Bad Game Design – Super Mario Party

Almost one year ago, it seemed like the Mario
Party series was making a triumphant comeback. After a couple underwhelming titles that changed
too much of the core appeal, fans were excited to see a return to form with individual movement
across boards and lots of new characters that each had their own unique dice blocks. Not to mention they advertised online play
with friends for a franchise first – it seemed like a slam dunk! But now, not only is Super Mario Party gathering
dust on the shelf for most that bought it, it seems to be forgotten by Nintendo itself. How could such an easy win fall off people’s
radars so quickly? Welcome to another episode of Bad Game Design,
let’s talk about it… I’ve put way more hours into Super Mario
Party than I expected to. I even bought an extra set of joycons to make
sure all my friends could play, and at first it really was a smash hit. The minigames are excellent, and the addition
of HD Rumble made for some really cool concepts that could only be possible on the Switch. They also added a ton of different features,
like the co-op river run, a rhythm based concert mode, and challenge road for the single player
experience. The problem is that the more you play, the
less enjoyable it becomes and the flaws start to take center stage. Obviously the main attraction is Party mode,
but right away you notice the game only has 3 maps with one more unlockable over time. If that seems low its because every other
title had at least 5, sometimes 6 from the very start and more you could unlock eventually. So immediately the replayability and variety
is greatly reduced compared to past entries, but to add insult to injury, the online play
they boasted about is only for 1 particular mode where you face off against 5 minigames
and declare a victor. No boards, no other game styles, just Mariothon. Yikes. But the biggest gripe, and probably the most
curious one is that there has not been a single peep of upcoming DLC for the game. Launching with limited options is one thing,
but unlike other less popular titles such as Mario Tennis Aces or ARMS, without any
free updates or even paid additions to make the game more interesting, it starts to make
sense how Super Mario Party could be dead in the water. Actually, I should say it did receive ONE
update back in March, but it was a simple bugfix to make sure information was showing
correctly. But I can’t pretend that lack of support
was the only thing wrong here – adding more boards or new minigames couldn’t save it
from the other issues I had while playing countless matches with friends. Having 4 maps wouldn’t be the end of the
world if they were diverse and interesting to play, but after a single match of each
you realize they don’t have a lot to offer. They’re very linear and more or less revolve
around one main path with little to no shortcuts. Whomp’s Domino Ruins is a giant loop with
tiny smaller loops along the way, there’s really only one direction to go. Kamek’s Tantalizing Tower is a straight
line with almost no deviation and the star is always at the top, so high rolls are objectively
going to be better here – very little strategy involved. Megafruit Paradise looks the coolest, but
is just 4 smaller circles with little ability to travel between them. And King Bob-Omb’s Powderkeg Mine is probably
the best one, but only because it offers a single exit on each side through the middle
– you still need to go around the big outer ring most of the time. Looking at past board layouts, two things
are clear to me – they used to be much more intricate and complex in the choices you can
make, but they also were a lot bigger! Simple and small is the name of the game here,
and it makes sense when you account for the fact that each player’s dice roll is reduced
to a max of 6 now, but this brings a whole new set of problems with it. Having dice go from 1-10 of course is fitting
when you have more ground to cover, but it also increases the likelihood of getting a
decent roll that makes you feel like you’re progressing. Now, between a 1 and 6, the chance of barely
moving along feels unavoidable. There are ways to increase this with items,
but they only bump your dice by 3 or 5 at most, so getting that lucky combo of a massive
roll and dominating the board is no longer possible here. You might say, “but hey Snoman, each character
has a special dice remember? So you can get a 10, you just need to pick
the ones who have it available to them.” The issue here is that to compensate for a
higher roll, the rest of the dice is reduced to zeros or affecting your coins which is
also a zero. So if you choose Donkey Kong for example,
while yes you could get a 10 every time, the chance of that happening is very low, and
instead you might sit on the same space for multiple turns and lose any momentum you may
have had. There are allies to increase your roll by
1 or 2, but you have to land on their spaces to receive them, otherwise you’re out of
luck. This combined with the long linear nature
of the level layouts means that a star might spawn right behind you and it’ll take 10
turns just to reach it again. It’s hard enough to land on the right islands
in the fruit stage as it is, but eventually the sand bridge goes out, so if you’re here
and the star spawns over here, you’d have to go all the way around and through 2 pipes
to reach it. And by then someone else will probably get
it and move it over there again! The result is a game mode that feels very
slow – and that’s probably the single word I would use to describe Super Mario Party
as a whole. Getting a star is grueling because you have
to sit through this lengthy cutscene, and then watch Toadette lazily drift over to her
next location. Every single time. I have no idea why they chose to do this,
