♪ (old-school video game music) ♪ – “Super Mario Maker.” – “Super Mario Maker.”
Never heard of it. – I’ve actually never played Mario. That is not my game type. I like, you know, violent scary games. – I actually played Mario
as a little, tiny, tiny toddler. – Is the one where you
can make your own levels? – (Finebros) Super Mario Maker is a new game that allows people
to create and play their own original Super Mario levels,
or play levels other people have made. – Okay, so people made these levels? (hushed) Oh, wow. – (Finebros) Today, you’re going
to try a couple of levels with different difficulties and objectives.
– Yes! – People are jerks.
They’re gonna make it hard. (snickers) You know? They’re gonna make it super tough! – I’m gonna fail miserably.
(giggling) I already know. – This is amazing, and when
do I get to start playing? – “Crossy Road” by Pyro Xmas. ♪ (Mario Bros. Theme Music) ♪
(ribbiting) – What the–? How do I…?
I’m a frog?! (boing!) – Okay, I think you have to jump on these. But– ah, there we go. (in game: applause) ♪ (power up chime) ♪
– Oops. It got me. It kills me, right?
– (Finebros) No. – Oh, it doesn’t kill–?
I thought I was dead. – So when you hit the boxes,
you get a mushroom and it’s a question mark mushroom,
so it’s like– oh, that is so cool. This is the Duck Hunt dog,
and duck riding him… (dog barks)
… so I’m gonna stay that. – Yes! Ah, yeah!
I’m Princess Peach. – Oh, is that like the original little robot that had the spinning disc thing? – Okay, let’s stick with Link. I’ve got enough. Let’s do Link. That’s really fun though.
What a great little perk. ♪ (dungeon theme music) ♪ (dog barks)
(bumping brick) – I don’t get it. What do I do here?
(brick crumbles) (bricks crumble)
– I don’t know– what’s the secret here? – Hey, how can I not break that? (repetitive bumping) – I think we’re stuck here, guys. Oh! There.
♪ (power down chime) ♪ – Oop, I fell down again.
♪ (game over music) ♪ – Oh, there we go! Okay.
♪ (power down chime) ♪ (buzzing)
Okay, what just happened? ♪ (game over music) ♪
What happened?! – Oh, there we go. Okay.
♪ (power down chime) ♪ ♪ (game over music) ♪
What the hell just happened? What is this? – (Finebros) You were touching the spikes. – I– they looked like
snowflakes or something. I thought I was in a magical wonderland. ♪ (dungeon music) ♪ ♪ (power down chime) ♪
(horn squeaks) ♪ (game over music) ♪
– (frustrated) Ah! I got killed. Left, left, left. There you go. ♪ (game over music) ♪
Again? – Okay…
Oh, he’s on the vine. I got it. Okay, cool. Like… okay.
(horn squeaks) (chuckles) There’s, like,
little bike horn effects. – Okay, I’m assuming I’m not
supposed to get hit by those guys. – Oh, now it’s like Frogger? – I was trying to play it
like the original game, like going across and stuff,
but this is like Crossy Road. That’s why it’s named Crossy Road. (grumbles) I can’t stand that app. (chuckles) (button mashes)
Get up there! (bump)
Now I see what’s happening. That’s pretty cool though. (mashing buttons)
– Where’d the sound go? No! Son of a–
♪ (power down chime) ♪ (growls) Okay. ♪ (game over music)
NO!!! – Oh, there we go. We’ll just do it. (boing!)
All right. – ♪ Open the door, get on the floor ♪ ♪ Everybody do the dinosaur ♪ ♪ Boom, boom ♪ ♪ Shakalakalaka boom ♪ – Come on. (boing!)
(brick crumbles) (brick crumbles)
Come on. Go! Go! Oh, there we go. ♪ (power down chime) ♪
– Quick– crap! ARGH!
♪ (game over music) ♪ – This is gonna be some timing. Smack daddy!
♪ (power down chime) ♪ Did you guys see that? (bumping)
♪ (power up chime) ♪ – Come on, that was pretty good. – Shu– oh shit.
