90 Second Nerd Board Game Review: Originz

90 Second Nerd Hi, I’m Nick. And I’m Dallas. We’re with 90 Second Nerd. Today we’re going to be taking a look at Originz:
The Superpowered Card Game from Flavor Faction Studio Our 90 seconds start now. So Originz is a card battling game. It’s similar to a lot of deck builders, except
that you dont actually build your deck in this game. Your deck is already per-delivered based on
whatever superpower you pick. Where this one really differs from other is
one that it can be played from 2-6 players and also that it’s kind of predelivered. It’s not something you buy packs of cards
for all the time. One thing that I liked is that it came wit
a bunch of different options. There’s the ability to mix and match and you
can create your own super hero set of powers. I will say with the name Originz, I didn’t
really feel like I was defining my origin as a super hero – I felt like I was just battling
cards. To me the theme was more than just pasted-on. Its implemented in the box, the cards, the
rule book, and that was the big draw to me. I really liked the art. With the hero and villain cards, that’s where
I really saw the difference in the powers of the different groups. One thing with the heroes and villains is
that we go to play teams. And the hero cards its a one time use thing
so you can strategically decide when you want to activate it. I dont play a whole lot of TCGs, mostly because
the cost to keep into it is high. I like that about this game that it is a packaged,
delivarable game. Originz decreases the barrier of entry compared
to some of the other games. For me it’s a “play it”. If you like super heroes, if you like CCGs,
I think this is one you should take a look at, at least. Our 90 seconds are up, this has been our 90 second take on Originz from Flavor Faction Studio. I’m Dallas. I’m Nick be sure to LIKE and subscribe. We’ll see you next time. Cue the outtakes. (From off screen)Yeah redo that and put a
little more emotion into your voice. You got a little bit robotic. That stung a little.

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  • carla8478

    Just discovered this channel, definitely subscribing. Allowed me to look at a bunch of games in 15min, which would have normally taken me and hour or more to go through. Thank you!

    Was surprised you guys don't have higher numbers, the concept is great, your personalities are welcoming, video setup is nice. So, I will hit Twitter, Facebook, friend circles, etc to see if I can get word out some.

    The only thing I could think of that might be limiting the channel is volume balance. The volume that the intro music is at compared to where the volume you guys are at when speaking is quite drastically different. So if I have the volume turned up where I can hear you speak when I go to the next video to watch I get blasted by the intro music. Maybe adjusting that will help.

    Lastly, the one thing I felt wanting of when watching the videos was maybe an extra quick cut scene or two showing the game components. The majority of the 90secs is of you guys at the table speaking, which is nice to look at, but I would like to see another bit or two of how the game looks while you're still commenting.

    This video for example has a cut scene from about 1:10 to 1:17 and I get to see a Network, Engage, and Siphon card. I would have like to have been able to see maybe another 3 to 6 cards to get a better feel for how the game rounds out.

    Sorry, don't normally post this long, but love what you're doing! Awesome job!


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