but whenever you start a new game and look at the map for the first time, it automatically
makes you watch the Toad Tips of where the different routes go and how to get around. Helpful, yes, but please make it optional,
now I just avoid clicking the map button for fear of triggering it. You also can’t avoid the final 3 turns schpeel
that drags on and on, you gotta see the standings, have a guest judge say who’s gonna win,
turn all spots into plus or minus 6 coins, and watch Kamek turn bad luck spaces into
very bad luck spaces, ooo. This all would be okay if you could skip or
speed it up, but there’s no way to do that – so the longer you play, the more agonizing
this becomes. You can skip other cutscenes or choose not
to have the rules explained, so I don’t know why they made these mandatory. And that’s truly the nail in the coffin
for me – there are virtually no option menus or ways to adjust anything. The oldest entries in the series had tons
of ways to customize your experience – Mario Party 3 had handicap stars and custom number
of turns from 10 to 50, In Mario Party 2 you could turn bonus stars on or off, heck even
the first title had individual difficulties for computer characters and the ability to
skip minigame instructions or speed up text. None of those features are present here – you
have to have 2 bonus stars at the end, there’s no way to add handicaps, and you can only
play 10-20 turns, with a minimum gametime of 60 minutes, which is twice as long as the
original games. Look, I’ll be the first to admit that as
the series progressed they did add more and more mechanics that slowed down the overall
gameplay, Mario Party 7 being a particular culprit, with Bowser minigames, dueling, shy
guys all over the place, but at least they had interesting things happening! Say what you want about the desert map adding
a mirage star that disappeared when you reached it, I’ll take that any day compared to Super’s
bland designs of digging for coins, or rolling a boulder to push you back yet again, THANKS
MARIO. There’s so many questionable choices, like
lowering the coin requirement for a star from 20 to 10, but then also changing minigames
so that every player gets a handful, not just the winner. So as a result, everyone has a boatload of
money by the end of the game, and with movement being so sluggish, this really only leads
to one viable strategy – farming golden pipes. They only cost 10 coins and take you straight
to the star, without fail. Golden pipes are very OP, and super uninteresting. Now to be clear, as I said, the minigames
are phenomenal, in fact the last several times I’ve played, that’s all we did – head
over to our favorites list and have a grand ol’ time. But even with other modes thrown in as valiant
efforts, there wasn’t enough meat on the bones to hold our attention. The bait and switch of the online play was
a glaring missed opportunity, but the lack of any new content being added is the biggest
head-scratcher of all. There was enough outcry after Mario Maker
2 tried a similar tactic that they quickly changed their stance and will add true online
with friends eventually, so I’m blown away that while other games have gotten loads of
post-release attention, Super Mario Party, despite its promising elevator pitch, has
continued to get the cold shoulder. Now you could definitely make the argument
that they’re probably working on a sequel – there’s clearly no shortage of other entries
on the same console, so maybe they’ll fix these complaints in a new title. And that could very well be true, but at least
for now, a year after its initial release, we’ve heard no news on any front – sequel,
DLC, anything. So instead we’re wondering why they left
a half-baked release untouched, just to tease us enough to wet our whistle but not enough
to have a full experience. To wrap up, if they do end up creating a new
entry instead, let’s talk about what they could do to alleviate some of these issues. The obvious answer is to simply add more boards,
but I don’t even think they would need to reinvent the wheel here – what if they took
the Mario Kart approach and threw in classic maps from the original games? It would be awesome to see the same clever
layouts with an updated look and a few tweaks to make them even more enjoyable. The charm of Mario Party 2, complete with
outfits and ending cinematics fitting the theme, is yet to be matched in my opinion. I would also love to see way more options
– let me skip annoying cutscenes, customize my game settings, maybe even add specific
bonus stars instead of just turning them on or off, that could add special challenge objectives
in addition to collecting the most stars. I don’t even mind the idea of having unique
dice for each character, but they should definitely add more ways to travel farther – bigger and
more complex maps are preferred, but on top of this it just feels more enjoyable when
you’re actually making progress and have multiple ways to reach your goal. At the end of the day, the minigames are arguably
the most memorable part of Mario Party, but I think we look back at them so fondly because
the whole package complimented those heart-pounding game nights with friends. No matter where the series goes from here,
I hope they remember that all the pieces have to fall into place to stand the test of time. If you could create the perfect Mario Party
game, what elements would you include? Did I miss anything that would really complete
the experience in your eyes? Let me know in the comments below and let’s
talk about it. Thanks for watching another episode of Bad
Game Design, I’ll see you guys next time. Stay frosty my friends! If you want to help support the channel and
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  • Citryte

