Archeage: Unchained – October 26th Livestream 2019

Welcome welcome, I wasn’t originally going
to make this video but I watched the livestream this morning when I woke up and just had to
do it. If you’ve followed along to now, I’ve done
a recap video after each archeage unchained developer livestream which was weekly prior
to launch. I figured at this point they would be dried
up for content but this one they did had a ton of useful information in it and answers
to a lot of questions that are being asked in the community now. I also have a lot to say in regards to these
topics so stick around for that. Usual format, what they actually said first,
summarized and then my take on things after, let’s go. First up, Khrolan starrted by saying how unhappy
he is personally and how he holds himself responsible for how the archepass turned out. The gold rewards that caused a large part
of the problem were not initially in the design and was added very late on to incentivize
people further to complete the missions. This was of course a mistake and they realised
very quickly that they wanted gold to only really come from the controlled systems they
have such as labor. The system is too specific, missions forcing
you to play the game in an unnatural way, a very chore feeling system. This is why the archepass has been removed
in the recent hotfix. They understand that the gold impact the archepass
has caused is big, they didn’t disable it or react fast enough when they noticed it
was a problem. They are aware the whole system needs to be
reworked. The team is split, half of them think that
the current version could be salvaged and can work and half think it needs a total rework. The archepass won’t be coming back until they’re
confident it’s in line with what they want, they are pretty certain the gold rewards will
be totally removed and they want to make it more organic and fun to complete. Khrolan was asked the question, why did it
take so long for them to react to the situation when it was unfolding? Basically he said that there’s a poor excuse,
it just took that long to get all the people who are involved in making decisions like
that to actually make the decision. There were concerns involved such as if they
do disable the archepasses, what happens to the progress people had already done. They are going to have the archepass come
back when it’s ready and have everyone continue exactly where they left off from with progression
saved. Another concern is of course how do they handle
diligence coins, a large part of the critical to gameplay or very important items aare locked
behind that system. The solution proposed by xlgames is to put
diligence coins in the store for all players to claim. They’re not sure how they will do this yet
or how many will be available, specifics will come when it’s decided. Next question was, what happened with the
bans and the unbans? Khrolan basically said that the archepass
issues they noticed early of course was the large influx of gold. They then flagged all the accounts that had
a disproportionate amount of gold and banned them for review. Then when reviewing the accounts found that
most of them had been playing normally and not doing anything except use the systems
that were in the game which were totally intended so they unbanned them. They believe that the bug was totally their
fault and they can’t punish people for just playing the game. They consider the people banned to have been
false positives. How will the archepass change in the future? Khrolan talked about 4 or so key factors about
the review on the archepass. Economic impact, then how it applies to the
overall archeage experience of playing the game, how it forces people on rails to do
things they wouldn’t usually do just for the progress , they need to evaluate the approach
to how fast it levels up and how much experience missions gives, do they want it to be much
less missions but the same progress etc. It will be available for pts testing when
it comes back up in a state they think is worthwhile, so it can be tested more before
going to live. Big question, are they planning a awipe of
the live servers or not? Of course not, Khrolan said this is not feasible
at all. He understands that there is a lot of gold
in the economy that shouldn’t be there and will make things out of balance for now in
the short term but they consider that it won’t be a big deal in the future due to how gold
is drained from the economy via gameplay. They don’t believe it will be an issue. The patron issue, people not getting labor
regen etc, this was of course hotfixed as a work around, having a 1 credit bound hereaafter
stone in the shop allowed for the backend system to communicate you having patron and
enabling it. That’s just a work around while they work
on the underlying problem, for anyone still having an issue even after this they will
work with you to solve that. Queue times, another big topic. They understand that there are people committed
to playing on certain servers due to wanting to play with the highest population or more
commoly plaaying with people you know who are already on there, guilds friends etc. They had to lock character creation on these
servers but they’ve since opened it again. They issue is that if you lock population
people won’t be able to play with their friends or guilds and if you don’t lock it, more and
more people will join the server and the queue will just keep getting higher and higher. They’re trying to find a middleground and
are encouraging individuals to move to the lower population servers. Khrolan was asked if afk players are affecting
the queues? He said yeah absolutely. Basically if you’re afk for 15 minutes you
should be kicked and then someone take your place. People are doing things to stay in game for
many hours without ever being at their pc to avoid queuing and of course are taking
up population slots from people who want to play. They haven’t ever punished this before but
since it is now a big problem they are in the process of considering whether to punish
anyone doing this. Character transfers are they coming? These were disabled in 5.5, they’re considering
making one way character transfers from high population servers to the lower population
ones to try and balance it out. It’s a lot of work to get these systems up
and running again so it’s on the list of things to do. Are thy considering removing the character
deletion timer of 7 days? No, but they are trying to maake it so you
can log into a server and delete your character withotu queuing. again, it’s on the list of things to do. Are there plans for any new servers opening? They add servers based on population and right
now it’s fine they don’t need anymore but if it changes then yes. They don’t want to open more servers up if
it means they won’t be very populated now and in the future. Has there been any progress with getting a
working grace period? backstory, it used to work, doesn’t work now
on this version of the login server. XLGames has sent them their first iteration
