Blackjack Card Game Tips : Blackjack Playing Tips

O.k. let’s play a couple or a few, or several
sample hands of blackjack; I’ll be the dealer and you’ll be the rapper, I mean the player.
O.k., the first thing you do is you put out your bet; we’ll call it two chips and we’re
just heads up. You get an up card; I get a down card, you get an up card and then I flip
over a card; you have 20, I have a 2; you stand, that’s good for you. Alright, let’s
move on; look at that, again you have 20; you’re always going to stand no matter what
I have. Woo; you have aces, you’re always going to split these. Now something to point
out is in most casinos you’re only allowed to split aces one time; eights you’re allowed
to split three times so you have four hands. When you split aces you’re going to get one
card on each of your hands; look at that ace plus 10 would equal blackjack except you have
split them so they’re going to pay you off at one to one, it’s an important distinction.
Let’s keep going; you have 16, I have an up card of a 7; that’s an iffy zone but you would
actually stand because it’s possible that I would have to hit, of course I get 19; oh
well but in many cases I might hit and bust, you have 9; you will always hit. Do you get
the idea? O.k.; good. Let’s play one hand; your, your hand; your bet is in, you get your
starting cards; they add up to 20 what do you do? That’s right; you stand so you say
stand and then I’m going to take my up card and flip my down card, I have an 8 plus a
9; that’s 17. Congratulations you win your hand one to one. And that is blackjack.

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