7 Seemingly Impossible Levels in Super Mario Maker.

So recently I was playing 100 Mario Challenge
and I stumbled over a lot of levels that were seemingly impossible. Mario either had to survive insane RNG, or
he had to do jumps that seemed impossible, solve puzzles with no solution, stuff like
that. The problem with those stages was, none of
them was actually impossible, in fact, they simply had a hidden block somewhere that allowed
to skip the stage. The thing is, having a secret question block
is no longer a secret exit, it’s almost expected by now if a level seems to be impossible. So I sat down and scribbled together seven
designs for super mario maker levels that are really seemingly impossible. Seven designs that use cool tricks, weird
glitches or obscure mechanics to build stages that only the creator of the level can beat. So are you ready? Let’s do this! So the first seemingly impossible room in
which Mario finds himself is this one. Here Our plumber is trapped in this area,
with nothing but a goomba shoe. If our plumber ever wants to leave this boring
room, he needs to find a way to defeat this evil muncher, and he needs to find a key as
well. The problem is, there is nothing in this room. No hidden question block, no pow block, no
key, not even an evil fire spitting plant. So how is Mario ever supposed to escape? Well the answer is, all he needs to do, is
to jump out of his goomba shoe in order to trigger a completely hidden pow block, and
to obtain a completely hidden key. Okay so what just happened? First shoutout to youtuber which I believe
to be pronounced tatiaus. He uploaded a couple of really well made videos
about weird super mario maker glitches and weird mechanics and I learned a ton of new
stuff by watching those vids, including this trick. I highly recommend everyone who is interested
in weird Mario Maker mechanics to check his channel out, you can find the link in the
description! So as it turns out, big Mario is able to hit
pow blocks and question blocks that are above a ground tile when jumping out of a goomba
shoe. The timing to do this is really easy, all
we need to do is to jump out of our majestic shoe at the moment the shoe hits the ground
block, and mario’s head will magically extend through the block. In the first room, there were simply pow blocks
and a key containing question block hidden at the top, that made the room seemingly impossible. Now Mario is entrapped in a new room. Once again he has to find a way to obtain
a key in order to escape, but once again this seems to be impossible. At least he’s not alone in here since his
bff yoshi is with him. All that our dinosaur plumber duo has to work
with here is a spring and a feather, that spawns at the top. If they want to obtain the key they need to
find a way to trigger a hidden contraption to their right. So what are they supposed to do? Well, they need to use a really old glitch,
which, as it turns out is still not patched. If Yoshi eats a feather and spits it on top
of a spring, then the poor feather becomes really confused because everything is so bouncy
and decides to leave it’s featherness behind, in order to behave like a mushroom. I know this sounds strange, but take a look,
that’s literally what happens. The feather stops to wiggle and jumps up and
down on top of the spring. If yoshi now eats the spring the feather slowly
moves along the bottom, like a mushroom, travels down the hidden path and triggers a small
key obtaining contraption. Hooray! Here’s another really weird mechanic I recently
found by accident. So once again Mario is entrapped in a room
that is seemingly impossible to beat. I start to see a pattern here. Anyway this time he has nothing to work with
but a couple of bumpers at the top. These bumpers bounce Mario away from them
if he tries to jump into them and seem to have a really great time in general. But Mario isn’t here for bouncing, but to
save his beloved princess who probably got kidnapped. But how to escape this room? While all of the bumpers appear to be the
same at first glance, one of them is actually special, because one of them is able to trigger
a p-switch. This one. So how is this bumper able to trigger a p-switch? Well Mario needs to duck and then to jump
into it, and the p-switch will suddenly become triggered. This only works with this bumper and only
if Mario duck jumped into it. So how does this work? Well it’s actually surprisingly simple! We use a neat little quirk in Mario’s famous
point of calculation here. At the top is a simple anti jump thwomp, that
triggers once Marios vertical position reaches this height. If Mario jumps into the bumper normally, his
famous point of calculation stays in the tile below and the thwomp continues to slumber. If Mario ducks while jumping however, for
some strange reason his famous calculation point is a tiny bit higher, just high enough
to activate the thwomp. Hooray! Here’s a quick little seemingly impossible
level trick I learned as well when watching tatiaus’ awesome trick showcases! Mario isn’t able to enter pipes that are
one block above note blocks, and so he once again seems to be imprisoned in this room. But luckily T. Yoshisaur Munchakoopas is with
