3 Amazing DIY Multiplayer Games

Paste the cardboard pieces to make the collection tray Make 2 such trays with alternate gaps Mark the points as per the size of a coin Insert toothpicks Cover the face with plastic Let us make the base And now, the back part Your Plinko money-making game is ready! A tabletop football game Make the body of the player Make the arena with cardboard and green velvet paper Make long sticks Drill holes for the sticks Make the goal post Limit the player’s movement Enjoy playing football with DIY Ocean’s new game!! Connect four to win the game!! Just make four in a row to win it Measure 1.5 cm radius Cut a circle of measured radius Make 15 pieces of blue and red each Cut the grid as shown Assemble the cardboard pieces Put a movable base The pieces can be easily removed Play connect 4 with friends or family

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