of the system and they’re testing it internally, could be aanother week or two before it’s
live. Basically it works like this, so long as you
don’t get kicked for being aafk or press to disconnect yourself, you’ll be able to load
the game back up and reconnect right away to playing, skipping the queues, if you come
back within a certain amount of minutes. This is for disconnects, crashes etc. The arena isn’t currently working, they know
why and they are working on getting it fixed. Khrolan had one more announcement to make
before the stream ended. Basically they’re in the process of making
it so everryone can redeem a second copy of the founders pack items. So for the pre-purchase people and the people
who bought it after release, you’ll be able to redeem a second set of those rewards for
another character. They feel like this will be fair since a lot
of people have moved server since they redeemed their packs due to queues etc. Right. So that’s the actual official part of what
they had to say. There’s so much here to talk about but I’ll
try to keep it brief. If you watched my video I released recently
about the exploit and the impact it has on the game for me, you’ll know my take on this
whole situation. I suggest you give that a quick watch if you
missed it, I’ll leave the link on screen. First off, no matter what, this whole situation
was going to be less than ideal which ever way they did things. You can’t really get this part right for everyone. Once they realised they had launched the game
with the amount of gold on the archepass, they were already too late to make things
right. Just facts, they launched it with a massive
oversight and it has impacted all facets of the launch economy and due to that, you’re
going to get a lot of people mad and going wild over it. The solution of removing the archepass is
the only real clear cut scenario that works. The issue is obviously that you were way too
late even 1 day after the launch of the game but when it’s over a week later, the damage
is already done. Do I think it’s game breaking, wipe worthy
damage? No not at all. Do I think that no matter what, a lot of people
are going to feel hard done by and annoyed that people who rushed to get an advantage
got an even bigger one then they should? Yes. The problem they have now is that they’ve
basically let hundreds and thousands of people get a leg up on everyone else who didn’t rush
to end game, who bought into the game later than they did and that’s of course an issue. The only solution here is to take things away
from those players , which is obviously not going to happen. The thing I mostly disagree with here is the
premise that the economic advantage will even out and won’t matter later. I understand exactly where Khrolan is coming
from technically when he says this, because yeah that’s how gold sinks and well designed
ingame economies work, they let gold enter the economy in a set amount and leave in a
set amount to keep it balanced. The problem here and why I disagree that it
won’t be a big deal later is that with how game economies and certaintly archeage economy
works, anyone that is at all smart with gold early on can snowball that into a larger late
advantage. It’s pretty easy to turn early game wealth
to mid game wealth. Now I don’t think it’s an issue worth quitting
over for me personally but at the same time…It bothers me. I can’t lie. Since this bug was found, since people got
unbanned and they didn’t take gold away from people, I have logged in much less than before. I was waiting to see if a new EU server came
up so I could reroll on there and avoid all that tainted gold in the economy because I
want to play on a fair enviroment. But there hasn’t been a 6th eu server up aand
even if there was, with the character transfer announcement it doesn’t even matter because
they could just transfer over at that point and it was a waste of time starting over. The massive problem that I can’t get over
is, they flagged these people they banned as having a ridiculous amount of gold earned,
to the point they thought they were exploiting…But they didn’t exploit and got to keep all that
gold. Just the logic behind that is, you guys have
so much gold from this it looks like you need to be banned but you didn’t exploit so it’s
okay just keep it…That’s obviously a lot of gold at that point and yeah. I don’t want to keep going on over this point
so I’ll move on. The obvious big issue for most people is of
course the diligence coin store items all being locked away behind a system that doesn’t
exist anymore. It’s an intergral, core system that is removed
right now. They’re gonna have to solve that quick because
I know for me I was getting frustrated with inventory space before now and with things
like the expansion scrolls being only obtainable via those coins it will get increasingly annoying
until they get it back. Other than that, I have to agree with the
community general opinion about the archepasses. They were just very poorly designed and counter
intuitive to fun. Archeage we all know went from a very free
game to a big morre of a themepark mmorpg when they introduced a large daily quest grind
but still there is a ton of other stuff to do that make the game feel free aside from
those dailies. With the archepass you just have too many
bullshit I have to do this thing chores, like going between zones every few minutes, kill
10 mobs here, kill 20 mobs here…It’s just not at all fun but you felt required to do
it or miss out massively. I think you look at most games with battlepasses,
they have a bit of that but mostly just playing the game will get you most of the progression
with maybe a few minor bits you need to go out of your way to do. They’re generally just set it and forget it
for the majority of the progression, archeage was totally polar opposite. I had about 2 quests complete in a week of
playing that was actually just from me playing the game and that was using all my rerolls
also. I just wasn’t going to force myself to not
enjoy the game just to do that progress and I never even got half way through 1 single
level on the pass but was in my own head about starting again on a new server and having
to min-max, put emphasis on doing the archepass and not enjoying the game. Which is just a terrible situation to put
your players in. Lazy peon made a great video talking about
his issues with the archepass progression so I’ll put that in the video description
for anyone who missed that and wants to take a look. Aside from those things, there’s some positives
and negatives to take away from all this really. I’ll probably go over everything in a seperate
video at some point when I get time next week, this video was already long enough to not
subject you to another 5 minutes of listening to me. Special thanks to the people supporting me
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Seal Boss, Angel, , Jack, Joe and Marathon5150. Thank you guys so much and thanks to all you
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and , I’ll see you guys on the next one, PEACE!