Come on, come on. (in game: cheering) That’s pretty cool. It looks the exact same
as the last one though. – Kinda nailed it. ♪ (power up chime) ♪ ♪ (sprightly chime) ♪
– Ooh, Yoshi! Like a blue Yoshi. – Oh, those are some big caterpillars. ♪ (Mario Bros. Theme music) ♪
(exhales sharply) – No, no!
♪ (power down chime) ♪ Oh, I went back to Mario, okay. – I’ve seen the little caterpillars. I don’t remember what
Mario game that’s from though. – Boom, boom, boom, boom. – All right, just wait for it. ♪ (power down chime) ♪
(boing!) – (scoffs) How do you
come up with this stuff? – It looks like a skull on the flag. Like, you don’t want to touch it! ♪ (victory music) ♪
– That’s it? I beat it. Like I always knew I would. – All right. (cracks knuckles)
(in game: shrill giggling) (cockily) Did you need something else? – I was expecting more
of the traditional Mario, like you jump, climb–
jump on stuff, hit the bricks. – “The Raiders of the Lost Coin” by Nick. Indiana Jones? – Okay, this looks old-school
so I’m liking it so far. ♪ (1 Up chime) ♪
– Oh! Big Mario. – I’m a big burly man now. Sweet! – There’s the flower,
which usually gives you fireballs. ♪ (power up chime) ♪
Yeah! (shooting fireballs)
Ahhh, yes! This is bringing back so many memories! I remember when
you used to have to do this, like run and slide, and then do the little hunch over
to bust through bricks and stuff. – All right, so let’s see.
Where does that put me here? ♪ (dungeon music) ♪
(gasps) (gasps)
♪ (power down chime) ♪ – Was I supposed to shoot him?
I have no idea. (boing!)
(bricks crumble) – Oh.
(shoots fireball) Uh, crouch? Oh. (sucks air through teeth)
I’m too big though. Do I have to get smaller? – I’m gonna let him eat me so I get small. ♪ (power down chime) ♪
There you go. ♪ (power down chime) ♪
Okay, now I can get through there. – And there’s the bricks! (shooting fireball)
(bricks crumble) Yep, there it is. Boom. – How do you grab them again? Oh sh– (shooting fireballs)
(bricks crumbles) (overwhelmed) Oh god! ♪ (power down chime) ♪
I’m so bad at this game. ♪ (power down chime) ♪
(grumbles) ♪ (dungeon music) ♪ – Ah, this music, man.
I need this as my ringtone. – I’m guessing I gotta jump on that vine. (boing!)
But– how do you? ♪ (game over music) ♪
I don’t know how you grab onto it. ♪ (power down chime) ♪
– Fudgesicles! You know, it’s hard because
I keep forgetting to push up when I jump over
to one of those dudes, the vines. – (takes a breath) Okay. (boing!)
I just hope I can do this. Sweet. ♪ (power down chime) ♪
NO! Now I’m little Mario.
Now I’m gonna– I’m dead. ♪ (game over music) ♪
There’s no way to get out of there. – I’m just trying to get
through this as fast as possible. – I feel like Shia LaBeouf. (sniggering) (squeals) I’m trying really hard
to be Indiana Jones, but am just failing miserably. (boing!) – Those will fall and I’ll die if I do that. – If I slow down, I will die. (boing!)
(shooting fireballs) ♪ (power up chime) ♪ – This is actually tricky, man.
♪ (power up chime) ♪ I gotta…
(brick crumbles) – What’s that? Oh! Rather crafty.
♪ (playful melody) ♪ (repetitive bumping)
– What the crap? ♪ (dungeon music) ♪
Oh. ♪ (coin chime) ♪
You almost had me. I was about to panic. (cannon shoots)
Oh crap! What?! – I didn’t even wait for the coin. (cannon shoots)
– Nooooo! (startled) Oh, it’s not done.
♪ (power down chime) ♪ Oh, he just punched me.
One of ’em punched me. Hey!
♪ (game over music) ♪ Wait the hell up! – I’m getting chased by a ball,
just like Indiana Jones. It’s a big boulder. – Wait, can I use the little pellet things? Oh, yes, I can. – Who puts an entire corridor of bad guys
with no way to run? (boing!)