    This is most definitely because of my nostalgia, but I really liked those boss minigames from Mario Party DS. I'd like to see those make a return in a future title, but I'm not holding my breath

  • QuotePilgrim

    I would include minigames that make you rotate the analog stick super quick so you eventually dig a hole in the palm of your hand, of course.

  • Colin Harris

    The perfect mario party for me would be most mechanically similar to MP3 (my favorite). I would want to bring back the capsule system from MP5, but with a shop instead of the dispenser so you can control which capsules you get (may exist in later games but Ive only played 1-5 and super). I also really like the idea of taking the MarioKart approach of bringing back some old boards. Doesnt have to be a lot, just like 5 new boards and 5 old boards.

    One of my favorite experiences in Mario Party is in MP5, me and my friends love to pick some strip of the board where we put all the most interesting capsules like Boo, Chance time, etc. By the end of the game that strip is usually just as desirable of a place to be as the star, and it adds a whole new layer of strategy but also chaos.

  • GIRL I-

    at this point rerelease Mario Party 8 for the switch, but include boards from past games and characters from new ones

  • PKIV

    My friends and I loved playing Super Mario Party but all the problems started to rise up. To make up for this we played a custom ruleset where the person with the least stars and coins won, while you still had to try in minigames. Really made it fun and competitive with some actual strategy.

  • YoshiFanatic266

    Personally my ideal Mario Party would have a great character roster like Super Mario Party's, plus Koopa Kid (seriously why did they get rid of him after 7), have Bowser spaces again (Bowser and Bowser Jr. would have to be removed from the character roster, but I wouldn't really mind since I only play Yoshi in MP anyway). I would like the big boards with the classic coin and star formula (and I really mean the 10 coin start instead of 5) with REAL orbs that MP5 and MP6 offered. Stages like Snowflake Lake from MP6 was phenomenal and I wouldn't mind a stage like that returning. Pretty much Mario Party 6 with a great roster (and DK playable as good his spaces are) is my ideal game, I love MP6 (MP8 is a close second place)!

  • Maggie Jenson

    Mario party 8 >>>

  • Nicholas Otto

    The coop for this game was a cool concept that should have been developed further too

  • Intikus

    This video was made by someone who lost a mario party match

  • Bambeakz

    Pummel party is my new Mario Party. The first time I beated my friends only to give them free stars on the end remembered me how F-up Nintendo does this kind of things.

    Also one of the reasons why Mario Kart is not in my top 5 kart games. It’s all so loser friendly.

  • Javier S

    Jokes on you I have no friends to play mario party with

  • Lord Pain

    Mario party 2 and 3 were the highlight of the series

  • Akasuna no Sasori

    Imho mario party 8 was the tip of the iceberg in terms of interesting board design change my mind

  • Gravity

    One of the things I disliked about the board maps the most was honestly, the allies.
    You have some dice blocks that are designed to increase your chances of rolling a specific number. In the case of the Fruit Island stage, that's sometimes mandatory to get to the next star.
    However, once you get more allies to join you, the chances of getting the number you want just gets lower and lower. Shy Guy's dice block suggests it should be used if you want to move 4 spaces, but with just 1 ally, that's no longer an option.
    The game seems to encourage the strategy of "Use the right dice block at the right time." But in the end, the only strategy becomes "Roll as high a number as you can."

