play you then click on
that the Internet Archive games launcher then automatically downloads at ROM to
your device and this then supports retro art which actually plays their own for
use as a combination of three things to give you that retro emulation heaven
okay so all three things are available on my website so just go over to tech
doctor UK calm for slash downloads you can get each of these three things one
click and you can download them onto your device once you have them onto your
device install the three things in order so install the care application
first once you’ve done that I’ll show you actually what you do once you
install that and also install retroarch let me just do that now so I would
install the cap location I’m just gonna select Raj now let’s double click on
that to install it let’s click on OK okay to click on next accept the license
agreement click on next next again and let’s install that runtime if it’s
missing click on next and install this will now download all of the required
components needed for installation and actually then good to go ok so in terms
of structure or order once this is installed will actually start retroarch
first just so we can configure some of the cause that we want to use for our
emulation and also configure a USB gamepad so for this demonstration I’ll
configure my Super Nintendo want to be china cloned gamepad will get that
configured in there once I think a figure it will then start at the K
application for the first time with an install the internal card games launcher
inside the key application don’t do some demo or some games and just show you how
this whole process works kay let’s now run retroarch for the first time in fact
before we do that let me now plug in my USB controller so this is a cheap
controller I bought for about 10 pound in fact you actually get two controllers
for ten-pound from Amazon we can see looks like the classic Super Nintendo
controller but in terms of quality I mean feels alright I mean especially
for ten-pound he can’t really complain too much so let me now plug this in
there’s actually the first time I’m using it Kalas now ready to go let’s now
launch retroarch for the first time okay so we exceeded retroarch this controller
works out of the box I can now navigate around the menu I can click on things so
the first thing I want to do is go over to settings which is the second menu and
go down into input let’s click on that now and if you scroll down now we want
to set this option which is the mouse toggle gamepad combo and this is
basically how we can excel fret ROG because once the game is launched and
you’re playing it you want to go back to the care plication we’ll need to press
this combination to bring up the retroarch menu so we can then quit the
game now the way we do that is we click on this let’s say we’re going for the
start and select which we can see here we loss translation it should be quite
easy for us to do so let’s go for that and we can see we now have the combo set
on slick so that should be fine to go okay so we configured the gamepad combo
let’s back out this and now we need to actually get there
cause so the calls are actually the emulators or the different consoles you
want to play and the way we do that is we go back to the home screen and you
want to go down into online updated let’s click on that
okay so let’s go firstly for core updated let’s click on that again and
this will now tell you you now get to see whichever calls you want to play so
let’s say for example I want to play some main games I can go down into MAME
click on that and this will now download that to your device I’m not sure why
this text is actually appearing that’s garbled maybe when I restarted that may
correct this off but let’s keep going let’s get we look the main ones so click
on that that downloads here and that’s ready to go let’s get this one as well
three of them you can see guys there’s pretty much everything in here from
Commodore 64 to the Tauri system you’ve got old dos ball so choose whichever
emulator you want now quick thing to mention here guys if you don’t go for
the ps1 and some of the more advanced ones they will require BIOS just like in
my previous video somebody did actually leave a link to the BIOS file so we need
to do is copy those BIOS falls into your retro ID system folder and I’ll then
allow you to boot the ps1 games but for this demonstration I’m gonna focus on
some of the older consoles first so you must basically go through these and
update all of these so let’s update the core info files we’ve done that lets
update the assets I guess once all of the operating is now finished let’s go
back to the home screen and we now want to quit retro just click quit that now
okay so we just configured retro arch let’s now start the care plication for
the very first time configure that I don’t and let’s see if it can actually
play some games so let’s put this to the side for now let’s start the capitation
for the very first time okay so this is me starting the capitation with the very
first time for the first thing one is go down into
add-ons click on that and we want to go to the Box icon on the top left let’s
click on that and we want to install from zip file because we’ve already
downloaded the Zack Morris repository from our website let’s click on that
okay so if you get this message we just need to go over to settings and we need
to enable the install add-ons from unknown sources so let’s click on that
click on yes press escape to go back okay so once he let’s click on install
from zip file let’s go over to my C Drive go over to my desktop that’s where
I basically say wherever you saved wherever you downloaded the add-on
let’s go over to my desktop and I had mine saved in a folder called retro and
there is a repository there guys let’s click on that now I can’t get the
message that the Zack Morris repository has now been installed or added that’s
good to know install from repository click on the second repository click on
game add-ons game providers and here is the Internet Archive games launched just
once again fantastic add-on and Zack Morris is done a great job with this so
let’s click on that and click on install this is just showing you that these
additional add-ons or plugins will also be installed we can click on OK and we
see that’s now all downloading for us so let’s give that a few seconds ok so we
see some of the additional add-ons now being installed once this is done we’ll
then configure this add-on to use retroarch and then we’ll be good to go
and I’m hoping is going to work first time but let’s see what happens give me
this message click on no we don’t have the setup wizard ok so we now want to
configure this let’s click on it now and go over to configure so this is the key
part of the entire video guys so do try and pay attention and make sure you
follow these steps exactly how I do it so let’s go to configure ok so the first
thing under general if you go down the first thing you want to see is where it
