Blacksad: Under the Skin – Story Trailer | PS4

As many private investigators
will tell you, the job consists mainly
of dealing with two-timing
husbands and wives. But once in a while,
you’re lucky enough to land the kind of case
that can get you killed. Suicide, a bereaved daughter,
and a missing man. I just hope you prove
your professional worth before the day is over. My job: Find Bobby Yale, a rising star from
Joe Dunn’s boxing gym. If you find Yale and he fights, and I’ll be able to pay you
whatever you ask for. I confess, the idea of a good
old missing person investigation raised my spirits. But my excitement was about
to be put out like a cigarette, and my morale
put to the test. You’re a good man, Blacksad. A simple exchange
of information. If I wish to complete my job, shortcuts existed
in the crime world. But did I really want
to go down the path that put men behind bars? I’m gonna kill you. I can’t figure out
how I’m still here.


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