  • baby zone

    there is a way to set individual difficulties for each character it's just a HUUUUUGE hassle

  • Daniel Gillrup

    So what is this..0/3 for the last console releases? So sad this franchise hasn’t been any good since the Wii…

  • Ramiel Scream

    Your opening statement sounds like you expect people to play mario party like its call of duty and grind for something. No its a PARTY game that you play every so often with friends. it always has been and always will be

  • Steven Bowser

    Who ever wanted to play Mario Party online, like ever? What kind of a lonely stupid experience works that be?

  • Trevor White

    The most egregious game design choice for me was making you spend in-game currency to essentially just unlock parts of a digital instruction booklet.

  • Axemninja

    Really pisses me off that Nintendo didn’t did this games online or even add DLC maps or something. :/ it was fun for awhile but 4 maps that were really small got old. The mini games are fun. But the online is just bad, 10 games in rotation was just stupid. Really wanted DLC Maps or something.

  • Zach Bondurant

    Actually you can adjust the difficulty of idividual computer players in the switch version.

  • BlazeFire Dragon

    What if you could make your own boards? That would be really awesome!

  • thegamer9302

    I think my biggest problem is it killed the rnjesus of the game alor

  • G

    spot on, snoman

  • OneGabuPunch

    Just hang on to your GameCubes, N64 and Wii.

  • DammYou

    Speeding up the game need to happen. It's so painful slow. There is no reason it should take 1 hour for 10 turns. If you play any of the previous Mario Parties there is no way it take an hour. Oh those cutscenes getting a stars are painful. I still play the Gamecube Mario Parties. They are so much fun than this game. No battle games or duel games is horrendous.

  • Mike Fluff

    My perfect Mario party.

    1; Have the themes and costumes of Mario Party 2, just a lot more boards.

    2; Less characters. We do not need all these enemy characters, do we? Keep it to heroes and neutrals.

    3; Make the stars really hard to get on some boards. Think like in Mario Party 1 when the Star shifted between 2 spaces.

  • dmaster225

    my biggest complaint was also the small boards. And dk is so broken, when you know how to time it, you just fly through the board, especially when you have allies.

  • Jordan Castillo

    Just make mario party 6 and 7 HD thats all they have to do

  • Ino

    Full online multiplayer is necessary. It's not something that they should do to the exclusion of local, but building the entire local game and then just making it accessible through online multiplayer.

    I don't have the local friends anymore to play. We could do some enjoyable online multiplayer sessions if the entire game were available there. I understand that Mario Party especially is something that Nintendo looks at as a local play experience, but people's living rooms are expanded now to the point where we would get crazy amounts of fun from playing with our friends online.

    Until they get this right, Mario Party in 2020 and beyond just won't be good enough to keep people playing.

  • Boomerang Master567

    2 words Online

  • Thunder Strike

    I always thought maybe a board maker for Mario Party would be sick so you can customize gimmick, traps, star placements, etc. I think they can keep it simple by having similar tools from Mario Maker (not exactly), so I think it can have a bit of potential.

  • Christian Boustani

    Oh, I thought people liked this one.

  • Oskar Kej

    Day and night cycle of course

  • D-ray

    Man, I really want a GOOD/BAD game design video on Punch Out!!

  • C1024R

    This game was such a let down. I wish I didn’t get a digital version otherwise I would sell it

  • Lemon Head

    The maps are liner boring and just plain small. I dont know how they can go from so good to so bad. Normally it goes the other way around from being bad to better. It's sad when mario party 1 is way better than whatever you call this.

  • WillToNihilsm

    There will be no dlc because any dlc could just be put into super Mario party 2. I have a feeling SMP was a proof of concept that they will expand on in future switch sequels.

