10 Strangest Ripoffs of Nintendo’s Super Mario Bros. | blameitonjorge

With a gaming icon as big and recognizable
as Mario, it’s no surprise that others would try to cash in on his success. While some developers took inspiration from
Mario in order to create their own successful games, such as Braid and Shovel Knight, other
developers took a… less subtle approach. And by less subtle, I mean shamelessly ripping
off. Today, we’ll be bringing these games into
the limelight to take a look at how they ripped off the original Mr. Videogame. These are the 10 strangest ripoffs of Super
Mario Bros. Our first entry is somewhat of a ripoff of
the 1981 arcade classic “Donkey Kong”. I say ‘somewhat’, because initially it
was actually licensed by Nintendo themselves! Crazy Kong was an adaptation of Donkey Kong
created for non-US markets by Falcon, specifically for Japan, as Nintendo couldn’t keep up
with the demand for the game. While the gameplay is largely the same as
the original, the sprites and sound effects changed in color and sound quality in the
Commodore 64 version. What eventually turned this game into a ripoff
was whenever Falcon breached the agreement between them and Nintendo, when they tried
to sell the game in the U.S. market. Nintendo promptly terminated their contract
with Falcon once this occurred. Continuing with the Crazy Kong fiasco, Nintendo
filed a complaint with the company ‘Elcon Industries’ in 1982, after discovering that
the company was selling Crazy Kong arcade boards in the U.S. The court quickly ruled in favor of Nintendo,
to nobodies surprise. Despite their agreement ending, Falcon continued
with the Crazy Kong ‘franchise’. After Nintendo released “Donkey Kong Jr.”,
Falcon created their own version titled “Crazy Kong Jr.”. For this entry, we’ll be looking at three
games, which are so similar they might as well be the same. First up we have Monino Save Story, which
blatantly uses sprites from Super Mario World, as well as uses Paper Mario on the app store
icon. The game is a carbon copy of Super Mario World,
just without the good gameplay. Instead of being fluid and versatile, ‘Monino’
feels sluggish when he walks, and can barely lift his feet off the ground. He’s gonna have to try a bit harder if he
wants to save his brother from ‘Bowler’. Second is Super Jump World, which is essentially
just the St. Paddy’s Day version of Super Mario Bros. Instead of Mario, you play as a leprechaun
who collects four leaf clovers instead of mushrooms, jumps on beetles instead of Goombas,
and kicks snail shells instead of Koopa shells. The game has the classic question mark blocks,
as well as the ‘three levels and a dungeon’ formula from the first Super Mario Bros. However, unlike Monino Save Story, the controls
here are far too floaty, and the leprechaun can’t seem to keep his feet on the ground! I guess Super Jump World is an accurate title,
as the jumps are anything but normal. Not that that’s a good thing. Lastly is Ultra Dario. There’s really not much to say here. It’s literally just Super Mario Bros, except
with a caveman. You get mushrooms, fight Goombas and Koopas,
and the music even has a riff that sounds almost identical to the start of the classic
Mario overworld theme. What kind of name is Dario anyways? Perhaps this caveman is the long-lost third
Mario brother, neglected by his siblings, forever doomed to wander through shitty apps. Or maybe he’s just a quick cash-grab. Probably the second. 7 Grand Dad is a notorious bootleg game, popularized
by the mysterious YouTuber ‘SilvaGunner’, who uploads high quality rips of videogame
music… at first glance. The game itself isn’t actually even a Mario
game, but instead a bootleg of “The Flintstones: The Rescue of Dino and Hoppy”. The only differences between the real Flintstones
game and 7 Grand Dad are the title screen, which features the infamous Grand Dad, and
the sprite for Fred Flintstone, who has his head replaced with Mario’s head from Super
Mario Bros 3. The origins surrounding this bizarre game
are relatively unknown. Grand Dad itself originated in ‘Dian Shi
Ma Li’, an unlicensed Famicom game released in 1989. Then in 1992, an unrelated Chinese Famicom
cartridge was released, which also contained an edited version of The Flintstones game,
called “GRAND DAD 3M”. At some point, 7 Grand Dad arrived in the
Russian Federation as an “official” Dendy game, titled “Super Mario 7”. So, yeah… quite an interesting history there. 7 Grand Dad itself was initially popularized
by YouTuber VineSauce, and later picked up by GilvaSunner, who would sneak The Flintstones
