Best Eats: What to Eat in the Largest City of Tohoku Japan | VICE Guide to Sendai

Were you an english teacher before? You are, right?
You taught me in Junior High. Hi, my name is Ty Demura, brought VICE
out here to check out the city. You know it’s got great food,
beautiful people. You know that’s a great mix of
tradition and modernity, so… We’re going to check out the city. Zunda Mochi, has to be
on your must-do list. You definitely have to try it. Zunda-mochi is
essentially edamame which… Yes, the edamame are crushed
and they become like this. I heard yours is the most delicious place
in Sendai. Is it true? I am very happy to hear that. Our shop
has been in business for 150 years. Wow! Which one would you like? I’ll go for Zunda Mochi. ZundaMochi? Well then, if I may. Let’s dig in. Delicious! You like it? Here’s some tea. Be careful, it’s hot. Thanks. So it’s considered healthy? Edamame is really good for your health. One of the best things about Sendai is you could be in the city one second. And be out here, getting in touch with nature at Matsushima Bay within 30 minutes. And so yeah, we’re just gonna go check out some delicacies so… You can watch me eat. Hello. Hi. Would you like to order beef tongue? I’d like you to recommend me something. I recommend the Happy Gyutan Set, which includes thin sliced and thick sliced beef tongue. Okay, I’ll have one. Thank you. Do you know about Gyu-Tang Clan? Gyu-Tang Clan? Sorry, I don’t know anything. It’s alright, don’t worry about it. Wow that looks awesome.
Thank you! This looks pretty amazing. Let’s dig in. Oh, so good. Delicious! I could definitely get used to it. This is absolutely delicious. So happy to hear that. I’ve eaten beef tongue before, but being in the mecca and eating the real deal makes me truly happy. I would like to welcome you as a fellow member of the Gyu-Tang Clan. So I’m here at an Izakaya, which is a Japanese style bar. The crew and I were here a few nights ago and the food is so good that we had to come back and share this with you. And you, and you, and you, and you, and you, and you, and you, and you. Can I order some Japanese sake? Yes, urakasumi. Oh, nice. Beautiful. Actually how do I… Just put your lips on it. It’s the best. This would go great with Sashimi, right? Yeah, if you like dry taste. So delicious! Super fresh fish, made by a professional like himself. I would definitely come here again. We’re in the mood for some drinks. And a good buddy of mine has just recommended this cocktail bar called Barock. So we’re gonna go and check it out. What drink can you recommend me? let me think, something whisky-based, maybe? Yes, that would be good.
What whisky will you use? Big Peat. Cheers to that! Cheers! I like it. So where should I go in Sendai
if I wanna have fun? Everyone goes to Kokubuncho but I personally
like Iroha Yokocho or Bunka Yokocho. I get totally drunk
by that time though. I’m in Kokubuncho right now, this is where
you come to get your drink on. Positivity, every which way I turn. So come here if you want to have fun. I can’t believe how easy it is to get here and experience all this. Now with direct flight to Sendai from Thai Airways, you got no excuse not to check this out for yourself. Sendai!


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