ALL Suits & Abilities UNLOCKED in Spiderman PS4

this is insane so there is a crime over here so let’s switch to the final suit and let’s take care of this bride welcome back helps my name it’s Kabul cup and today we’re back with spider-man and I will show you cups every single suit up until this point so let’s start off with a very basic suit this is a suit that just a regular spider-man suit you know this is the suit of this game nothing very interesting about it besides the fact that it’s spider-man you know you can you can just swing with it then you can jump with it and do tons and tons of really cool things with it now this is the second suit this is the damaged classical suit you know our spider-man has this classical spider-man suit well this is the damaged version of it and I’ll show you the regular version of it in a second I’ll also tell you what my favorite suit is because I thought you know what why don’t I show you comes that to have it this is the damage suit pretty cool pretty awesome shows that spider-man really loves fighting now all these suits do come with special abilities here is a regular spider-man suit undamaged so this is the fixed up version of the last one I think it looks pretty cool but you know very spider managed it’s just very normal very tame you wait until you see those later suits the high level suits are crazy here we have the noir suit aka the black suit and this is the black spider-man suit this is you know it says spider-man it’s going a little bit undercover you know doing like a little stealthy mission what are you gonna do right you can’t see him and before it seems you’re dead BAM here we have the Scarlet Spider suit which is starting to look a lot different than the original one but it still has its iconic eyes and you know obviously a big spider on there it looks really cool looks really nice I just wish it could take off like that the blue top I think it would look a lot better without the blue top to be honest now on to spider armor mark 2 this is like a more of like a bulletproof spider-man suit it looks really nice it’s like gold and black and he seems to be wearing a helmet here and the armor is very shiny so you know we get shot out with suits and bullets at spider-man you probably want to wear this because it looks bulletproof it looks very strong and nice and as you can see we jump up in the sky so you’d also get a better view of it it looks awesome here we have the secret war suit which is a probably my least favorite spider-man suit you know it’s black it has a little bit of blue a little bit of red it’s not just black and blue or just black and red it’s a mixture of the two I don’t really like in this case but hey if you like it it’s awesome it looks cool and on to the next one here we have the start suit aka the Tony Stark suit from spider-man homecoming if you’ve seen a movie this is the suit that Tony Stark gave to spider-man Peter Parker and it looks awesome it looks really cool it looks like just like the one in the movie pretty sure it’s the exact same model as the one in the movie and this really makes you feel like you know spider-man not like not like a stealthy guy but I really felt like Spiderman wearing this and it’s just awesome this is probably one of my favorite suits if I don’t want to go complete badass but there you go really cool really really cool here we have the negative suit and I’m gonna swing with this a little bit so he cops can see you know these suits in action this one while swinging looks really really strange because you’re slight completely white with a little bit of black it’s like an inverted suit if you’ve played the game and I want to give any spoilers away you’ll kind understand that you’ll look like one of the bad guys okay but a really really cool suit onto the electrically insulated suit which pretty much gives you the powers to you know not get electrocuted I guess I guess that’s where the name comes from I don’t know exactly where it originated from probably somewhere in the comics I’m not that big of a spider-man fan that I know exactly the comic names of all these suits and stuff like that but it looks really awesome it looks really cool but you can’t even chill over here and and this is definitely one of the suits where spider-man is starting to change shape okay and those are my favorite suits the ones where it’s not just a skinny little spider-man with a little bit of muscle no this guy looks like he is he’s been hitting the gym a little bit too much here we have spider punk and spider punk has a pretty cool special ability he can go and play guitar okay I accidentally activate the wrong oops but spider punk is awesome it’s just a spider punk that’s its spider-man but he’s a punk you know yeah yes some spikes up the top of his head you know he’s wearing some some cool shoes spider-man shoes and it has a few bracelets I think this is a pretty cool one no my favorite showing my favorite in a second we’re getting there my favorite is most awesome here we have the wrestler suit from spider-man 1 the movie I believe or it maybe even happened in the comics I don’t know exactly which one this suit is from but this is when Spiderman wind whistling you know and he has his little wrestling mask on he is a little a pretty cool pretty cool sweater on it’s okay I wish I had that sweater nice shoes nice bracelets everything is pretty cool very low-key not super badass but more of just like a funny funny little asking now this is a fear itself’ suit once again I don’t know the origin of this I would love to know the origin if you do know if any of these suits but this looks really cool he has a few things on his arms and I’m pretty sure you can hit harder with it you know cuz that’s what he can do and while swinging with this thing it’s also really cool because it just looks blue and just let me show you when we swing with this you look like a flying blue spider-man okay isn’t that awesome isn’t that something everybody wants to look like a blue spider-man now here we have the stealth a big-time suit