  • M Tauf

    Interesting I thought this was a launch title and they were working on the sequel… I think they should let mobile phone players join too… The COD mobile game has been booming since launch

  • CrazyCatGamer

    You quickly glanced over the Golden pipe and the money/star issue, but to me, that alone killed the game right there. The maps are small and less interesting, but I was still having fun with friends. But hoarding Golden pipes and always have enough money to buy everything really sucks.

  • Bonezee

    I've wanted "Ultimate" games for Mario Party and Mario Kart since smash ultimate was announced. It wouldn't be too hard to do I'm sure, especially if the older boards/tracks feature their "nostalgic" forms. (Low-poly goodness)

  • R1B3Y3

    Actually make the core part of the game that is in the title, Party, online? Their incompetence with multiplayer focused games like Super Mario Party and Smash being implemented properly online is astounding at this point.

  • Benjamin K.

    i still think that mario party 4 is the last good mario party game.

  • Tech Roasted TV

    Mario party 3, 6, and Ds are my fav

  • Richard Turrietta

    I bought Super Mario Party thinking it would be a good return to form and a great game to play with friends, but it ended up being worse than Mario Party DS!

  • MasterYoshitaka

    Just make another Mario party 4. 4 was perfect.

  • alexsmashbroult

    I really thought I was the only one lol

  • Alejandro Vélez

    Super Mario Party is the worst
    Mario Party game ever!
    It’s not even closer to the older
    Mario Party games!

    There are 2 reasons why I hate the game.

    #1: Bowser is a complete bastard for ruining a happy ending in Story Mode,
    which that’s the reason why
    I hate Bowser!😡

    #2: The Staff credits suck as well with all the characters chasing after each other with their weapons and the final character at that’s going to carry the more biggest weapon is always going to be Mario instead of a different character you played throughout the

    Nowadays they’re adding

  • Blake Barto

    Okay I’m 50 seconds in and I can already tell this is gonna be partially about unfair dice blocks. Particularly Bowser. I literally have stopped my closest group of friends from playing this game by only using bowser. It took three other players coordinated effort to put me into SECOND place.

  • Jacob Torres

    Remake of DS with more of everything it already has and I'm set

  • Andrew Weilandt

    Why would there be DLC for Super Mario Party? They didn't release an incomplete game this time. How do I get that DLC physically so I can actually have it? I would rather buy a new game with new features than buy DLC.

  • Andrew Weilandt

    It's too late for them to make any changes anyways, the game is already released (complete).

  • atomickid

    Personnaly Mario party went south as soon as hudson soft weren't in charge of it… Sad truth was, hudson soft was à damn good studio.

  • Taylor Jones

    Should just have made a Super Wario Party game.

  • Austyn Zapf

    I cant believe you just read every gripe I have about this game straight outta my brain

  • Laura Christoph

    I'd revamp lots of old stages, the fun large and intricate ones, as well as bring in new ones. Bring back individual movement with up to 10 on the dice. I'd have character blocks as a toggle option, as well as stage costumes, allies, lucky spaces, idividual bonus stars, and taunts, as well as a large range for number of turns. I'd have customizable computer characters and difficulty Keep single player minigames, item minigames, and duels, bring back the classic horror of chance time, bring back boo coin and star steals including button mashing. Lots of items: keys, boo bells, bowser suit, phones. Minigame mode would have competetive and freeplay modes, and have as many of the old ones as possible with new ones added in as well. And a system that keeps up with favorites or number of plays in freeplay. Lastly, I'd bring back a form of the bowser party mode grom wii u, but less rigged, with all vs bowser or free for all where each player can work with or against bowser whenever it suits them. I'd also give each mode online multiplayer without the need to pay a membership fee, even though I personally would likely never play online. And, while purely asthetic, I want the koopalings, bowser jr, and the baby bowserlings from the older games. Not just Junior. And I'd like to ba able to toggle between different generation's sound effects because I miss the old bowser roar, boo laugh, and minigame announcer.

  • Rando387

    I do agree that Super Mario Party is overly slow, but I think the smaller map size and navigational difficulty are actually a strength. Instead of everyone chasing the same star, it makes you consider if going for golden pipes or allies is more worth your time, or even just going where no one else is so you can be better positioned for any future star spawns. On the long boards of past Mario parties, there are few decisions to be made, but every turn in super Mario party makes one ask where they are going and what dice is best suited for getting there

  • ProjectEchoshadow

    You don’t even need to design these maps just toss a few favourites from past games. They could even have done a poll to avoid thinking at all.

