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hi everyone this is Prince Mario and
welcome to the first let’s play on this channel this is Super Mario Brothers 3
for the NES classic Mario game basically we’re just gonna watch the intro the
Mario Brothers are shooting turtle shells at each other Koopa shells
whenever I look at this Luigi dog is the Koopa shell but then more yo gets hit
Roo you Luigi anyway we’re gonna be playing a one-player game because I do
not have anybody to play this way anyway so how this help he’s going to work this
will be 100% which means I will be doing all stages now it’s actually been a
while since I played this game anyway so basically this will be all stages in the
game all worlds all stages I’ll try to record as much of the game as I can in
one sitting but to be honest this game is pretty long so basically I don’t know
what how how far I’ll get in one sitting because you know I don’t have the time
to do this and I am playing this on the Wii U Virtual Console where there is
savestates anyways so babies and control-z deep had
to move a to jump and basically if you get the P bar up you can fly for a short
amount of time I personally think the cape and Super Mario World is better
because you can fly through the whole stage if you time it right and if you go
in this room there’s a three out of coins but if you’re I believe you’re
playing the GBA version it’s a four you know to more advanced quark and I don’t
even get the star this wonderful one of the way to start the LP I don’t even get
the star basically how those cards work is that um basically three three
mushrooms equal to one ups three stars equal five one ups and three flowers
equal three world now here’s one thing I want to show really quickly basically if
you if you can time this right you can time this right you can time this you
keep jumping on the goombas doing it a bunch of 1ups this way I’m gonna see if
I can do this right two thousand four thousand eight thousand one up one up
one up one up okay I’ll try stop saying one up all right I got ten one ups
basically you can tie this you can get two you can if you can time it perfectly
you can get all the way up to like ninety nine lives this way which
speaking of which I will try to get up to 99 lines at some point in this LP I’m
gonna try get 99 lives anyway so basically how have you guys
been doing I’ve been doing alright I guess I’m looking forward to
Thanksgiving anyway so we get another raccoon suit one funny thing is that I
saw random Marta 3lp it’s like funny in like a bad way but like the guy was like
playing Mario 3 and like um basically he called the raccoon suits marijuana Leafs
which they look nothing like marijuana leaves and oh my god I just got the
rarest thing in moil three like that’s I’m freaking out a little bit right now
but that is the UM Queen ship basically how those work I’m not even explaining
how this works like basically I failed at the mini game but like how the coin
chips work is that basically what in orders you have to have like sixty-six
coins not only that but like you have to have like 11 22 33 44 coins something
like that and it has to match the second-last
number of your score so basically you either have to do it intentionally or
aching the skin if I complete accent in my case it was by complete accident I’ve
only gotten that like a very few amount of times and I believe you can only get
it in like what 1 or something like that anyway so basically if you go up there
when you’re in heaven though I’m gonna try to get a leaf before I can go to
coin heaven because if you fly up you can get a 1-up and I’m playing worse
than I normally do anyway there’s coin have it’s just like coin heaven in the
first game except you can I believe it’s some point you can flag and get one up come up hitting it I’m gonna fucking it
on the coin which will also be one up and also um yeah I just got 12 lives
fortunately I do not get the star in the first stage now basically I will I might
as well explain how to get the whistle basically I think everybody knows this
trick if you duck down for a certain amount of time and you go behind the
background you can just get the whistle this way I’m not going to be warping at
any point in the game I will show off where all three whistles are basically I
won’t as I said I will not be warping at any point in the game anyway there’s the
toad house pick a box it’s content will help you on your way I believe this one
you can either get a leaf a mushroom or a fire flower and they change their on
the game anyway there’s one secret I want to try to get in stage or basically
I believe if you get at least 30 coins in the stage you can get a hidden toad
house which gives a p-wing I’m gonna try my absolute best to get the P wing but I
don’t really get it every times like you know and so there’s a wanna play here
but I’m not gonna risk it I believe that was 12 coins make sure to
get this block over here anyway make sure try to get as many coins as
possible I believe it’s like 30 33 or whatever anyway I believe I have enough
to get the P Lang cause like I’ve gotten like every coin so far I’m really also
trying to concentrate and gain all the coins anyway and I hope if I give one of each
