Blackjack Card Game Tips : Blackjack vs 21

Okay, you know often you will hear the name
of the game of blackjack called “twenty-one”. Blackjack and twenty-one; people speak of
them synonymously, as far as the name of the game goes. But let’s be clear, in the actual
game a blackjack hand is a twenty-one hand, but a twenty-one hand is not necessarily a
blackjack hand. Let’s look at this, and talk about why that’s important. Here is blackjack.
Blackjack is always an ace with a face card or a ten, any card that has a ten value. It’s
a two card hand that has an ace and a card that equals ten. That is blackjack. It’s also
a hand that adds up to twenty-one. Now here’s another hand. The two up, the two starting
cards are seven and eight; that equals fifteen. Let’s say the player takes a hit, gets a six,
and that adds up to twenty-one. Now this is twenty-one; it is not blackjack, and the important
distinction is that in virtually all casinos; all blackjack tables, this will not pay out
like a blackjack. So what I’m saying is for a blackjack hand you are paid off three to
two, so if you put out two chips you get paid three. For a twenty-one hand you’re paid off
one to one. A two chip bet gets a two chip prize. That is the difference.


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