Blood & Truth – PS VR Gameplay | PlayStation Underground

I see an opportunity. Does Tim see the
same opportunity? TIM: Oh yeah.
All right. Good night, guys. [INTRO MUSIC PLAYING] JUSTIN: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome back to
PlayStation Underground. We’re here playing PlayStation
VR blockbuster Blood & Truth. It’s launching
May 28th for PSVR. Justin here with
Kristen here next to me. KRISTEN: Hey. JUSTIN: We’ve got Tim in
the driver seat over there. TIM: Hello. JUSTIN: Tim, what are you
seeing, what are you feeling? What is Blood & Truth? TIM: I have been transported
back to what appears to be a memory in some sort
of war-torn area. It doesn’t look safe. JUSTIN: You’re
doing fine so far. TIM: Well, thank you so much. JUSTIN: We haven’t
gotten into the action yet. Kristen and I actually got a
chance to play through this at a recent event,
and we both loved it, so we’re dropping Tim in
here to give him a taste. KRISTEN: Yeah. So you play as a Special Forces
soldier, Ryan Marks. And previous to this
level sort of loading up, you got some backstory that
he’s sort of been captured by an intelligence agency. Apparently there are many
misdeeds on his record, and he’s trying
to clear his name. And this a bit of a
flashback to his past, basically, before the
full game gets started. TIM: I did a bad job. Hold on.
What do I got here? Is this gonna come in handy? KRISTEN: It very well might. JUSTIN: So there was this great
calibration sequence before we started recording the episode
where it actually had Tim put his hand, like, on his chest
where his ammo pouch would be so that you can get that
feeling nice and comfortable. TIM: Yeah. I got my side arm
down here, ammo pouch here, which I can presumably
just — as many as I want. Just make it rain if I want, but that’s not gonna
help me get in here. I should probably
turn the handle. JUSTIN: Violence
isn’t always the answer. TIM: That’s right. This is really cool. KRISTEN: How does the
movement sort of feel? TIM: It feels really smooth. I like the fact that
I’m — I have to shoot. KRISTEN: Just real quick. JUSTIN: You just gotta — TIM: The precision is just —
I’m such a sucker for that. It wants me to holster too. Okay. I love that. JUSTIN: Aiming down
the sights in virtual reality is such a
cool experience. TIM: It feels so good. Do I actually grab the rungs? KRISTEN: Yup.
JUSTIN: You sure do. TIM: Oh my god. KRISTEN: It’s like these very
little moments in VR that really make it feel so, so immersive. And things like that
like climbing a ladder absolutely does it for me. TIM: That’s so crazy. JUSTIN: More ammo, yep. TIM: Just absorbed it into
my body. That’s fine. I’m into that, just
like in real life. JUSTIN:
Definitely need more ammo. TIM: Okay.
Press X button to strafe left. KRISTEN: You’re seeing a little
bit of this tutorial mode, getting our bearings here. JUSTIN: You’ll notice as this
gets further into the demo, it becomes more obvious this
is kind of an expansion of the London Heist which came with
PlayStation VR Worlds back around
PlayStation VR launch time. KRISTEN: One shot and done, Tim. JUSTIN: Oh there you go, went
for the red barrels of course, the gas tanks. TIM: Yeah. The down sight feels just
like I was hoping it would. You know, is there
actually — All right. I’m gonna
move up a little bit here. I can keep strafing I think. Yeah.
There we go. Come on, buddy. They’re quick. KRISTEN: They’re
ready to take you out. JUSTIN: They won’t stand around
waiting for you to shoot them. KRISTEN: But I love that you
immediately went for the red barrel because the
great thing about this game is that it’s just
like an action movie. You can make things go boom. There’s gonna be moments later
there’s gonna be guys throwing grenades at you. You could catch them
and throw them back. JUSTIN: Oh, really. TIM: You can catch grenades?
Are you serious? That’s amazing. Can I just shoot this for fun? JUSTIN: Why not?
Destroy things. KRISTEN: Nice. TIM: Oh, good-bye. I’m, like, also
reflexively closing one eye within the headset. JUSTIN: I did the same
thing when I was playing. KRISTEN: I did the
exact same thing. TIM: And I can’t help it. I’m still doing it.
I can’t stop doing that. JUSTIN: To make
it easier to aim, yeah. KRISTEN: Just
throwing your ammo at him. TIM: It’s just a
flourish I’ve been working on. The reload is
never gonna get old. JUSTIN: The reload
mechanic is so good. TIM: All right. KRISTEN: Ooh, ooh.
