5 Designs for “Hurt Mario” Levels in Super Mario Maker!

Dear Mario, Do you remember our adventures? All the victories and defeats we faced. I stopped counting how often you were unfairly
robbed of the little happiness in your life. But you, you always fought back, fought for
those few beautiful moments before happiness was taken from you once again. But you never lost hope. I’ll never forget the beautiful days we
spent together. How we swung on top of this twisted vine,
collecting star bits, while you were wearing this bee costume. Everyone else I know would look really silly
dressed up as a rock, but you looked graceful. Mario I’m writing this letter because it
is important that you know that we all really appreciate you. That all of our lives got a tiny bit better
when we first met you. Please don’t forget this. Because today we are going to take a look
at five different hurt mario contraptions in Super Mario Maker. I’m sincerely sorry
Ceave. PS: So are you ready? Let’s do this! Okay, so first we are going to take a look
at a stage using our five hurt mario designs, some of them old some of them new, and afterwards
we will take a look at how everything works. Mario’s worst day in a while starts in the
middle of this garden stage. At first glance everything appears to be quiet
peaceful here, all that mario has to do is to go to the exit door to the right. Sadly for mario that’s no exit door, but
the door takes him back to where he came from. Looks like he really needs to take damage
if he wants to proceed. Luckily for our plumber there are some sawblades
at the top, and a bumper at the bottom. If he uses a well timed jump he should be
able to reach the helpful saw blade, which finally hurts our plumber and allows him to
proceed once he reaches the exit area again. Hooray. Now our plumber faces a new challenge. Once again the exit path is blocked and only
opens up once Mario took damage. But taking damage isn’t that easy here. There are tons of vertical platforms cycling
up and down in this area. At the top of the stage is a cute cannon which
throws healthy cannonballs down. But there is a problem. The only area where mario and the cannonballs
can unite is at the bottom, yet the cannon only spits out cannonballs while Mario is
at the top. So our plumber needs to make his way down
through all those annoying platforms fast in order to hit the exit opening cannonball. Once Mario was officially ouched the path
towards the next area of this evil stage opens up. And now, now it’s time for a bath. To Marios right is once again a closed exit
pipe. This one seems to work differently than the
one before. But this doesn’t matter to our poor plumber
since it once again seems to be closed until Mario takes damage. What a horrific stage! In order to take damage our plumber needs
to race a bullet blaster here. At the top left is a helpful blaster which
constantly generates happy bullet bills for mario to swim into. But swimming into them is actually quite a
challenge since monstrous bumpers try to bounce Mario away from his goal. But Mario doesn’t care, princess peach has
probably been kidnapped, and Marios whole purpose in life is to save her. Even if it means to bounce around in a shipwreck,
desperately trying to reach a bullet bill to finally get ouched! Mario is such a legend, and manages to open
up the exit path once again! But things are about to become even more dangerous
for our poor little plumber. This time the damaging saw-blade is right
next to mario. How convenient. Sadly bowser left mario some form of protective
headgear along the path, which prevents mario from taking damage here. How inconvenient! But wait a second! There is no mechanism to the right that checks
whether mario took damage! Maybe it’s possible just to go through this
pipe! Well, sadly it’s not because bowser cursed
this pipe to only swallow small mario. Time for a plan B! At the top are some one way doors facing down
a path that leads even further up and a buzzy beetle spawning pipe. Oh I see what mario has to do here. He needs to race the buzzy beetle. If he is fast enough he should be able to
hit the beetle with his beetle helmet. That’s definitely worth a try! Hooray! Now a lava bubble spitting bullet blaster
appeared. All that Mario needs to do now is to find
a way to touch the burning bubble and he is finally able to enter the last area of this
stage. The first thing Mario does whenever he enters
this area is to eat a yum yum propeller mushroom, and then he is immediately forced to take
damage. Now there is a crossroad. There are two different paths which Mario
can take. The one to the left damages our poor plumber
once again and transforms him into his smaller version. Hooray, now the exit should open up. Except it doesn’t. Because this evil area is designed in such
a way that mario is only allowed to take damage once! Hm, so our plumber should probably try to
take the path to the right this time. But this path damages him as well, and he
is once again in his small form when reaching the exit area. Hm, there is probably some sort of puzzle
solution to this problem. Have you already figured it out? Okay so here’s the trick. Thanks to the propeller suit Mario is able
to completely skip the first ouching saw blades. This means that he is able to reach the crossway
while still wearing his stylish training suit. So whichever path Mario takes here, he will
reach the final area as big Mario which allows the mushroom detection contraption to finally
reward Mario with the exit key, and leads our plumber finally to his beloved flagpole. Hooray. Okay so how do these five contraptions work? Well it’s actually surprisingly simple! The first design uses the amazing progressive
power ups spawning of yoshi eggs. If Mario is small a mushroom spawns which
triggers the note block and afterwards a pow block. If Mario is big however a fire flower spawns
and the noteblock is never triggered. This design works only while on screen. The next contraption uses a similar trick
but works off screen as well. Here we used a standard progressive power
up instead of a yoshi egg to achieve the same effect. The underwater contraption is where things
become really interesting. This design doesn’t use power ups to test
whether mario is big or small, but uses Marios calculation point instead. There is an angry thwomp hidden out of sight
here. The thwomp only activates if Marios calculation
point is within this specific area. But big Mario is unable to enter this area
because Mario’s head always hits the ceiling before the calculation point is able to get
this high. Small Mario however triggers this immediately
once he swims into this area, because his calculation point is one block higher. The fourth contraption uses a really old but
neat little trick I almost forgot about. If we put a conveyor belt behind the top of
a pipe, the conveyor belt is almost invisible but prevents big Mario from entering the pipe. Only small Mario is able to go through a pipe
with a conveyor belt at it’s top. As a side note if we put the conveyor belt
at the bottom only big Mario is allowed to enter! The final design uses yoshi eggs once again. Here we make use of the fact that fireflowers
are the only power up that doesn’t move. A fire flower spawns from an egg if mario
is big. If it spawns this block on tracks pushes the
fireflower onto the noteblock and grants us the key. All other items either fly away or get destroyed
by the block, which allows us to test for big mario. And that’s the whole trick! Thanks for watching this little video I hope
you enjoyed it. If you enjoyed it don’t forget to leave
me a thumbs up and maybe you feel especially like losing all the mushrooms you ever collected
today and want to hit the subscribe button as well. I hope that you have a wonderful day and to
see you soon. Goodbye!


