AORUS Preview | Upcoming PC Games of 2018

After almost two and a half years
since the last title of the series, Konami is finally presenting the latest
Metal Gear game on February 20th, 2018. The story of Metal Gear Survive takes place
between the two Metal Gear Solid V titles “Ground Zero” and “The Phantom Pain” when a group of soldiers
got sucked into a Wormhole after the evacuation from the Mother Base. Metal Gear Survive literally is
a survival action-adventure game, in which you will encounter
and fight against zombies… lots and lots of zombies. Moreover,
the game features co-op multiplayer mode, enabling the player
to team up with up to 3 friends to explore the open world
and complete missions. During the exploration, you get to collect resources
and set up traps to hunt down zombies or even kill them with environmental objects. Since the game is developed with the same engine as Metal Gear Solid V, it is recommended to run it
on a GTX 1060 6G or higher, based on the requirement of its predecessor. Despite the absence of Hideo Kojima, Metal Gear Survive is still
one of the most anticipated games in early 2018. Ever wondered how its like to be set up
and put behind bars, waiting for a chance to make the way out
and avenge yourself? Now you get to take a glimpse
at that kind of life in this upcoming action adventure title,
A Way Out. A Way Out is a complete co-op game, which means you can only play it together
with one of your friends, whether online or on the couch. Basically,
the game is all about breaking out of jail in it you will play Vincent or Leo
while your teammate plays the other, and your ultimate goal is to… Well, make a way out…. Through the progression, you and your teammate will have to co-op
to approach different situations, as distracting the guard
or searching for a key tool. As the plot develops, more stories of each protagonist
will be discovered through the dialogues. A Way Out features a great deal
of immersive cinematic cutscenes, which may require a GTX 1060 3G
or higher for the best experience. If you are a fan of independent games
with good narration and storytelling, A Way Out is definitely something
you can not miss this spring. When Far Cry Primal
was initially released in 2016, Ubisoft has stated the next Far Cry title
will take more time in development. Now here it comes. Far Cry 5 is finally being released
on March 27th. As its predecessors of the franchise, Far Cry 5 is an action adventure FPS game. The game is set in the fictional county
in Montana, where has been overtaken
by some radical doomsday cult, and the player as the sheriff’s deputy
is sent to arrest the persons behind all this. In order to complete your mission, you will need some local helps from within, such as a girl
who happened to be a sharp sniper, or a cropduster pilot who somehow manages to fire from above, or a dog surprisingly good
at fetching weapons from the enemies. As always, Far Cry 5 will require a decent graphics card
to ensure the best experience. It is recommended to run it on a GTX 1070
or higher for the immersive gameplay. Now that it will be more than 2 years
since the last title in the series, Far Cry 5 is undoutedly listed as one
of the most anticipated games in 2018.


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