theme song into various other songs on his channel, fooling the viewer into thinking
they were going to hear the song they had clicked on. 7 Grand Dad is truly one of gamings greatest
mysteries, and one of its greatest gifts. Mole Kart is a kart-racing game for iOS and
Android created by the Chinese companies “Shanghai Shengren” and “Information Technology”. This game is a blatant Mario Kart ripoff,
and doesn’t try to hide that fact at all. It’s essentially your basic kart-racing
game, with a bunch of goofy characters to pick from and item boxes full of crazy items…
much like Mario Kart. While Mario Kart doesn’t own the rights
to making kart-racers, they DO own the rights to the courses created specifically for Mario
Kart Wii, which Mole Kart completely steals, such as Mushroom Gorge, Moo Moo Meadows and
Peach Beach. The game was pulled from the App Store in
January 2012, and was re-released on the Android store in 2016, under the name Mole Kart I. The only real difference is that the game
is now free, instead of its initial price of $ .99. The game received a sequel in late 2012 titled
Mole Kart 2: Evolution. The game received an immense make-over, changing
it from a shameless Mario Kart ripoff to… nothing special. Just a generic iOS kart racer. At least they learned their lesson. Or rather, they got caught, so by law, they
had to learn their lesson. The Great Giana Sisters might just be the
most successful and popular Mario ripoff to date. The original Giana Sisters was developed by
Time Warp Productions for the Commodore 64, and follows a girl named Giana searching for
her sister Maria in a nightmare world. The gameplay itself is almost identical to
the original Super Mario Bros, with the exception of a few unique power-ups. Several urban legends popped up claiming that
Nintendo had filed a lawsuit against Time Warp Productions, after the game disappeared
from store shelves. However, while no such lawsuit exists, Nintendo
did admit to having some influence in the its cease in sales. Word of mouth had a great effect as well,
with the general public and reviewers quickly finding out and spreading word that it was
a Mario clone. Despite being a clone, The Great Giana Sisters
received immense praise across Europe, and even gained a cult following. Sequels, ports, and even live concert performances
followed. The series eventually found its way to a Nintendo
console, in the form of Giana Sisters DS. In 2012, a Kickstarter was successful in its
funding for a new installment in the series, titled Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams. It had the original composer of the first
Giana Sisters returning, and was described as a sequel to Giana Sisters DS. It was released on PC, Xbox Live, Playstation
Network and the Wii U, to generally favorable reception. There are two types of Mario games in the main series; 2D platformers, like the original
Super Mario Bros, and 3D platformers, like Super Mario 64. However, in 2011 Nintendo released a hybrid
of the two gameplay styles in the form of Super Mario 3D Land, for the 3DS. Being a mainline Mario game, it was immensely
successful, meaning knockoffs weren’t too far behind. 3D Cartoon Land: Safari is a blatant ripoff
of Super Mario 3D Land, minus all the fun, joy, creativity and soul of it. The main character is a blonde guy wearing
the iconic Mario garb, just without the signature ‘M’ on the hat. He collects coins, jumps on Koopas and Goombas,
and grabs flagpoles. Just like Mario. They even have the propeller block power-up
introduced in Super Mario 3D Land. The game itself cost $ .99, and described
itself as the following: “this unique game requires you to quickly jump over obstacles
and collect coins. But you are not secure in this beautiful cartoon
world. An angry tortoise could bite you. An easy and smooth control makes it very funny
and to jump or run.” The game is no longer on the App Store, but
there is an incredibly similar game with the same name up currently. It has removed many of the blatant Mario ripoffs,
such as enemy designs and the Mario outfit. So, instead of a shitty ripoff, now it’s
just a shitty game. Era’s Adventures 3D was a mobile platforming
game created for Android devices by a Hungarian developer known as Andev, released in 2013. The game stars an original character known
as Era, who has been imprisoned in a strange realistic world, and must find keys to escape. What’s that you say? Era looks identical to Yoshi from the Super
Mario Bros series? Sorry, I don’t know anything about Yoshi,
