hey what’s up everybody warlock here
welcome back to another apex legends video guys today we’re gonna be talking
about the apex legends ranked league that starts tomorrow July 2nd the start
of season 2 battle charge let’s get right into the video alright everybody
welcome back today we’re talking about the ranked mode for apex legends I’m on
the officially a site for apex legends so that way you guys know the
information is accurate and at least everything that we know about ranked
mode so we’re gonna happen to that right now I just finished my stream and we
kind of already briefly went over this but I wanted to go over it in detail for
you guys before the you know season 2 starts tomorrow that way you guys have
it you can review it you guys can check it out I mean you guys can get super
hyped ready for season 2 just like I am so we’re gonna kind of break this down
I’m not gonna go over everything in full like word for word but we’re gonna talk
about it okay so apex legends en respawn finally have a super competitive ranked
mode this is gonna be all about players showcasing their skill advancing through
different tiers you know showing off their skills you gain a low from winning
a match with kills and then you lose ehlo from losing a match with no kills
so let’s start from top to bottom the goals that EA respawn have for ranked
leagues are they want to reward competitive players for the time that
they invested in apex legends so it’s it’s a little bit different how it
stacks up against the rest of the player base you receive in-game Wars or rewards
at the end of the season guys so based on what tier you’re actually in we don’t
know what those rewards are I think the only thing that they really have coming
is just badges I don’t know what else they’re gonna release before the end of
season 2 so they want to ensure that the a competitive integrity is good through
skill based matchmaking okay no one can really say that they’re the best of all
time unless they’re you know if they’re stomping pubs like they they really say
but in rate mode it’s supposed to be focused on more competitive to play more
team play more real actual battle real gameplay okay so now when it comes to
playing in the Pacific tiers you’re gonna be playing against other players
in the same tiers you so if you’re in silver 3
the matchmaking system should pair you with more players in silver three okay
this is gonna be the skill based matchmaking that they have for the game
it makes sense that’s all competitive games that have
in ranked motor and eloah system like overwatch Call of Duty all these games
that’s how it’s based on so now not every time there may be somebody that’s
in like silver you know three then you might have a gold player in there it’s
not gonna be you know all the time but it may happen so what they want to do is
create a space at the top of the ladder for the best players to establish a high
skill meta without forcing a play style what this means is they want to reward
you for having good placement with kills okay so you know within a specific limit
so this also means like they don’t want to push players like we’ve seen some of
the other tournaments and twitch rivals or CodeRed qualifiers which I’ve played
in that you know you just push in attacking but playing very aggressive
four kills kind of chaotic all over the place they don’t want that they want you
to play as a team with your specific play style and reward you based on that
now they also don’t want to encourage players who camp and stuff like that
because the reward system which we’re gonna get into later is pretty pretty
elaborate I think it’s pretty balanced I’ve kind of ran the numbers myself so I
hope it’s I hope it balances out the way that they want before you know like any
real changes are made so um they want to create a true measure of
skill and apex legends they’re starting out with a score based ring system okay
what this means is we’re gonna drop down and go over right now how it works is
that in season one they kind of collected all this data from all the
players that played and then go hey this is how we’re gonna do our ranked system
based on how many players play finishes the average amount of kills players get
per game which I believe is about anywhere from three to seven on average
so it’s roughly about four or five on average kills per game per player so
what they’re gonna have is we’re gonna call it a series the first one runs
through the entire season – without any changes the future ranked ones that are
you becoming a season three four or five etc they’re gonna have changes based on
how this season 2 does guys so we want to maximize this competitive ranked
season the best we can before they start making changes in people getting really
upset we don’t want the community to really just fall off before you know any
real big changes are made alright so you have six competitive tiers bronze silver
gold platinum diamond and apex predator the top dog alright
all these tiers except for apex division or apex predator has four divisions in
them so you have like you just describes gold four three two and one you have to
go through all of them before you hit the next tier so you’d have to go
through gold four three two one then go to platinum repeat rinse and repeat okay
all players for competitive purposes at the start of season two are gonna start
in goal or excuse me bronze one or bronze four excuse me and there’s no
nobody’s jumping ahead nobody’s had early access to get ranks higher
everybody starts on the same exact starting line and then we’re gonna go
through this entire season okay so as you can see on the diagram all six tiers
it briefly describes how the points F is the system is gonna work but I’m gonna
go over scoring right now so how you advance through ranked mode for apex
Legend season two is you have what’s called rank points you earn rank points
based on winning or excuse me based on placement and kills that you get yeah
you lose rate points by getting no kills and then
at the cost of what it takes to enter a Pacific tier match so bronze matches are
free cost zero rank points silver matches cost one gold to platinum three
diamond four and eighty x-parameter five what this means is if I have ten let’s
say I have ten apex ranked points if I enter a match a silver match it cost one
so I go to nine now I’m playing a silver match and then what this means is that
depending on how I do in the match I’m either gonna gain rank points or I’m
gonna lose right points okay so this is really the cost of entry to a ranked
match is the real only loss that you’re gonna get for entering ranked mode okay
so now during the match you can get up to one ranked point per kill to a
maximum of five so that means if you have at least five kills you get five
points four kills four points three kills three points all the way down if
you have six or more kills you only get five and we get five so for all those
players out there that are like super thirsty or super good and you know you
know you believe that you play at an elite level and you’re getting ten
