[10 minute Retro lesson]Super Mario Bros 3

Lets go on the map u can move direction key,
and enter by a button. u can move by direction key, basic is Left, Right u can jump by push a button, and hit the block or ? box to get an item such as mushroom, coin, star, flower etc. when u push ↓ for few second, u can hide back ground of map. when run to front with continue push B button , u can move more fast and higher jump. and raccoon mario can fly to the sky pushing a button. when u go to ground, try to push A button repeatedly. then extend time on jumping The p button changes block to coin for a few second. when u slip keep direction ↓, then u can defeat enemy and move faster by sliding. During running, try to push direction ↓ u can use crouching jump. the p button is useful to hidden way too. the music box can enhance ur jump, usually it drop some item. 2star got, and i can always get star finishing. push the button on time to arrange picture among the mushroom, flower, star. jumping is recommended when u face skull turtle. the middle boss can be defeated by 3 time stomping. Looking the pattern is important. As defeat the middle boss, the lock is broke. for get star, run with b button without any hesitation. and push jump just front of box. then u can get 5up easily can u get it? its guess game ur ESP. but the fair is always same, u can get solution easily. if fail twice, the game is over. the BGM is from DR.mario. U can use item by pushing B button on the map menu. select one and A button. embarking u can put the missile and bomb. but only form topside. the confronting real boss is same way as middle boss. read pattern, and put him 3times. Its clear of world1, from next world u can complete urself. If it was useful to you, please click ‘Like’, and subscribe my channel. it makes me create better things. Then, It’s your turn.~~!!

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