• Marco Amatulli

    … the dice game? Another sequel? 😀

  • wolflarson71

    Interesting since Zee and Suzanne over at The Dice Tower were really down on this game mostly for the dummy players that they really disliked.

  • Nain1982

    rahdo ughhhh you are posting too many videos with too many tempting decisions for one to make! I was thinking of getting Carson city big box but now watching this I wonder if I should get this instead. I typically play 2p games and dunno if Carson city scales well with two like this one seems to do so. Any thoughts?

  • Bill Buchanan

    When you doing Carpe Diem?

  • Xavier Cara-dossus

    Completely agrée with you

  • Baz H

    Great game but the rule book is badly implemented.

  • Allan Kamen

    Just purchased this today and now after your review, I'm glad I selected this game. Hope it is as amazing as you make it sound.

  • ccugolfer2

    Saw this on the shelf at FLGS today and picked it up on a whim. I hadn't seen your run through prior but thanks for the run through. I wouldn't have figured it all out with just the rule book. Very fun game to play solo. I agree this works well with the dummy players drafting and the final scoring intensity is ramped up by scoring the dummy players.


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