3DS: New Super Mario Bros. 2 – Penélope & Mónica Cruz TV CM

Ha ha ha ha ha. Oh Mario let’s go. Good boy. Come on my friend you can do it. Ha ha ha. Get the coins. Get the coins. Run, run, run. No! No! Okay let’s focus right now. Sister, you need a champion to help you reach the million. Let’s play together. You want me to remind you who’s the big sister? The last one loses the bet. Really? Really really. (laughs) Come on. Come on. Come on. Save me, today please. (laughs) Mónica: Okay, okay.
Penélope: Okay Thank You.
Mónica: Your Welcome. Move, move, away, away. Mónica: Hah! Who is the champion now! Luigi.
Penélope: NO! You know what you have to do. Penélope: Okay, bring it on.
Mónica: Let’s Go! Bonjourno! Can I have a mushroom, please? (Portraying Mario)


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