Notice real quick to your right, I thought there
was a target up there. Keep moving up. TIM: I see it, Kristen. JUSTIN: What is that? KRISTEN: So I believe it might
be that later in the run-through you have a different
weapon that you can get to. But if you continue to
find these little targets and you’re
able to shoot them — TIM: I’ll keep it in mind. KRISTEN: — it’s a nice
little side activity. TIM: Okay. Pistol to
holster because of the handle. Got it. Just gonna check
around for a cool jukebox. KRISTEN: Cool jukebox. Ah, some lockpicking.
I loved this mechanic as well. There’s something I’ve
always loved about games, that rumble pack while
you’re doing lockpicking. But here it felt
very, very realistic. JUSTIN: Lockpicking mechanics
are always so interesting. TIM: That was —
it’s such a minor thing but — JUSTIN: I see
an opportunity. Does Tim see the
same opportunity? TIM: Oh, yeah. All right.
Good night, guys. There’s a new hero in town.
I don’t know. JUSTIN: Sure.
We’ll work on one-liners. We’ll workshop it. TIM: No time for a coffee break.
KRISTEN: Amazing. JUSTIN: There we go. That looks a
little more menacing. TIM: Good. Test it out. Sounds good. KRISTEN: Now, I wonder if you’re
able to open those drawers? TIM: Kristen, I don’t know. JUSTIN: Can you?
KRISTEN: Nice. JUSTIN: I didn’t even try
to do that when I played. KRISTEN: You didn’t even try?
JUSTIN: No! KRISTEN: I was trying
to open everything. TIM: Oh, do I — KRISTEN: You can
pick up objects. TIM: Do you have to like — KRISTEN: Nice. TIM: This is cool. KRISTEN: I love the
little flair when you did it. TIM: This is my favorite thing. KRISTEN: So now the cool
thing about this weapon, if I remember correctly, you actually holster
it on your back. TIM: Oh really. KRISTEN: So if you reach back
and pull the trigger button, it should holster it back there, and you can pull
and bring it right back. TIM: Really? KRISTEN: Yep. TIM: Really?
KRISTEN: Yeah. TIM: That’s amazing. KRISTEN: It’s like so satisfying
just pulling either of those. TIM: Okay.
But then — okay. Okay. Cool. Sorry.
I’m just getting excited. That’s for me. All right.
Actually, we talked about this. JUSTIN: Yeah! TIM: So that was for real. JUSTIN: It worked. KRISTEN: I wonder if you can go
back and do the other one now that you have the ranged weapon. TIM: Oh, maybe. JUSTIN: We don’t need
to worry about all that. KRISTEN: Let’s keep going. TIM: I’m curious about what
happens if you get them all. JUSTIN: It unlocks the
full game in the demo. TIM: Okay.
What have we got? Another tool. Okay. All right. Oh man. This is way
easier than real life. I’ve assembled enough furniture. I know it’s
usually not that easy. This is an iron I think. Oh, wait.
I don’t need that. Cool. KRISTEN: Nice. JUSTIN: Can you eat that? TIM: Are you serious? KRISTEN: What? TIM: Are you serious?
That’s very realistic. I would have done
that in real life too. KRISTEN: That was awesome. TIM: Can you believe that? Can I grab this? Are you serious? I’m just a complete sucker. I’ll stay on mission. KRISTEN: These are some
of the best parts of games like this though. JUSTIN: VR is great.
I love virtual reality. TIM: I wish I
could see, you know, my character actually doing
that within the mission too. KRISTEN: Special Forces agent just casually
tossing bottles over. TIM: And you can
grab with the other. JUSTIN: Oh yeah. I wonder if that
helps steady it. KRISTEN: I believe it does. TIM: Ah, nice. JUSTIN: Apparently Kristen
played this demo a lot more effectively than I did. I was just running
around flailing. KRISTEN: I just
took my sweet time. TIM: Is that too close? JUSTIN: Yeah.
Get him. KRISTEN: Oh. See, I love these quick little
focus moments that sort of happen that it’s slow-mo. Here’s our buddy
we’re trying to help. TIM: Let me help. He feels like he’s right here. Excuse me? Did he call me skid mark? KRISTEN: Yes, he did. JUSTIN: Language. TIM: I mean, I’m
kind of in power here, so why don’t you be nice. That’s fine. KRISTEN: But, yeah. I remember when I was
doing this demo — [LAUGHTER] JUSTIN: That’s amazing. TIM: A little nose hair trim.
He’s so annoyed with me. JUSTIN: That’s amazing.