the ability with this is that you can go super stealth so this is definitely what you want to wear once you go as super stealthy I think it looks pretty awesome I think it looks pretty dope let’s go to the next one here we have one of my favorites this spider-man armor marked three suit this once again gives spider-man a really really cool low key you get some shoulder pads some arm pads and he just looks so much stronger and and and swinging around like this you just feel like a tank you feel like so kitted out so armored out and this is just it’s just awesome okay this is just awesome look at this still not my all-time favorite suit though once we get to my all-time favorite suit I’ll show you cups and we will fight a little bit with it here we have spider-man 2099 the black version of it the suit is really cool this is like from future spider-man as far as I know pretty yeah we also have the white one let’s check it out here is the white version of the suit which also looks really cool I would say one of the most badass ones but not necessarily my favorite but it is really really really badass but it’s stand here for a second so you get a nice clean view look at this next up with the Antioch suit which looks insane this is like a venom type issue spider-man needed this to defeat somebody and I don’t want to spoil it but if you play the game you will figure it out and it’s just awesome this suit really makes you powerful and it makes you feel powerful it’s a bit black slash dark blue with the yellowish gold spider and everything else and it just looks awesome and you feel like you are just a robot coming from the future trying to save the world here we have the dark suit which is simply just a spider-man suit but dark the way to get this is to complete a few missions in the game and I enjoyed it we got it in a video it looks pretty awesome it looks very very dark though which it’s not my favorite here we have the vintage comic book suit it’s a very funny one and it’s pretty much us spider-man running around with that vintage comic book look as if you are in a comic book if you take pictures like this you can see like you really add that spider-man feel to it the thing I really like about this is that it’s just so colorful but it also feels a little bit weird playing spider-man with this suit on because the graphics are photorealistic and in spider-man all of a sudden looks like he just came from the comic book now here’s also the lost stand suit can’t be bothered to get it you need to get 20 crime tokens but you get to see it a little bit now this suit I cannot show on video because I’m afraid this video will get demonetized if I do so pretty much spider-man in his underwear next up we have the homemade suit this suit you can get by getting all the backpacks and pretty sure from all the backpacks you manage to make this suit I like it because it’s just such a sloppy little spider-man and it looks cool because you could buy this say yourself at H&M I bet you probably could if you can find like red and blue and those goggles I don’t know what those goggles are I have absolutely no idea and now we arrived at the four most awesome suits here in spider-man first of all we have this the spirit this spider-man spirit suit which does not look like spider-man but oh boy is he muscular this is insane he has a skull on his face which is which is on fire and this thing is here to just destroy destroy the bad guys and just just win okay it’s awesome fighting like this feels like you’re not fighting a spider-man it feels like you’re fighting is something else coming through my top three favorite suits the spider-man armor mark 4 which is just a super shiny and super armored version of the regular spider-man suit now since we got to my top three I’m gonna fling around a little bit so you get to see what it looks like in action I’m not gonna fight yet I’m keeping that until I see my favorite suit you know because with my favorite suit it’s just itches crazy so here you go this is the spider-man mark 4 armored suit looks really cool looks very strong let’s go to number 2 here we have the iron spider suit which is really cool now with this you get the you get some things in your back too as the special ability is a special power which is really really awesome this is obviously from the Avengers movie the last one and it’s just super super nice it’s such a cool suit to makes you feel like Iron Man while playing spider-man and that’s also what the suit kinda is which is awesome so there is a crime over here so let’s switch to the final suit and let’s let’s take care of this crime now the final suit and my favorite suit is the velocity suit this suit looks so so so badass it’s a little bit dark over there but once you start playing you can see all the vibrance and this is just this is just so so cool oh boy he has some crazy abilities let’s let’s take him out don’t fly ho plot and there’s more just gotta take them out one at a time we’ve got to take him out one at a time no worry no Oh blow Oh No don’t try to take us out like that that’s not nice and we got one over there and whatever this throw bike at one of them bam and bam and this is my favorite thing to do just like juggling with him oh there’s another one over there oh hello there and that’s it this suit the velocity suit is at my all-time favorite spider-man suit you know I would love to know cups what is your favorite suit let me know in the comment section below also if you know any backstory about these suits I would love to know that to leave it in a comment section below once again let’s look at this suit it just looks awesome look at this and then also this is just such a beautiful suit this is also such a beautiful suit and my fourth favorite this one that cups thank you so much for watching this spider-man video if you enjoyed it Rumple like also don’t forget to subscribe in the future I will definitely do some spider-man DLC videos bye bye [Music] I really felt like Spiderman wearing this


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