Black Ops 4: ALL Multiplayer GAME MODES (BO4)

Hey guys, and welcome back to Top5Esports! The new Call of Duty title is out and players
have finally gotten their hands on the latest and greatest from Activision and Treyarch. Today we’ll be breaking down all the multiplayer
modes available so far in Black Ops 4. We’ve already discussed the major changes
that have come to the franchise, so let’s discuss all the multiplayer modes included
in the full release of the game. [Question of the Day]
Before we get started, we want to hear from you, the audience! Call of Duty games have included many different
multiplayer game modes over the years. Which one was your favorite? Let us know in the comments down below! Now let’s get straight to the video! ● Control
Control is the first new mode introduced in Black Ops 4. In this mode, teams alternate between attacking
and defending two pre-determined objective areas. The first team to win three rounds wins the
match. Each team gets a collective 25 lives per round. Once those lives are used up, the team loses. Attackers need to either capture both objectives
or make the defenders run out of lives. Defenders either take out enemy lives or play
with the clock and hold long enough for it to run out. This game mode promotes and rewards a cooperative,
calculated style of play. ● Heist
The second game mode introduced in Black Ops 4 is Heist. Players get limited lives but instead of instantly
dying, they get knocked down and can be revived by a teammate before they’re completely
dead. This is similar to zombies multiplayer and
the new blackout battle royale. Armor and health do not automatically regenerate,
so you’ll have to find packs spread throughout the map if you want to replenish them. There are no loadouts in Heist either. Players start with a pistol and must work
their way up to more powerful weapons, perks, and gear. The money earned from rounds can be used to
upgrade your gear. ● Free for All
Free-for-All, also known as “FFA” or “Deathmatch”, puts every player against each other. The rules are simple. There is a maximum of 8 people on the map. Points are awarded per kill. The first player to reach 125 points, which
is equivalent to 25 kills, wins the game. As the game states:
“It’s “every man for himself.” Points are awarded for kills, and the first
player to either reach the score limit (set by the server administrator) or have the most
points when time runs out is the victor” ● Team Deathmatch
This is by far the most popular game mode. The aim of this mode is to kill everyone on
the opposing team to score points. One way for a team to win is to reach the
point limit with enough kills. Another way to win is by running down the
clock. If your team has the most points when the
time limit is reached, you win. Team Deathmatch is the easiest and simplest
game mode in Black ops 4, which might explain why it’s so popular. ● Kill Confirmed
This mode is similar to Team Death match, with two teams competing against each other
to earn kills. However, the score is only increased when
the kill is “confirmed” this is done by collecting the dog-tag of the player you just
killed. The requirement to collect dog tags changes
up the game quite a bit, since it’s much easier to earn more points if you play aggressively
and are constantly pushing toward your enemy. Campers and long range snipers don’t often
fare well in this game mode. ● Search and Destroy
Search and Destroy, often abbreviated as SnD, is an elimination-based game mode. The goal is for an attacking side to either
eliminate the defending team or detonate a bomb at either of the two sites available. Respawns are disabled so players are limited
to 1 life per round. There is an intermission when half of the
rounds are completed. The first team to win 6 rounds is the victor. ● Domination
The objective of Domination is to own all of the control points on the map. There are usually at least three of these
control points scattered around the map and are usually found in key strategic locations. To capture a control point, a player must
stand near it for 10 seconds with no enemies nearby. This is easier said than done, since players
are alerted when enemies are taking a control point, which causes them to contest the point
and make it hard for either team to retain control for too long. ● Hardpoint
One of the more popular modes, Hardpoint involves teams rushing to secure a marked position
on the map. Once secured, the hardpoint must be defended
against any enemies that try to enter the location. Holding the hardpoint increases the teams’
score by 1 point per second. The Hardpoint switches to different preset
positions on the map several times during the match. If players from both teams are present in
the Hardpoint, it will be marked as “contested” and neither team will gain points until remaining
enemies are removed from the objective. The timer will tick down if no players are
present or if the point is contested, which ensures that the match doesn’t last forever. If the timer counts down to zero and neither
team has reached the score limit, the team with more points wins. A player who takes hold of a new Hardpoint
or one that was previously held by enemies gains 200 points for “Securing the Hardpoint”
and will receive a “Hardpoint Secure” medal. Respawning is always enabled. In addition to these modes, there are also
hardcore versions of certain multiplayer modes. Hardcore ups the ante by giving players limited
health and taking away any aids in the HUD to help with navigation, effectively putting
everything up to the player’s judgment and skill. As of now the hardcore versions of the following
modes are available: ● Free For All
● Team Death Match ● Kill Confirmed
● Domination ● Search and Destroy [Outro]
The inclusion of old modes as well as the introduction of new ones like Control and
Heist are sure to please fans who are looking for the same old call of duty feel with a
fresh new look. Heist especially looks interesting due to
the unique mechanics that set it apart from other game modes. We can’t wait to see pros practice on these
maps. Professional Call of Duty players are still
waiting on MLG and Activision to release official game rules and map sets for the 2019 competitive
season. The maps and modes included in the CWL can
make or break a team’s chances to win at events depending on their strengths and weaknesses. Be sure to check back for more updates about
the upcoming CWL season! [Call to Action]
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