  • Aquanex2

    I'm not sure when it happened, but at a certain point, Nintendo stopped putting options in a lot of their games, forcing you to play the way they want you too. This cuts down on development time, but it's annoying to feel so limited.

  • Ketamine Poptarts

    but can luigi still win by standing perfectly still?

  • Fluffycara

    With the fruit island map, you can just stay in the upper left island and steal stars from other players if you have enough coins in order to win. Once you realize that, the map becomes so much less interesting than it already was.

  • Neato

    Mario Party DS was the best.

  • Uncle Bubbles

    I mean at least they got rid of the stupid car

  • Justin / Jstt

    mario party ds is an amazing game and personally for me, perfect cx

  • AndresLionheart

    They don't even need to do that much. Have 6 new boards and 6 classic boards, and do the same with the mini-games by having like 70 new ones and 30 old ones or something like that.

    They also need to cut a bit on the side modes to focus more into the main party mode. Too many mini-games are locked to specific modes in Super Mario Party, so when it comes to playing in party mode you tend to see the same ones way too often.

    I would also want the boards to feel more organic. What I mean is that in Super Mario Party the boards were made in like a grid to support the free movement from the 2v2 mode. That made the boards look too artificial. Just look at some of the boards in MP7 and then compare them to those in SMP. Even MP1 has more organic looking boards. The only ones that kinda suck are MP4 boards because they are all flying roads over some scenery.

  • Sky

    I don't have any friends local to my so I've literally never played mario party. When the switch one was first announced to have online play, I was over the moon because suddenly, I'd be able to play it and enjoy it with friends.

    When it came out that it was just a very very small handful of minigames though, it felt like a giant punch to the gut from nintendo. i guess I just need to keep on waiting now, I would very very happily give money to nintendo for a proper online mario party game.

  • I know I have an incredibly small penis, but

    Yeah Mario Party 8 is still the shit

  • SandJ Gaez

    I still don’t know why I watch Mario Party videos; I don’t have any friends!

  • Wals Czineanka

    Mario party requires friends to make the game fun…. snoman doesnt have friends

  • Jarrett

    Gosh you totally summed up my exact experience with this game ahaha

  • Timmy Pham

    They needed more dynamic maps that were larger and the dice idea was good but I think couldve been executed better. But my biggest thing was actually the mini games. As good as they were and different, I feel like it didnt have that old school Mario Party feel where you actually battle against your buddies and create rivalries.

  • Mau Quintanar

    I could not agree with you more, I was extremely excited about this game and my disappointment turned into anger, this game fucking sucks, I still don't understand what went through the mind of the developers, the dices were a terrible idea in my opinion, there is no point on choosing your favorite character. Also the stages, man they suck. Writing about this just makes me want to go to Japan to complain. The only game mode I liked was the rythm one, but surprise surprise, it gets old pretty fucking fast.

  • LookatMY Hat

    You play for fun, and get end up just getting bored because the cutscenes are painfully long

  • zylo202

    Number 1 way to help fix mario party. Increase star cost by 10 coins for every star you own. This stops runaway leaders and makes the mini games, The most fun part lf mario party, Matter more. Also make chance time super rare or removed entirely.

  • Gaming with Mike

    My ALL TIME favourite Mario Party map was in Mario Party 7(?). The bank map where you needed to put coins into banks to own them. Everytime I play Mario Party if I have a choice of game and map I'll always pick that one.

  • Daniel Kaniewski

    love the toontown music

  • NMEstewy

    I just want a Mario party game with online ranked matchmaking.

  • Benjamin Decimo

    I'm suprised you said you played this game for hours and you didn't even mention the HEAVY HANDED Cpu bias the game has; honestly that was the hugest turn off for me in this game.

