A war is coming… [#teamMARIO]

LalLAlAAa HmmHmHm (best plan Oh ye 😀 WAAAAAAAAAAAHHHAAAA YEEE AAHHAHAHAHAH *Mario being an asshole…Again.* *EPIK DANCE TOTTALLY NOT STOLEN FROM WEEGEEEE* EPIIKKKKKKK MOOOOOOSIIIC :OOO TUUUNNN TUN >:) EPIK STARING CONTESTTTTTTTTTTT *ready* OMGEEEE EPIIK PAWNNCCHH 😀 Coming soon to retarded theaters… *The Previous subtitles were brought to you by just another random person on the internet named Nathaniel And totally not edited by Epic Eevee…* Glory to the retards. Watch it or die.


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