Apex Legends Season 4 – Assimilation Battle Pass Overview Trailer | PS4

The last group of Legends looked hopeful too. You already know. I’m gonna kill you today. Reveal your true nature with the
Season 04 Assimilation Battle Pass. featuring a brand new set of Legendary items. Watch out. I’m very skilled. Sorry you lost. Immediately unlock the
Legendary Zero Point R-99 at purchase along with three new Legend skins. Battle through the remaining
100 levels to earn the rest of the rewards including Legendary items
like the Perfect Soldier, Wraith… Cyberpunked Watson and a Reactive Heavy Metal. Hoping to meet your maker? They don’t exist. Season 04 continues to let
Legends personalize their experience with new music packs… loading screens and banners… beamed banter for the quick wheel… No one had your back, huh?
I hate when that happens. …a brand new series of gun charms… and, of course, a new batch of
styled-out skydive emotes. Say cheese. Unlock the Battle Pass right now, or upgrade to the bundle to immediately
unlock those first twenty-five levels and become the perfect soldier. This is where it ends. Embrace your true nature
and unleash your Legend only with the Apex Legends Season 04 Battle Pass. That’s the sweet aroma of fear.


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