All-Star Games Wild Card: Game 1 Final Jeopardy! Strategy Sessions | JEOPARDY!

(upbeat jazz music) – I have the feeling
that everyone up there is going to bet in the middling range. I think we should also
bet in the middling range. So if we fall, we’re so close, if we gain, we’re still close, if they gain, we’re still close. I have a feeling, this is the first leg, that this is going to be an easier one. – Yeah.
– Like, canonical. – I think–
– Like an 8,000? – Yeah, I was thinking
8,400, take us to 24K. – Okay, so 8,4000. Now Leo, how do you with
8,400, on a one to ten? – I can do that. – We could even go higher than 8,400. – Would you feel comfortable going higher? Okay, what is–
– 10,000? 10,400? – What is our basement? What is our basement where we’re like oh God, we’re out of it– – 10,400, even if we’re wrong, worst case, we have five and change, you know? So that’s nice. Psychologically, going
in with a zero is not a good place to be. – I know that. Then let’s go in the middle,
– Yeah. – Hope we can run with things, and at least leave enough in reserve. I think we 10,400 cause you guys like even numbers, for some reason, when I just bet random numbers. – 10,400?
– It makes the math a little easier.
– 10,400? 10,400? All those in favor say aye, alright. – Aye.
– Aye. – How you feeling bro? – First, good job, Pam and
Colby, you guys did great. I feel pretty good about British Lit. – I’ve heard you pull some
great British Lit ones. – [Colby] This is your thing, man. – I’d say like 80% plus, so I don’t know. – Alright.
– How big are you willing to go, do you think? – So, here’s the thing, right? – [Middle Contestant] I
don’t wanna risk all of it. – No, we’re not risking all of it. I would say around ten grand seems to be a good starting point. – I might feel okay with that.
– If you feel more confident with
that, we can go higher. Where are you at right now? – Personally I would bet a little more. Probably not 15,000, but I would bet– – [Colby] Like 12?
– 12, yeah. I would feel okay betting 12. – We want you to feel good. (simultaneous talking) – If you want 12 grand,
we’re doing 12 grand. Tell me that you’re doing 12 grand. – I’m gonna do 12, 12,000, yeah. – Nice game, good job Alex.
– Both of you. – You know what, we played strong. – We took the money we could get. – Yeah, exactly. – Would you say this is the best category that you would wanna see? Is this like your best category? – Not the best, but this is strong. – This is up there. This is a very strong category for you. I mean, do we just do it? – You only live once. – Do we just do it all? I mean, let’s just assume we get it right? – Yeah, I think so. – Okay.
– Are you good with that? Let’s just–
– I feel like they’re both gonna go for it.
– Yeah. Or play it super safe. – [Middle Contestant] Possibly. – But I think we go for it. We’re here to win, we’re
not here for second place. You feel good about that? – You know what, I’ll…pressure’s on. I’m ready, yeah, I’m ready. Let’s do it. – Just stay calm, if you get it, we go. – We’ll put the ball in your hands… – Alright. – I love it.
– I hope I don’t fumble. I’m going with your analogy. – If you were up there, and
you hit the Daily Double in English Literature, you would feel good and bet confidently, right?
– Yeah I would. – Okay.
– Let’s do it. – Okay.
– I love it. I love it guys, this is what I’m here for. These kinds of moments.


  • Amanda Horgan

    These episodes are so good, you should make more tournaments when this ends ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป๐Ÿ˜

  • Mahalia Le

    I canโ€™t tell if I dislike Buzzy more or Jennifer for these stupid wagers.

  • Lowleelana _

    i would have wagered $0 lol 2day total baby

  • Mitchell Hodack

    Team Colby was leading at the end of day 1.


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