9 Designs for “The Floor is Lava” Levels in Super Mario Maker.

Hello you lovely mario maker person, my name
is ceave and welcome back. A video about the floor is lava in super mario
maker is a request I get very often. If we want to recreate this mechanic we need
a couple of things. We need a contraption which is able to test
Marios vertical position. We need this contraption to give us an output
which we can turn into something lethal, namely a p-switch or a pow-block needs to be triggered. We need a way to turn this contraption on
and off after a set amount and to make matters even more complicated
we need to find a way to display this information to mario. That’s a lot of stuff that we need. So here’s the thing I have tried to build
such a contraption for a couple of months now, but I was unable to find a mechanism
that checks marios vertical position. I was convinced that there is no way to test
for this in mario maker. I tried tons of different things but nothing
worked. I literally gave up. That was until recently, but in our last video
we actually used a don’t look left contraption which only worked if the contraption wasn’t
above the current camera height. If we are able to check the vertical position
of the camera that means that we are able to check for the vertical position of mario
as well. That’s the answer to our problem! It turns out that clown cars are the only
entity in the game which are unloaded if they are above or below mario. So I started to play around with this mechanism
and tried to come up with a contraption that allows us to create a fully functional the
floor is lava level in super mario maker. So what we are going to do in this video is
to recreate my nerdy journey into the depths of mario maker’s loading logic, we will take
a look on a couple of interesting designs where the floor is dangerous which are possible
because of this really weird trick, and we will find out how close to an actual the floor
is lava level we are able to get. So are you ready? Let’s do this. Okay so first let’s take a look on a couple
of designs where touching the floor is lethal for mario. Here we have a small mini game, there are
wigglers wiggling on the floor. Their movement seems to be a little bit weird
for reasons we will take a look at in a moment. If mario touches the floor in this stage something
horrible happens. The ceiling collapses and munchers drop on
his head. So marios only chance to escape this trap
alive is it to collect the five red coins without touching the floor once. Luckily touching the wigglers is safe here,
and because of the fantastic wiggler platforming skills which mario acquired over the years
he is able to beat this challenge. So how does this work. It’s actually surprisingly simple. There are p-switches on tracks hidden behind
the bullet blasters. Bullet blasters are drawn on top of items
on tracks, because of this it’s possible to hide the evil p-switches. On top of the stage is a row of brick blocks
with munchers, as soon as a p-switch is triggered the munchers drop down and mario is in a pretty
bad situation. What’s really interesting about this design
is that p-switches below bullet blasters really mess up the standard movement of enemies,
and the wiggler seems to wiggle around completely random. Here we have another design where touching
the floor is lethal. This contraption works different than the
one before. Here we use the fact that bullet blasters
only shoot if they are on screen. The blasters are set at such a height that
they only can shoot if mario is on top of the floor. If they shoot the ceiling collapses once again. So how is mario supposed to beat this idea. There is a dangerous boo tower to his left,
this boo tower only moves if mario turns his back towards it. In the middle of the tower is a cannon which
constantly shoots useful, but dangerous cannon balls. Our plumber needs to make use of this huge
boo enemy and the cannonballs it shoots in order to make it to the exit door without
touching the floor once. Sadly for mario the exit door is blocked by
a muncher, but luckily the boo tower triggers a pow-block once he is really close to mario,
which finally allows him to escape this idea. The pow-block is triggered because of a very
simple but really useful trick. On top of the boo tower is a hidden spring. This spring activates a shell which triggers
a pow-block as soon as the boo tower reaches a certain position. Okay so let’s take a look at the does-mario-touch-the-floor-clown-car-contraption
which we are going to use for the rest of this video. Here Mario is in a ghost house but this ghost
house has a dangerous secret. Only floor parts which have a track piece
on top of them are actual floor parts, because if mario touches a brick block that has no
track piece on top of it the whole stage magically disappears. So if Mario wants to beat this area he has
to be careful not to touch the dangerous illusionary floor. This works because of the clown car loading
logic. Clown cars do not move if they aren’t on
screen. Here we have a clown car which is piloted
by a brave p-switch. As soon as this clown car is loaded it flies
upwards, into a muncher which triggers it’s p-switch. But since the clown car only moves if it is
on screen we can set up a safe zone. As soon as mario is below this area, the clown
car is loaded and the stage disappears, but as long as he is above it everything is fine. This contraption allows us to create levels
where something bad happens once mario is below a specific vertical position. Let’s have some fun with it. Here our plumber has to survive a small mini
game where chain chomps try to eat him. After a while a hidden shelmet timer expires
mario is rewarded with a key and he is able to leave. What is special about this idea is that something
bad happens if mario touches the floor in this stage. A pow-block gets triggered and hungry chain
chomps storm into the arena, which makes it almost impossible for mario to survive here. This works because of the same trick we used
before, but here the contraption is set up in a way that a pow-block is triggered instead
of a p-switch. Okay so far it was always forbidden for mario