I’m not a Super Mario Bros fan… That’s what the developer said when he was
called out for using an indistinguishable model of Yoshi that he purchased from TurboSquid,
one of the biggest 3D asset stores online. Despite admitting that it’s Yoshi, he went
on to say “Since no assets are stolen from any Nintendo game or website and the Yoshi’s
name is not present anywhere, there is no copyright violation. Nintendo didn’t feel the same way, however,
and took legal action two weeks after the game was released. Andev redesigned the main character to be
blue and wear a hat, and re-released the game onto the Android store. Unfortunately, blue Yoshis exist, and this
re-design was simply not enough. The game was removed permanently from the
store, and was retooled into “Jack 3D”, the same game with an actual original main
character. While the mobile market seems to be a breeding
ground for these types of low-quality rip-offs of Super Mario Bros and other popular games,
the Chinese PC market has its fair of share of gems as well. Shamelessly ripping off the stunning 2007
title, Super Mario Galaxy, DuLuDuBi Star was surprisingly not developed by a nobody company
with a shoestring budget, but rather a massive multimedia Chinese company known as FantaWild,
which is a subsidiary of a large investment group. This company has its hand in videogames, animation,
CGI and even theme parks. The mascots for FantaWild are two dinosaurs,
and in order to further promote these characters, a free PC game was released. And it’s literally just Super Mario Galaxy,
with a blue dinosaur instead of Mario. The environments are the same, the moves are
the same, and oddly enough, the Jeopardy theme plays in the overworld. It’s baffling that such a large and financially
successful company like FantaWild would make such a low quality ripoff like this, but then
again, if they can get away with it, why wouldn’t they? Our next entry is less of a ripoff and more
of an homage to the platforming classic. Princess Rescue is a ‘demake’ of the original
Super Mario Bros for the Atari 2600. A demake is reimagining a popular game, be
it modern or retro, and programming it as if it were made years before its time. Examples include Halo 2600, Super Smash Land
and Mega Man 2600. The title ‘Princess Rescue’ is a callback
and reference to the incredibly simple titles many Atari 2600 games would have, often just
being a basic description of the main task of the game. The creator of Princess Rescue, Chris Spry,
was inspired by Mega Man 2600, and also used it as an opportunity to imagine what could
have happened if Nintendo and Atari hadn’t ended their relationship in the mid 80’s. Before Nintendo had gotten into the hardware
business, versions of their arcade titles were ported to the 2600, such as Donkey Kong
and the original Mario Bros. The two companies almost even entered a partnership
where Atari would have distributed the NES in America, before they cut ties. The fan game is made of love and devotion
to both the Mario series and the Atari 2600. Unfortunately, a physical version of the cartridge
is no longer available, but it is available to download as a ROM for Emulators. Our last ripoff isn’t actually a videogame,
but rather a porno. Two of them, actually. Super Hornio Brothers and Super Hornio Brothers
II are pornographic parodies of the Super Mario Bros franchise, made in 1993, released
around the same time as the official live action adaptation of Super Mario Bros. The film features Ron Jeremy as Squeegee (Luigi),
T.T. Boy as Ornio (Mario), Buck Adams as King Pooper (Bowser) and Chelsea Lynx as Princess
Perlina (Peach). The plot is about as bad as you’d expect
a Mario porno to be; two brothers are sucked into a computer game, and must defeat King
Pooper, who has kidnapped the princess and plans to force her to help him travel to Earth
with a tub full of semen what? Okay. Moving on, then. Apparently the film was made on a $20,000
budget, with Buck Adams overseeing the quality of the production, as he ‘knew Mario Brothers
inside and out’. The films were relatively unknown until 2008,
after Zac Parsons from Something Awful discovered the film and tipped off the rest of the internet. The first film is pretty much impossible to
find, however a ‘Something Awful’ user did come across a copy of the sequel in 2014. The reasoning behind this is that Nintendo
themselves actually bought the rights to both films, in order to halt their distribution
indefinitely. So there you have it. Nintendo owns Mario porn. The more you know.


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