fifteen twenty kill games doesn’t matter five points all right now placement this
is where it comes in I hope it doesn’t encourage camping I hope that you know
more teams are inclined to play in a certain strategy and they kind of work
together as opposed to camping which we’ve seen in apex elite very happy that
this is gonna be going away from what I’ve researched this is gonna be going
away because teams right now kind of camp and they just sit until they can
make top five to get into elite so if you place in the top ten you get to rank
points top five you get four ranked points top three you get seven and then
if you win a match you get twelve so you max out if you win a match with five
kills you get 17 points ranked points before the cost of the match so let’s
say you’re at the top of the list apex predator if you have seven if you win a
match an apex predator tier you earn seventeen rank points but it costs five
so really you netted twelve so you get twelve points added on to your L OH
same thing if you lose okay so if I play a gold match that cost two to get in if
I place last and I get zero kills I lost to lost two points I’m going backwards
so from what it looks like it seems that the you know they want to keep you in
these tiers there’s definitely room for advancement and you would have to play a
lot of matches getting no kills and not finishing in the top ten to actually
lose points or ehlo or lose enough to make you go down a tier okay
so playing with friends so if you are gonna be playing with a crew which I am
well you have to be at least level 10 or higher to participate and when you queue
up with your other friends the matchmaker will find a match with the
highest ranked player what this means is that if I’m diamond and my two teammates
are gold we’re gonna be playing in a diamond ranked match and that’s whether
if I’m the party leader or not we’ll be playing in a diamond rank match and then
even what this means is that even though my two teammates our goal or gold tier
players they don’t get any additional points for playing in a higher tier so
you need to be careful because as you advance through tears that are supposed
to be harder this you’re supposed to be playing with higher skilled players so
be careful when you’re partying up make sure everybody kind of groups together
plays at the same time etc alright ladder movement for the launch they
wanted everyone that everyone starts in bronze like I discussed earlier and then
there’s currently no demotion besides the cost like I said of entry to a tier
match so what they have is they have what is between the divisions they have
what is called like a lost prevention sort of kind of have you
have like lost forgiveness in elite mode right now
so in let me go down the loss forgiveness lost forgiveness is if you
enter you know a diamond match where it costs for right but you had two kills so
now you have four minus two kills so you’re at negative 2 points cuz you gain
two points for those kills so you have a net loss so you only lose two ranked
points out of your rank point total instead of just the four so but if you
are going to lose rank points lost forgiveness just resets that to zero so
you don’t lose any but if you were gonna have more then you don’t you get the
difference so if say I had five kills but I didn’t place in the top ten
it costs four to get in I have a net of one so instead of losing ranked points I
gained one rank point so I think this is kind of cool this is kind of a way to
reward players who get kills or you know if you die early you know necessarily
penalized based on just winning and losing or you’re not losing a lot so
let’s go back up so that’s how loss forgiveness works now I will say this
this is the rewards they briefly said that the series 1 will give rank badges
to each player based on the tier that they reach by the end of the series so
it looks like you’re just gonna get badges which is indicated here so you’re
gonna get a badge based on the tier that you end with I hope that they released
more rewards with this you know ranked season I think
this is all that they’re giving us right now so I think this is good I think it’s
gonna be cool a lot of players are gonna display this I think it’s great I’m now
on to the penalties this by far guys is my biggest biggest thing I’m excited
about I’m not you know I’m more excited about the penalties then the actual
ranked board itself okay so for those who don’t know months ago during one of
the updates the devs accidentally flipped a switch and oh crap for one day
they had the penalty system implemented now during this time they were testing
and they didn’t mean to switch it on so what the penalty system was is that
players who backed out of games before their team died would get penalized what
they got penalized with was a timeout were banned to play any game in Apex
legends so like the first time you backed out you get banned for five
minutes okay and then each time you back out that timer increases so they’ve come
full force with it now same thing right now if you play a ranked match and you
back out first first time you’re banned for five minutes and what in this isn’t
a banned from ranked mode for five minutes this is a banned from every apex
mode in the game okay every apex mode in the game
regular or ranked this increases every time you back out up to a week a week
ban guys that’s crazy so I think this is great man players who get down and in
they back out of games it’s terrible for the community it’s terrible for teams
you know because now you’re 2 V 3 and a 1 V 3 and it’s just a god-awful things
so if you back out during the ranked game you’re gonna get penalized for it
so make sure you stay in the game all the way into your tight team ends now
backing out you cannot back out if you go down and you’re your banner is able
to be recovered now this is the gray area if your timer banned if you’re
banner times out I don’t know if you can back out
I’m gonna have to you’re gonna have to do you know your own experiment with
that I would say not to do it I would say not to do it so penalties I’m glad
they’re here finally because there’s a lot of toxic players in the community
that just back out of games as soon as they get dropped and they haven’t even
been thirsted they’re just still there revival and they just they just back out
because they got knocked down so and they didn’t have a good start so I hope
that they you know that this really clears out you know all the right you
know bad players in the game that continue to do that um and that’s it
guys that’s it for you know apex legends the ranked League everything we’ve
talked about covered the rankings how it works the scoring system which as a
whole I think is very balanced I think with all the data that gathered from all
of season one I think it’s very balanced I think this is a great thing I hope
that the change is coming in season three will help balance out how much you
can gain – how much you lose in the battle royale so but I think this is a
really great start I know a lot of people are excited about it I hope you
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