(descending pipe) – All right. Did I actually beat it though? (ascending pipe) (boing!) ♪ (cheerful chime) ♪
– The very top. (gasps)
(boing!) – I beat it, yeah! Okay. – Those guys are pretty smart
when they designed these games, you know? – “Very Simple”… Why do I feel like that’s a lie? – Run.
♪ (coin chime) ♪ (puzzled) What? – It got more, like, modern. I don’t think I’ve seen this Mario. He’s so cute! – Are they trolling me? I’m assuming those coins are–
I want those, right? – I can’t get to those coins
and it’s really upsetting me! (laughs) (bumping bricks)
– Oh gosh. He’s just getting lower. – He was honest.
He said it was very simple. I just feel like this is gonna end poorly. – I don’t understand. (chuckles) – This is just never ending! – There’s no way
that this is the entire level. – Okay. I can’t get to the flag?! Oh gosh. And now
there’s a fireball after me. (chuckles) Okay. (fireball whooshes)
(laughing) – Oh my god! I hate this one. – Maybe I missed something at the beginning. – I feel like there’s gotta be
an empty space somewhere that let’s me get up. (boing!)
– There we go. Whew, okay. Run, run. – Run, Mario. I have this morbid curiosity
to turn back to see if he’s following me. (running rapidly) – Now this feels like forever. (chuckles) (boing!)
Okay, good. (exhales deeply) Made it.
♪ (jazzy victory music) ♪ – (Mario) Mario time! – Very simple. It was very simple,
but it was so nerve-racking. – Very simple? Uh…
it was kind of misleading, I think. Just a little. “Super Meat Bros.” by André GX. ♪ (ominous percussive music) ♪
– Can I play this if I’m vegan? – Ooh, meat grinder, I think. – I’m assuming I don’t want to touch those. (boing!) ♪ (game over music) ♪
– Oh, whoops. I didn’t mean to do that. I hit the wrong button. Is there a block I gotta hit
or something and climb? (boing!) (boing!) ♪ (game over music) ♪
– Mama mia! – He can’t stick to walls, right? (boing!) ♪ (game over music) ♪ – Well, hey– well, just from
that death I learned something. So I could jump off the walls. (boing!) – Oh! (gasps) Oh no, is this one of those ones
where you have to jump from wall to wall?
I’m gonna lose. – This one’s actually really tricky ’cause I don’t know how you’re
supposed to get inbetween those blades. If I could even do this wall jump right. (laughing) I don’t think I can do this. (boing!) No, jeez.
– (Mario) Oh no! – That one’s actually frustrating. – Let’s run fast.
(boing!) ♪ (game over music) ♪
– (Mario) Oh no! Is this even possible? (boing!)
Like… ugh. ♪ (game over music) ♪
– (Mario) Oh no! – I’m just pissed. (boing!) ♪ (game over music) ♪
– Darn it. (boing!) ♪ (game over music) ♪
– (Mario) Oh no! – This sucks! I can’t do it. (gasps) Ugh. ♪ (game over music) ♪
– (Mario) Oh no! – I can’t. It’s– I can’t. – Has anyone beat this level?
(laughing) Jeez. ♪ (game over music) ♪
– (Mario) Oh no! – I can’t even get the wall jump right. There’s no way I’m
gonna be able to do that. – This is hard. You know? (boing!) Super Mario’s not supposed
to be that hard. Come on. I’m done with that one.
That one sucks. – What if I just start on that wall? N– No. Can’t do that either. Yeah, no, I think– (splutters and laughs) I just feel sad right now because–
– (Mario) Oh no! – There’s no miracle that’s gonna happen, that I’m gonna somehow figure out
how to get from that wall off. We’ll put it down. We’ll put it down. We’ll back away from this one. – I could sit here literally all day.
I’m getting angry at this. ♪ (game over music) ♪ – Son of a goddamn whore! – I don’t know if that’s
gonna do anything though. (boing!) Oh my god! I did it. ♪ (game over music) ♪
– (sadly) Not that well. (laughs) (boing!) – (anxiously) No! Oh! I don’t know how I did that. ♪ (game over music) ♪
(frustrated sigh) (whining) (sniffles) I hang my head in shame. – I’m not doing well. This is really getting to me. (boing!) Fffffff— [bleep]! (boing!)