  • Wild Relic Productions

    I haven't even been able to download the game the launcher keeps getting a failed connection which is impossible because i have gigabit internet and don't have any issues with downloading with any other game except Astellia online?

  • PunizherTM

    we are suppose to put trust into Gamigo to fix all this mess when they cant even fix their forums… Trion 2.0

  • Sogeking

    Even once you get past that other players have thousands more gold then you for very little effort which has kind of killed my motivation to play. No one's talking about this new cargo system that has fully destroyed sea PVP and all the shenanigans which at the end of the day is what a lot of us are here for. I would love to hear them at least mention it on steam or anywhere really.

  • Ron kevin

    I guess it fails right? No point on playing it now for sure the motivation is gone. great video btw

  • bigdaddy209

    For me now its unfair and unplayable i have requested a refund. Might as well go to the f2p server now and pay for patron.

  • Josh Taylor

    Great video! I've been having a blast in unchained and my guild is constantly growing.

  • Jimbolics

    Exploit hard, exploit fast with no consequences

  • swizards01

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  • Casual Gamer

    I wish they would consider login rewards for diligence Gilda honor and vocation

  • Millicente

    It's just unfortunate that while even knowing about the exploit I didn't partake because the whole thing with exploits is the consequences. If I knew I could just keep doing it anyway as long as I didn't reset it manually I'd have abused that thing as much as time allowed

  • The Ninja Llama

    So, first off….. Where did you get your pet? Aside from the 2 you can buy with silver, I haven't really found any more. I know you can catch them, but I am way too far off from being able to do that.

    It did take me quite a while to even understand how the passes worked, and which one I wanted to go for, and when I finally got into the Vocation pass I was going perty steady, until one day I got the "Get 1k vocation" mission, and reset it 5 times… and got the same one each time. I liked getting those extra vocation points, the gold was perty irrelevant for me. I managed to find some bamboo early on and sell it for a lot on the auction house. Which set me up perty decently until I further understood the game mechanics and how they really work. I was close to getting my first chunk of 45 diligence coins, I was maybe 2 days away from reaching that rank. 🙁 I am sad now, I couldn't even get my 1k labor item Booo :(. I also didn't claim my vocation potions, since I wasn't really gonna use em right now and they would just take up space.

    I have since looked to trading and have started making a slow income raise again doing over seas packs, getting onyx essence, and figuring out how to make a pack using the blue salt bond, I sold my first 81g pack today and it only costed me about 9g Yay!