of that countess multiple lives yeah I got the hidden toad house anyway there
are one of these in each world basically in the odd-numbered worlds in these toad
house you’ll get a pee wing and the even-numbered worlds are getting anchor anyway so basically this is the first
fortress in the game you could fight the boss but there is a whistle in the stage
where I might as well explain how to get that not like people who are watching or
even know how to get this because I think everybody knows how to get new
whistles in this game and the whistles right here you don’t even have to fight
the boss I’m pretty sure majority of lp’s this game show how to get the less
whole and I get to go up to the coin ship so yeah you get to see the rarest
thing in Mario 3 anyway these are you can get a bunch of coins this way and
that’s a few one ups and I also believe you can you fight a few hammer brothers
at boomerang brothers at the end anyway really trying to focus on gaining all
the coins all right I’m I’m almost I’m already
almost about to get another one up 16 lives I believe there’s also a hidden
one up at the end of the coin section but don’t get me wrong because it’s been
a long time since I’ve got this I believe somewhere around here there
should be a hidden one up other as no okay good I got the hidden one up one
thing I will address is that if you fail at these boomerang brothers like if you
die in the boomerang goes it is turning to regular hammer brother so you can’t
get another try the UM coin fortress or the coin ship and you get a storm after
that trouble anyway this stage five I believe this is the second stage yeah
second and last day we can get coin heaven even though I haven’t played this
game in a while I did play this game many times anyway I believe should I alright
there’s be one up even yet Mike pointed up to a hundred the other thing I never
thought this was a very hard game to be I feel it only gets hard it like world’s
seven and eight and like the other thing is that this game gives you plenty of
chances to get extra lives and it hasn’t limited continues like I always felt
like of the three NES more games like Moyer – was the one I could never beat
until much later anyway a few 80,000 points you get a card game now basically
one thing I will address is that I’m not sure exactly but this one’s always gonna
be I believe this is always gonna be a mushroom this one’s always gonna be a
star and I believe this one’s always a flower I’ll test my luck right now oh I
actually match something yeah and this one’s always a star and coins no Steve
this one I’m right this one’s always a flower and you also get the items I
where’s the ten coins nope anyway stage six one thing I will also
admit is that this is the first set of any video I’ve made on YouTube that is
in 4k which basically 4k is dominating me um the pixie screen market the 1080p
market so even if you don’t have a browser that has 4k you can at least
switch in 1080p I’ll find a way how to do it that way one thing I will say is that like um
even in this game like hand rupture lies it’s not like New Super Mario Brothers
we’re basically not only that they hand you extra lives after you suck at the
game they like tell you how to do the stage and you can even skip this days
where I found that disgusting anyway second toad house give me
something good but try to get as many items as I can for later on but you
don’t want the thing is you can only carry forth four rows of items you can
carry much more Iams in in the two-player mode anyway this is the first
airship in the game oh it’s terrible the King has been transformed please find
the magic wand so we can change him back and the King is transformed into a dog anyway this is the first day our ship in
the game basically I believe this is another stage week in time if you time
it right you can get a bunch of one up so I cannot get one ups this way or at
least rip the raccoon suit it’s easier though see I screwed up so like and I
also have head so there’s no okay don’t if I die if I actually manage to die in
the first airship that’ll be embarrassing but I believe
there’s a powerup over here the other eyes and read back what I was trying to say
is that if you have the raccoon she could also time to get well I’ve seen
some speedrunners at this game do it though I’m not really into speedrunning
myself I mean this is the first time the Koopalings you find the game I believe
this is a key I believe it’s either Iggy or Larry the thing is I always get Iggy
and Larry mixed up when it comes to this game so if you want to let me know which
one it is I’ll be perfectly happy to respond to it anyway we cleared will one oh thank heavens I’m back to my old self
again thank you so much here’s a letter from the princess greetings have you
seen any ghosts be careful they will give chase they will give give chase if
you turn oh wow bad translation right there anyway we at
least we get appealing for that bad dialogue anyway so that’s gonna tackle
it off for this video so next time on super marvelous three we’re gonna be
tackling world to system print smile sign I’ll see you guys next time they
are folks


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