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    i stoped counting how often you were unfairly
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    but you
    you always fought back
    fought for those few beautiful moments
    before happiness was taken from you once again
    but… you never lost hope
    i`ll never forget the beautiful days we spent together
    how we swung on top of this twisted vine
    collecting star bits, while you were wearing this bee costume
    everyone else i know would look realy silly
    dressed up as a rock
    but you looked graceful

    Mario i am writing this letter
    because it is important that you know
    that we all really apreciate you
    that all of our lives got a tiny bit better
    when we first met you
    please, don`t forget this
    because today were going to take a look at 5 different hurt mario contraptions
    in super mario maker
    im sincerly sorry


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    Cher Mario

    tu te souviens de nos aventures

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    tout le monde que je connais serait vraiment ridicule

    habillé comme un roc

    mais tu as l'air gracieux

    Mario j'écris cette lettre

    car il est important que vous sachiez

    que nous vous apprécions tous vraiment

    que toutes nos vies ont un peu mieux

    quand nous vous avons rencontré

    s'il vous plait, ne l'oubliez pas

    parce qu'aujourd'hui allaient jeter un oeil à 5 ​​différents engins mario blessés

    dans super mario maker

    je suis sincèrement désolé


    ps-so es-tu prêt

    faisons cela

    Lieber Mario

    erinnerst du dich an unsere abenteuer?

    alle Siege und Niederlagen, denen wir gegenüberstanden

    Ich habe aufgehört zu zählen, wie oft Sie unfair waren

    beraubt von den kleinen Glückseligkeiten in Ihrem Leben

    aber du

    du hast immer zurückgeschlagen

    kämpfte für diese paar schönen Momente

    bevor dir das Glück noch einmal genommen wurde

    aber … du hast nie die Hoffnung verloren

    Ich werde nie die schönen Tage vergessen, die wir zusammen verbracht haben

    wie wir auf diesen verdrehten Weinstock schwangen

    Sammle Sternchen, während du dieses Bienenkostüm getragen hast

    Alle anderen, die ich kenne, würden wirklich dumm aussehen

    als Rock verkleidet

    aber du sahst anmutig aus

    Mario, ich schreibe diesen Brief

    denn es ist wichtig, dass Sie es wissen

    dass wir Sie alle wirklich schätzen

    dass unser ganzes Leben ein bisschen besser wurde

    als wir dich zum ersten mal getroffen haben

    bitte vergiss das nicht

    denn heute würden wir uns 5 verschiedene verletzte mario contraptions anschauen

    in super mario maker

    es tut mir aufrichtig leid


    ps also bist du bereit

    Lass uns das machen

    Querido Mario

    ¿Recuerdas nuestras aventuras?

    Todas las victorias y derrotas que enfrentamos.

    Dejé de contar cuantas veces eras injustamente

    robado de las pequeñas alegrías en tu vida

    pero tu

    siempre te defendiste

    Luché por esos pocos bellos momentos.

    antes de que la felicidad te fuera quitada una vez más

    pero … nunca perdiste la esperanza

    Nunca olvidaré los bellos días que pasamos juntos.

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    disfrazado de roca

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    que todas nuestras vidas han mejorado un poquito

    cuando te conocimos

    por favor, no olvides esto

    Porque hoy íbamos a echar un vistazo a 5 artilugios diferentes de mario heridos

    en super mario maker

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