Board Games & Card Games : How to Play a Game of Dominoes

Hi my name is Windy St. George and this is
how to play a game of Dominoes. We are going to be playing with double sixes, use double
nines and twelves but that’s for more players then two or three. Double nines are a specialty
game called chicken foot and double twelve is a specialty game called Mexican train,
it’s very popular. But this is basic dominoes. You start by washing the tiles, just smoothly
running them together, then everyone draws a tile until all the tiles have been distributed.
The person with, then everyone looks at their tiles and the person, but keep them secret
from everyone else. The person with the highest doubles puts it in the middle. And the next
person gets to play, they have to follow suit so they have to be able to match the five
on the dominoes. Then all the exposed ends are counted, so here the exposed end would
be the five, and the six. So that’s eleven. If the exposed ends are counted up and if
they are divisible by three then you get a point. But you don’t get a point if they are
not divisible by three. It’s simple right now, but as the game gets larger and larger
it branches off, it gets harder to keep track of how the ends are counting up. And certain
combinations are profitable and as you play the game you’ll learn to memorize and recognize
them right away. Profitable combinations and that’s how you play a game of dominoes.

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