I didn’t know that would happen. KRISTEN: I didn’t either. I remember when I
did this demo, like, this moment in particular when
he stood up was one of those moments, like VR is wild. He looked so
realistic next to you. TIM: That was incredible. Okay. All right.
I’m ready. You’re gonna need a gun.
Got it. JUSTIN: This
sequence is really cool. KRISTEN: Yeah. I love
how he’s just immediately, “Cool. I’m saved.
Let’s do this.” TIM: Got some ammo.
All right. I have some help
now with this guy. I’m excited for that. Sorry. It was worth
blowing our cover for that. JUSTIN: Now everyone
knows you’re there. TIM: This is gonna be exciting. JUSTIN: Party time. HOSTAGE: It’s gonna be a
f***ing hornets nest out there. TIM: I hope not literally.
I’m very afraid of hornets. KRISTEN: Oh, the music. JUSTIN: Go, go, go, go. KRISTEN: This just feels
like such a cinematic moment. TIM: Now I’m
moving automatically, so it’s a little bit
more — the pace is up. JUSTIN: So you can focus
on getting those shots. KRISTEN: It has
these little automatic cinematic flair moments. JUSTIN: Yeah. You’re not
supposed to be flailing here. KRISTEN: I love that if you
were an action movie star, Tim, you would
just be like, whoa. TIM: I would’ve been
dead ten minutes ago. Oh, you can change
hands on the fly. Okay. Sorry.
I’m just — JUSTIN: You need — there are
people shooting at you, Tim. TIM: I’m sorry. It’s just really
exciting to be alive right now. KRISTEN: You’re almost there.
You’re almost there. It is your friend.
Go, go, go, go, go. TIM: Come on. KRISTEN: Nice. TIM: Okay. KRISTEN: That was
a close one, Tim. TIM: Okay. Sorry. You got it. JUSTIN: Let’s see
if he does what I did as soon as I sat in this jeep. TIM: So… Oh man. JUSTIN: I shot out the
window as soon as I got in. I was like, we don’t need that. TIM: So now this is reminiscent
of London Heist for me which was one of my
first PSVR experiences, and I fell in love with it. This is just more — oh, wait. KRISTEN: Who’s coming up? TIM: All right. Sorry. I should be aiming down sights. KRISTEN: I loved this sequence. JUSTIN: I dig the music. TIM: See you, buddy. KRISTEN: I remember I had both
of my weapons drawn and I was just out one
window and out the other. TIM: Does he duck? He has explosives in the back. What are you doing? That feels so good. KRISTEN: Explosives in
the back of your truck, it’s the best place to put them. TIM: Yeah. That’s true.
Maybe some backup fuel. That’s why they tell you not
to put backup gasoline in your trunk in case a guy
like this comes along. I gotta shoot over there. Does he respond? KRISTEN: He’s busy driving, Tim. TIM: This will keep it
fair if they need ammo. Just in case. Then I got some. Here you go. Oh, actually. JUSTIN: Gas tanks in the back. TIM: Drive safe. KRISTEN: Now I know that game — JUSTIN: I was gonna say, I like how that actually shunted
him off the road a little bit. KRISTEN: Yeah. I know
this game’s out on May 28th. I believe it will also
be bundled together. You can get a VR bundle with
this and Everybody’s Golf. JUSTIN: That’s right. And Everybody’s Golf
is also excellent. I got a chance to play it at
the same event where we played this and it’s super fun. I’m actually super
excited for Everyone’s Golf. KRISTEN: VR really
takes it to the next level. JUSTIN: It does, yeah. I managed to sink a chip-in shot straight into the hole
near from off the green. KRISTEN: I did not
do nearly as well. TIM: I’m trying to play at
least a par game right here. JUSTIN: You’re doing great. I would say this is
at least a birdie. TIM: Did you know every bullet
I fired as hit an enemy so far? JUSTIN: Every
single bullet, huh? TIM: I’ve been keeping track. JUSTIN: Nice
100 percent accuracy. KRISTEN: Those are your
friends coming to collect you. TIM: We’re down here. These guys look bad. KRISTEN: The final stretch. JUSTIN: Get out of here. TIM: Who is that? KRISTEN: I think we’re
about to come to the end. [FAKE SCREAMING] TIM: That was incredible. KRISTEN: Awesome.
JUSTIN: That was awesome. So that’s Blood & Truth. It’s coming out May
28th for PlayStation VR. This is — we’re playing on a PlayStation 4
Pro system. So, yeah. Get Blood & Truth May 28th as
part of the Everybody’s Golf, Blood & Truth PSVR bundle, or
you can just grab it on its own. That will be out May 28th. [OUTRO MUSIC]


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