  • DavidBrit

    Maybe this is a bit picky but I personally feel like as a gamer, that the content for the game burned out very quickly

  • DavidBrit

    Maybe this is a bit picky but I personally feel like as a gamer, that the content for the game burned out very quickly

  • Zenjion

    You missed 2 important points. One is the dice blocks aren't random, if you listen to the controller vibrations you'll notice a pattern which means high roll dice blocks are op. Second is this game COSTS 60 DOLLARS.

  • 콜부수롵텐

    what would make this game better for me is…a friend to play with…

  • RipWitch

    Man I remember playing the hell outta Mario Party DS, even when I was the only human player (I still remember some of the minigames it had and how fun the maps were). Shame the one on the Switch is disappointing.

  • Mez Barb!

    U are being a little too critical, we always had events in mapd so thwre ia nothing wrong with the rolling stone, we have them in mp6 and mp3 too, and online multiplayer in smp is impossible because if someone quits the game the whole match is going to end

  • Mez Barb!

    I think that nintendo should put ministars mode, mario party and toad rumble as game modes, 8 player party as in mario party 7 bc now it is possible to play with 8 people both individually than in couples or divided in groups like in the older games, use this minigame online mode and son different ways to play minigames than in free mode and DIFFERENT maps between toad rumble and mario party modes, oh and make toad and toadette playable again… Use captain toad and captain toadette as judges

  • Your Mom :D

    The Koopa Hotel from 8 is my favorite thing ever

  • CaptainScarBeard

    Yeah it needed more boards and board diversity. Get rid of those unskippable cut scenes as well. Overall though if you can get three friends together this game is fun.

  • Dank Shrek

    down below

  • NastyWalkThroughs

    I didn't own the game, so I borrowed it from my roommate in college and played solo in my own time. One thing I'd like to add to your analysis is the absolute waste of time it was to collect all the Gems to "beat" the game. I was so let down after the hours of boring solo play I dumped into it, for what?

  • Lakitu64

    Nintendo should just remake the GameCube

  • Ugly Emu

    I have never really liked Mario party but I got it for the switch so my whole family could play together. Nothing is more infuriating then watching my 3 year old complain/ not pay attention/and lose every mini game yet still win almost every game thru just random luck.

  • grace lucas

    Fucking THIS.
    I was so pumped to play this game and when I finally did, I lost horribly, but I was still excited to play it again. The next time I played it, I lost again, and was a bit more disappointed. When I played it a third time i walked away feeling worse when I started and was really confused as to why. And these are all the reasons why.

  • Comic Drake

    THANK YOU! I complained about this game a week or two after launch and got shit on by stans. It's not a great Mario Party!

  • Tsar Chasm

    Ultimate mario party where you can play all the boards from all the mario party games. Either how they were originally or custom tweaks including mix and match rules/items. Now that would make for a mario PARTY!

  • Thomas Drobnick

    Mario Party 7 is stil my favorite. Going from 5 stars behind to 5 stars ahead in one turn needs to return. #BalanceIsBoring

  • Frog

    Snowman, you put this in the wrong playlist, it's in the good game design playlist

  • Bass Player Taylor

    I wish the bonus stars were more varied. It would be more fun to have like 7-10 possible bonus stars with 2 chosen at random. It would force people to strategize differently and not just assume that if they get the most coins they'll win a bonus star. I also miss double and triple dice blocks. With different dice for each character, bringing back these items would do wonders for gameplay, adding much higher risks and rewards every turn.

  • Pbness Jellyness

    I love Mario Party 8, it was my first (and may be my last, if Nintendo doesn't get their act together) Mario Party game.

    The boards were particularly interesting to me. My favorite board was the DK jungle one, where you could hop on the leaves and have DK shoot ya outta the canons.

    Some of the minigames were pretty bad (I'm looking at you, terrible time spinning clock minigame), but the majority of them I thoroughly enjoyed.
    If my disc hadn't broke I still would be playing Mario Party 8 to this day! After all, I still haven't played on the train map, or the unlockable one, for that matter!… I did say I thoroughly enjoyed the minigames, didn't I? Heheheheheh…

  • meowmasterL346

    9:26 anyone else gonna acknowledge he legit just said "tease us enough to wet our whistle " in a video about MARIO PARTY 😂😂😂

  • Itz_JustJosh

    Every good thing about mario party games


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