him, and allows him to enter the seemingly unenterable pipe. All that Mario needs to do here is to drive
his dinosaur below the note block and to park him there. If yoshi is parked below a note block, the
noteblock continues to bounce which is a really strange mechanic in general, and which makes
it possible for our plumber to enter the pipe! So let’s take a look at a seemingly impossible
to beat room, that does not require game knowledge in order to beat it, but skill. Here we combine three little tricks to create
a really challenging jump. So first if Mario ground pounds he gains a
little bit of additional height, which allows him to land his ground pound one tile above
him, even though he usually can’t jump that high. Second, if Mario drops a spring while jumping,
it is possible to jump off of it again, and to jump further and higher than usually possible
by using this trick, and third it’s possible to wall jump with items, by throwing them
before hitting the wall and catching them afterwards. So the idea here is to combine all those tricks. There is a platform at the top which mario
can’t reach by using a mid air spring jump. But if Mario wall jumps with the spring, then
catches the spring after the wall jump, and then mid air spring jumps off of the spring
he just threw, then he is able to gain enough height to ground pound at the top in order
to land on the top of the platform. Awesome isn’t it! This way Mario is able to travel 17 blocks
upwards just by using a single spring. So I did this a couple of times, and then
this happened. Here Mario reached the bridge at the top without
the ground pound. This made me wonder if it is actually possible
to jump eighteen blocks using this trick and yup I was able to pull it off, but not only
is it possible to jump 18 blocks, it actually happened once again without the need for a
ground pound. So I tried if it is possible to put the bridge
even one block higher, that’s so high that we can’t even see the bridge when doing
a normal mid air spring jump, and it took me forever to get it once, but yup, that works
as well, but the timing to get this is really tight! Next let’s take a look at a seemingly impossible
puzzle. Here Mario needs to obtain a key by booming
this bob omb, and he needs to bring the spring to the right in order to spring jump up towards
the door. The problem is the following. Mario needs to place the spring below the
muncher, first and then to activate the p-switch for the bob omb to boom, but then he has no
access to the spring. If he takes the spring with him however there
is no way to obtain the key. So at first glance this seems impossible,
but it can actually be beaten by using a really neat glitch. The entangled spring glitch. If Mario grabs a spring while an object is
bouncing on it, the game becomes confused. The position of the spring stays where it
was, even though mario is allowed to take the spring with him. Once Mario drops the spring, the spring
will bounce at the position where it was before, even though it’s not there anymore. This allows us to solve the puzzle, since
it is now possible for Mario to activate the bob omb remotely. Hooray! Okay so let’s take a look on our final,
seemingly unbeatable stage. For the last time today, mario finds himself
trapped in a room. The exit here is blocked by a bullet blaster,
and there is nothing hidden to interact with here, but there are four donut blocks at the
bottom. So these four donut blocks, are no ordinary
donut blocks, they are actually a hidden combination lock kinda thingy! Mario has to drop down a certain amount of
donut blocks in the right order for the exit pipe to open up. He needs to first drop this donut block down
exactly eight times, and then he needs to drop down the donut block to the right once,
and the exit opens up. If Mario drops any other donut block down
the secret combination lock, it becomes locked, and beating this area becomes impossible. If Mario enters the right code here however,
the bullet blaster drops down and he is able to leave. So how are we able to convert dropped donut
blocks into usable information here? Well it’s actually surprisingly simple! Youtube user Kyo recently told me in a comment
about a really cool little glitch. If a donut block drops on top of a cannon,
the cannon slightly moves upwards. We can use this magically wandering cannon
to boom bob ombs! The combination lock works this way, first
we need to make the cannon wander upwards eight times, in order to open up the path
for the shell, then we need to drop down this block for the shell to travel towards the
blaster. All other inputs block the path for the shell. And here we have it, 7 seemingly impossible
levels in super mario maker. Huge shout out to tatiaus again, huge shout
out to the kaizo mario maker wiki, where tons of glitches and interesting mechanics are
collected by the community, and huge shoutout to psycrow for telling me about these places. I hope all of you enjoyed this little video,
if you did don’t forget to leave me a thumbs up and maybe you feel especially like doing
the seemingly impossible today, and want to hit the subscribe button as well. I hope that all of you have a wonderful day
and to see you soon! Goodbye!


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