– Oh– ♪ (game over music) ♪
– (Mario) Oh no! – This is where we end. (laughs) I think this is where we stop. – Son of a bitch! (boing!) BOOM! Did you see that? I have this really bad feeling
that down at the bottom are saws that I missed
and I can’t just jump down there. Yeah. How do you do it? You can tell me ’cause
I’m not gonna play it again. – “Don’t Press Anything 2”?
He’s made a “Don’t Press Anything 1”. (laughing) Apparently. – Oh my god. Is this gonna be like– does it really not want me
to press anything though? – I feel like they
actually mean that literally. Like, just sit here and do nothing. ♪ (lively ditty) ♪
♪ (power up chime) ♪ – (Mario) Ow!
– What the–? Wait. (in game: shrill giggling) Okay… what the hell? (laughing) – All right, this looks
a little rougher. (laughs) (flames whoosh)
– (Mario) Ow! – Wow, okay.
♪ (coin chime) ♪ (shrill giggling)
(boing!) – (Mario) Ow! – Wow, yeah, this one’s a little tougher. Don’t press anything.
That means you can’t touch nothing. ♪ (power up chime) ♪
– (Mario) Ow! (horn squeaks)
– Oh, okay. I’m not gonna touch
anything, guys. Let’s see. (in game: scream) (in game: cheering and applause) Oh, this one’s so well done though. – The title makes me very– oh, okay! (in game: screaming) (in game: cheering and applause) I’m following orders. – This level’s not going great. Not at all. (horn squeaks)
♪ (power down chime) ♪ I don’t even know what the heck I’m doing. (in game: cheering)
Yeah, I needed that. That’s for sure.
♪ (game over music) ♪ Can I just tell you if this person
is not already in therapy they need to get in there quick… ’cause I have no idea– I don’t even know how to do this. (horn squeaks)
– Whoa… oh… where am I? (in game: shrill giggling)
♪ (game over music) ♪ Oh-oh. It’s too fast. I don’t
even know what happened. ♪ (power down chime) ♪
I– (in game: cheering and applause) (in game: shrill giggling) – I can’t even find the words
to describe this level. – (Finebros) So what’s
the name of this level? – “Don’t Press Any–” (controller clatters) I have a new strategy. ♪ (power down chime) ♪ I’m not gonna touch anything. – Okay, I got it. I got it. I got it. I’m just not gonna press anything. Sit back and watch the show, I’m assuming? – Okay, I’m really not pressing anything
’cause I’m taking his advice, and it’s taking me through
the level unscathed so far. – Just insanity. It’s like Mario Bros. on LSD. – I thought I was playing a game,
not watching a game. (sighs) – I like it because I’m winning, and I’m not pressing anything. (in game: wild cheering) ♪ (techno music) ♪ – I’m EDM Mario now? Is that a thing? – I like how it’s just kind of, like,
literally every single monster that’s in Mario in here. – Dance party. ♪ (coin chime) ♪
(in game: wild cheering) That’s cool! You can do
all this on this game? ♪ (course clear chime) ♪ – Yay! (laughing) That was really entertaining to watch. – (mockingly) Oh, I know
how to get past this level. I’m gonna go to the bathroom. I’ll be right back. BRB. – Yes, it’s– and I didn’t
have to do anything. That is the best level ever.
My favorite one. – I really like it. I’m gonna go home and play it with my kid. – That is so much fun! I could see myself
playing this a lot, actually. – It’s kind of nostalgic
’cause you can go and use the older Mario, but you can
use the newer Mario. I think it’s cool that you can
share it with people and just put it up there. Someone’s always gonna make a level, so the game’s kind of never gonna get old. – Thanks for watching us play
Super Mario Maker on the React channel. – Want to see more gaming episodes?
Then hit that Like button. – Want to avoid making
a real Waluigi out of yourself? Subscribe! – Bye, everyone. – See ya on the leaderboard. ♪ (old-school video game music) ♪


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