BREAKING NEWS !!! Blade Shadow Cloud Streaming PC Games Console Now Available To Pre-order

shado has created a new cloud-based PC
game console and streaming system which enables gamers to enjoy playing the
latest triple-a games without the need to purchase a high specification PC the
small blade shadow cloud streaming PC is now available to pre-order priced at
$140 and requires a monthly subscription price of $34.95 when taken out over 12
months if you would prefer the hardware is also available to rent rather than
purchase at a price of $9.95 per month the shadow has been created to transform
any device with a screen and internet connection into a high performance PC
allowing you to play a wide variety of different games with zero latency if
your internet connection is about 15 Mbps equipped with a high-end and video
graphics card the blade shadow cloud streaming PC is capable of playing games
of either HD 1080p at 144 FPS or 4k Ultra HD at 60 FPS the cloud connected
systems offer power from eight dedicated threads on an Intel Xeon server
processor equivalent to a core i7 supported by 12 gigabytes of RAM and 256
gigabytes of storage space the ability of shadow allows you to seamlessly
browse your content at any time offering the same amazing experience wherever you
are says the development team behind the new cloud streaming service the blade
shadow cloud streaming PC is currently available to pre-order in six countries
France Belgium Luxembourg Switzerland United Kingdom and the United States you


  • Pixel Junkie

    Iv'e just got this today but can't set it up yet as i'm still waiting on my gaming mouse to arrive, took it out for a 3 month contract to test the waters with it. I have a 48-52mbps upload and download speed so hopefully that's going to be enough to enjoy this little box.

  • Ya boy lynx

    Anyone wanting to check it out try my code for £10 off- MATPQVKD


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