    All in all, this is just my opinion. Since I am not really a PvP'er (Yes I know what kind of game this is, and yes I played BDO) I am more of a life skiller. I really enjoy the craft/gather system and management of labor.

    People found an exploit, and hopefully the game dev/creators can take this lesson and move forward. There is never going to be a "Perfect" fix, just a lesser of many evils.

    Great video! Really enjoy the information!

    P.S. I noticed that extra pack like the second day the game was out.. I thought it was a glitch so I claimed mine and just had it sitting in the bank until a few days ago when I decided to use it and get the 2 extra storage expansions. My inventory loves me now.

    P.S.S. I am surprised I have not heard or seen people talking about how the packs on the website are not a "Pay-to-win" I mean.. 25$ for a storage expansion and like 500 creds, (Creds are small) but man… more invi space…. more storage…

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  • Valkirth

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  • Laila M

    well arc pass is a good idea if it gave more exp not gold and some usefull things you want to do it for 🙂

  • Joe

    You have to think about what killed archeage before. Pay to win. That feeling of frustration and just not being bothered to play the game to grind and grind away when people just have an insane amount of gold more than you. More than you could grind in a decade. For me that feeling is actually worse on unchained because it isn't p2w and it was supposed to be fair. When I'm being one shotted by people with almost 6k gearscore wherever I go I'm wondering the same thing as before. Why bother. There is no skill required in PvP once again. It's now just who exploited the most gold, the same as before who payed the most real money.

    For many people I'm sure this will be the same, they have just finished questing, they join in with the daily shit and start to get an understanding of how the game works, then oh wait, this guy has a +17 epic tier 3 Hiram already.. how is that even possible? This will make many players quit the game. At this point I think gamigo would actually like that because the servers are probably on fire. Literally tried doing dungeon runs for the last two days with no success because the dungeon doesn't load. Gold making has grinded to a very slow rate now, which would of been fine if it was like this for everyone from the start, but nope. It's fucked; more and more people will see the kind of gear many people have achieved from all that gold and just quit. They either compensate the players and help them catch up a little or I give these servers a year of decent population before it drops off, pretty much like every fresh start server in the past.

  • Brandon Crowe

    The big issue is the labor that was acquired… this won't impact the servers for another few weeks, when someone whose exploited the archepass, is 100's of vocation points ahead of everyone else, and starts cranking out items using the crafting that no one else is close to being able to make… the gold made this way, will be huge in comparison to the gold made during the exploit.

  • Cel

    I echo what you said in the video. No new EU server, no interest. I don't want to play on post-land rush servers that also have exploiters. Shame. This was the last try for this game but looks like it is going to be snuffed out before it gets to flourish.

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    Personally, I don't care terribly about the "woops" on having a ton of money on a small population that got geared, I never had the "illusion" that I'd be anywhere close to the top to begin with. I can see, however, that it's probably because it isn't affecting me DIRECTLY. If these OP dudes decided to end the fun for everyone with their high tier gear we would probably be fucked.


    I don't know, me as 39 support sloot with a 38 friend killed low tier ancestrals so I still have doubts. I really am a noob anyways, therefore my experiences are very limited and that's why I don't like to broach. (I mean shit I saved enough to build a Farm Cart even though people keep saying trading is shit lol)

    TL;DR: Yo I'm still having tons of fun and this money issue doesn't seem to affect everyone, really.

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    Thanks for the news !!

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  • Chris Benn

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  • SROG

    From an executive standpoint there was not much else the company could have done. As players we must understand that the devs aren't sitting up at work 24/7. Removing the archepass, which is an asset to the game, would have required multiple employees to be involved and active in discussion. While it was not dealt with optimally, the company has done well to preserve the in-game economy without angering players that had played the system as intended.

  • Jermaine Dixon

    WHat about missing quest infusion? I can't upgrade breeches because I'm short about 800exp. I emailed them and the response was "We don't have the answers to every quest or system. Sorry we can't help you"

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  • Case Died Well

    The SPEED of the leveling was what was killing me; if we are doing 1 Month Passes, you need to be able to do the first THREE ranks in a day.
    I have high hopes in them being able to get something in place that actually works for all involved.

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    I wonder if it's now even worth the effort to try and play catch up. this was my problem in BDO when you start 12-months behind other players, you tend to be behind all the time and the grind was not wort the progression you tend to get burned out on the game long before you catch up.

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    Really bad game design at its finest.

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