says cache size so by default there’s no cache which means every game that you
download will be downloaded on the fly you can then play that game as soon as
you exit that game that game will be deleted now maybe if you have a small
device or you don’t have much storage or if they only want to play the older
8-bit games which are normally only a few maked size you can leave this as 0
and where you go but if you want to basically store the games or if you
don’t play some of the 16-bit or even 32-bit games then I do recommend
increasing the cache size which means once you download the game once the next
time you want to start the game it’ll play from the cache and you want to
download it again so in my example I’m gonna click on this and just increase
this to let’s just go for one gig most of you will have at least a few gigs of
storage available anyways so let’s go one gig for now let’s go over to
external launchers now click on my system type and here you want to select
Windows which we can see here okay let’s leave
that as is okay once you selected windows let’s go back out of this let’s
go down and here you where he says setup wizard let’s click on this and it
started having the kodi retro player let’s select that and we’re now going to
go external then we click on execute setup wizard let’s click on that now so di retroarch installed say yes let’s
click on yes because we do okay once you to select the retroarch games folder so
let’s go back to my c drive go down into users now keeping hair guys you do have
to enable hidden files and folders inside code inside the capitation
because the default location for retroarch is actually inside a hidden
folder to get into my user account going to my profile name going to update and
now you’re not going to see this unless you’ve enabled the hidden files which
I’ll show you how to do just a second but let’s go for updater let’s click on
roaming and here we have retro as click on that scroll down a bit until the okay
becomes highlighted we can now press Y on the remote and click on OK and now
wants us to locate the system directory let’s click on yes go back in to see users find your profile find updater
click on roaming click on retroarch find system click on system and click on
OK do you have an archive account we can
click on no click on ok and there we have it guys what’s happening now is the
Internet Archive games launcher add-on is now going through all of the games
library all of the different games and updating all of the config so when you
click on the games instead of launching the game locally he’s actually going to
launch the game through retroarch so and there we are because that’s now all done
so let’s click on that let’s open that up let’s click on agree ok because
ithat’s tool are platings let’s give that a second but the way this works is
you have a browse all list so you can browse a massive list of games you can
go by category let’s start with that ok so we can now
break the game’s down to 8-bit games 16-bit 32-bit came from the 80’s 90’s
lots of different ways of finding the games you want to play guys so this is
good for best off just try best of snares let’s click on that
let’s go for one big list okay so let’s try okay let’s try it
Street Fighter 2 turbo let’s click on that so this was talking about so even
without retroarch art world the Internet Archive game’s
launch itself has its own artwork so here we can see what the cover looks
like here we get some more information about the game we get some screenshots
we get some information about its rating how many players and now if we click on
launch so let’s think II think eyes so even though I don’t have this ROM
already downloaded as soon as I click on launch this will now automatically
download the ROM for me and it should in theory spawn retroarch and then
ultimately allow me to play the game so let’s see if that works first time so
let’s click on launch I got us now been downloaded let’s see
if that works first time kay screen goes black and there we are guys we are now
directly inside the game let’s press Start
alright let’s use let’s do let’s let the speed up a bit let’s go for max turbo now and let’s play one player and let’s
do good old Ken and we just looks exactly like the arcades you’ve got the
same sounds obviously the same graphics and let’s see what kind of performance
we get on this old laptop on super turbo mode and there we have it guys we are
now getting killed okay let’s try sweet let’s do a fireball
alright let’s get a hug there get away okay
oh this is very fast I’m still trying ease to this to a pad
but we can see guys emulation wise that’s working flawlessly
now this sticky thing so once you have got into your game and you think you
know what I’m now going to play a different game had on our XL retroarch
and go back to the K application well if you remember we created a shortcut for
this which was the start and slick button so let’s say I’m happy now that
gives on the floor I can now press Start and select
we see that instantly takes us back into retro Raj we can now
go back go down I want to quit retroarch listen now allow us to cleanly exit
retroarch go back to the care application and we can then choose
another game to play so let’s try that now
okay that’s now exited and we’re now back to the big list guys you can see
that’s working absolutely fine so now let’s do it Mortal Kombat 2 let’s click
on that let’s see if that works click on launch now within a couple of seconds
they should now be downloaded and we’re inside the game let’s press select to
add a coin and here we others we are now doing Mortal Kombat and let me stop
these some special moves uh-huh clearly not block that me okay but we can see
guys graphics look great the sound is awesome and it’s working really really
smoothly take my uppercut there you go take my
freezing thing wrong okay so once again guys when you finish playing your game
how do we get back to the Care plication we press Start and select takes us back
into retroarch menu and we quit retroarch so because that’s working
absolutely fine guys so lots of games to play lots of games to try pretty much
any console anything from the 70s 80s and 90s you can find in here any game
you want to play choose any game you want click on the game click on launch
and then within 5 4 3 2 1 that game is done download directly onto your device
if you then press select to add some coins press Start and we should now be
able to play this game and there we have it guys we are now playing our type
which was and is a fantastic game she’ll kill these guys
and that’s working great that’s all for this video guys many thanks for watching
if you did find this video useful then do give it a thumbs up if you want to
see more stuff like this then please do subscribe hit the notification bellow as
always I always appreciate your likes your shares your comments so do let me
know what you think leave me a comment below and I’ll hopefully catch up with
you guys real soon thanks


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