to touch the floor, but for this design we turn this idea on it’s head. Literally. Here our plumber is allowed to touch the floor,
but touching the ceiling is forbidden. If Mario hits his head against the ceiling
the floor collapses once again and his adventure comes to a rather abrupt ending. If mario wants to survive this idea he has
to defeat bowser jr while only using small jumps. Our italian jump and runner becomes trapped
in this small arena because of an invisible one way door contraption. Limiting Mario’s jumps height is a really
evil idea, since our plumber heavily relies on his impressive jumping abilities in order
to survive the threats bowser throws into his path, but it is obviously not enough since
mario manages to survive this fight once again. Hm …. Maybe limiting Mario’s jump height
isn’t enough. Maybe bowser needs to limit mario’s abilities
even more. I proudly present the everything is forbidden
cave. This cave is pretty unstable, as it tends
to collapse really easily. It collapses if Mario jumps. It collapses if Mario drops in a hole in the
ground. It even collapses as soon as mario turns around. This cave is a pretty dangerous place. The only chance that our plumber has to survive
here is to use the threats to his advantage. The cannonballs allow mario to cross the gaps
in the floor if he times his forward walking really careful. Wow it looks like Mario is really unstoppable. He isn’t allowed to jump or to fall down. He isn’t allowed to turn around, yet still
is he able to beat this level, bowser has a really dangerous arch enemy! Okay, so far we took a look at stages where
touching the floor is forbidden, but now it’s finally time to try to recreate a real the
floor is lava challenge. This is what I came up with. At the top is a clown car. This clown car cycles around in front of semi
solid platforms. The floor is lava while the clown car is in
front of the red semi solid platform, but touching the floor is safe while the clown
car is in front of the green semi solid platform. So our plumber has to be really careful when
he progresses through the stage, since the floor periodically transforms into a dangerous
area. This works because of an interesting trick. We use the fact that clown cars only are loaded
when onscreen once again. But we use another trick here as well. Clown cars can’t go through clown cars on
tracks. There are clown cars at the bottom which periodically
block the contraption. During this time it is safe for mario to touch
the floor since the contraption is deactivated during this time. Sadly this design has a couple of problems. The don’t touch the floor contraption doesn’t
trigger immediately, which leads to a situation where the floor disappears even if mario is
safe sometimes, and for some weird reason the clown car doesn’t become trapped the
first time the clown cars passes it. “So here we have it. A the floor is lava design, it works, it’s
a little bit buggy and not really practical for a stage but we were able to recreate the
mechanic in super mario maker at least to some degree, hooray we did it.” Is what I could have said, but somehow I wasn’t
happy with this contraption. So I sat down again, and tried to come up
with something that works more reliably. And that’s when mario maker’s spawning rules
became really weird. Let’s quickly talk about note blocks. Do you remember when I said that clown cars
are the only entity which gets unloaded when it’s above or below the camera height? Well turns out I lied to you because note
blocks get unloaded too. This may sound incredibly boring at first
glance but that’s actually huge we will have a LOT of fun with this in the future,
but for now let’s use this to improve the don’t touch the floor mechanism. Here touching the floor is once again lethal
for mario, but what’s different here is that the contraption no longer has a small
delay before it get’s triggered, but works immediately. Because of this it’s way harder to cheese
this mechanism, and it should be possible to create a non buggy the floor is lava contraption. So let’s take a look at it! At the top is the “the floor is lava”
timer displayed. It is safe for mario to touch the ground while
there are ice blocks, or block blocks in the middle of the question block square. As soon as there are lava bubbles mario has
to be somewhere where he doesn’t touch the floor or the floor collapses. If he is above the floor however nothing happens
and it becomes safe again for our plumber to touch the floor until the lava-bubbles
are shown at the display again. So here mario has to survive until a timer
runs out. Bowser jrs spits fireballs towards him, but
the real challenge is to keep an eye up for the the floor is lava timer. Okay so how does this beautiful contraption
work? It’s actually ridiculously simple. There is a block on tracks at the bottom. This block hits a clown car after a while,
the clown car hits this note block and this note block contains a muncher. If the note block is on screen it means that
mario is on top of the ground and the muncher triggers a p-switch. If the note block is not on screen however,
the p-switch isn’t triggered. These springs are here to reposition the clown
car back to its starting position. So once the block reaches the clown car, the
vertical position tracking note block is triggered twice. During this time the floor collapses if mario
is on the ground. Afterwards it is safe to touch the ground
until the cycle repeats itself. The tracks on top are set up in such a way
that they display the time during which it is dangerous to touch the floor, and that’s
basically it. I only just realized the insane potential
of off screen note blocks and it is definitely possible to create an even better version
of this concept, so I might come back and revisit this design at some point in the future. Thanks for watching, I hope you enjoyed this
little video, if you enjoyed it don’t forget to leave me a thumbs up and maybe you feel
especially on fire today and want to hit the subscribe button as well. I hope you have a wonderful day and to see
you soon, goodbye!


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