5 Designs for Drivable Monty Mole Cars in Super Mario Maker!

The idea of the year election is over, and
we officially have three winning ideas. The monty moles, the glitching floor, and
the turn based combat will all get another video, exploring the idea behind the idea
a little bit more. Today we start this mini series by taking
a closer look at drivable mole cars. Not only will we add a new minor point to
our dangerous list of evil, and have mario move a moving platform on top of a moving
platform, but we will also take a look at how our little mole is doing. So are you ready? Let’s do this! So marios day starts like most of his days
do. He finds himself on top of a huge mole car,
in a castle filled with lava, while magi-koopas are shooting playstation button missiles towards
him. This would be pretty bad already, but things
are about to become worse for our plumber. Because not only has he to avoid the dangerous
playstation symbols, and to avoid to drop into the lava, but there is also a don’t
leave the corridor contraption at work here. If mario leaves this small area only for a
short moment, the floor disappears like so many times before and mario has to take a
bath in the really hot liquid. If mario wants to reach the exit door without
losing any of his precious lives he needs to be really careful, to drive the mole car
highly concentrated and to wait until the hidden shelmet timer expires. We are able to track whether mario left the
corridor here because of a really simple thwomp p-switch contraption. But there is also another contraption at work
in order to prevent mario from just jumping down. If mario jumps down the floor disappears nonetheless
because of this small schrödingers note block set-up. So Mario really has to beat this idea in the
intended way, no way to cheat here. After this little warm up it’s time for
an actual challenge for mario. Now he finds himself in the middle of a really
chaotic boss fight against bowser jr. Mario has faced bowser jr many many times before
in his life, he fought against him in many crazy and dangerous arenas, but this one might
be the most dangerous one of them all. The whole floor is jumping up and down in
different intervals, but not only this, as there are ouching wrenches flying around as
well. And this is all before bowser jr spit a single
fireball. What a nightmare, but luckily mario is able
to win even this fight. Hooray! For our next idea we add a new entry onto
our dangerous list of evil. Don’t cross the line! Here mario rides a monty mole car once again,
but this time he can’t simply jump over the obstacles in his path as jumping is forbidden
here. Or to be precise, crossing the track line
is forbidden. There are certain areas where mario actually
is allowed to jump as long as he doesn’t cross the line. So our plumber not only has to drive like
a 200cc driver, but he also has to be careful not to cross the dangerous line. Wow, looks like a busy day at work for mario,
but that’s the price you have to pay if you decide to quit your well paying plumber
job in order to go all in with you princess saving start up idea. Anyway the don’t cross the line contraption
is super simple here, all we use are anti jump thwomps and buzzy beetles in order to
create different trigger heights for the don’t jump contraption. Next up, is something really dangerous. So far mario only had to drive a moving platform,
but now.. now he has to drive a moving platform, on top of a moving platform. While the platform at the bottom constantly
moves to the left, mario controls the movement of the moving platform on top of the moving
platform. Meanwhile, horrific lava bubbles try to touch
our plumber while he moves his moving platform while the platform moves. Wow how dangerous! I think it is really moving how mario moves
the moving platform while the platform moves in order to move closer towards his princess
which unwillingly moved into bowser’s castle. Next up mario finds himself on top of gigantic
monty mole car. A car so huge it is probably best described
as a monty truck. First mario has to drive this truck into a
small mini-game, here he needs to survive until the track timer to his right expires. While he waits he has to dodge the dangerous
cannonballs, which this dangerous super cannon shoots towards him. Once mario made it through this dangerous
section he faces an even more difficult challenge. To his right is a wall-jump trigger. Mario needs to jump towards this wall-jump
trigger three times in a row in order to trigger a key obtaining mechanism. While this sounds like an easy task in theory,
things turn out to be a little bit more complicated in reality, as there is not only a dangerous
cannon-ball-wall which tries to bring his little adventure to an abrupt end, but there
is also a red bullet blaster chasing him. There is actually a small neat little trick
hidden here, the floor at the bottom of the screen only exists when mario doesn’t look
at it, but as soon as the floor is inside the current camera border and therefore visible
it disappears. This is once again because of a simple schrödingers
note-block vertical position trigger. So that’s mainly it but before we end this
little video, let’s quickly travel back in time, and let’s find out what happened
to our small strong mole, since we last saw him. All that our little strong mole ever wanted
was to be respected by the other moles, but the other moles only looked down onto him. And so he came up with a plan. He thought he could become a legend if he
was the one to defeat mario. He thought defeating this italian plumber
is a once in a lifetime opportunity, the only way to finally earn a little bit of respect. He couldn’t have been more wrong. He crossed a line, things became too dangerous. Strength is weakness the other moles told
him, but he didn’t listen. They stopped to look down onto him, and instead
became afraid, but he didn’t realize. They warned him, but he didn’t care. He became possessed by the idea of all the
fame he could earn by defeating mario. by doing something, that not even a king was
able to do. He crossed the line, and suddenly he found
himself imprisoned in a cell, as if he was some sort of animal. No mole cared about him, they left him there
to rot. What an irony that mario, was the one to free
him. This was the moment when he finally understood,
that not the other moles were his friends, mario was. The strong mole went into hiding, he didn’t
care about the other moles anymore. All that he wanted to do, was to thank mario
for giving him a second chance. Can you imagine how happy the little mole
was when mario suddenly passed the little moles hiding place. This was his chance to thank mario for giving
him a second chance in life, to hug him and to tell him about all the fantastic things
he realized because our plumber sav…


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