CGR Undertow – PAINKILLER: HELL & DAMNATION review for Xbox 360

Boy, this game’s right in my wheelhouse. It’s
easy, so I can actually play it. It’s set in Hell, so it’s like I have home-field advantage.
One of my favorite albums of all-time is called Painkiller. And this game is called Painkiller. Subtitled “Hell and Damnation.” Might as well call it, “Derek’s gonna love
this freaking thing.” If the
name sounds familiar, that’s because there
was a PC game called Painkiller released back in 2004. It was ported to the Xbox in 2006,
and now it’s getting the HD treatment on the Xbox 360. Hell and Damnation is half remake,
half sequel…all retro. This thing just screams old-school shooter. We’re talking pre-GoldenEye,
too. It’s, like…if you could actually aim in Doom, and the graphics were in HD. That’s basically Painkiller: Hell and Damnation. For better and worse. So there is a story. You play as a dead guy
who says he’s stuck somewhere between heaven and hell, but then talks about being in hell.
Because consistency. Anyway, he’s evidently a badass, because the Angel of Death wants
rid of him. So the two make a deal. If Daniel can harvest 7,000 souls, he gets to go see
his wife. And of course, harvesting souls means destroying little old ladies. You’re, like, osteoporosis with a gun. Actually, that would make way more sense than
the story actually does. It’s just an excuse to kill monsters, really. And the voice acting
is terrible. But what’s important is the monster-killing part. And fortunately, it’s everything it
tries to be in Painkiller. As a retro shooter, this game succeeds. But if big, empty environments
and repetitive gameplay aren’t your thing, well…you will passionately disagree. Also, you probably shouldn’t play Doom. As for me, I had a blast with this game. It
really does take you back to the formative years of the first-person shooter…before
it became the monster that’s swallowed the entire industry. Back then, you had ridiculous
weapons, hidden rooms and some manner of hellspawn to eradicate. Painkiller has all these things. It also has a gun that shoots saw blades and
decapitates demons. If you’re not at least slightly interested…why
are you even here? So the weapons are great. The enemies are
cool, and diverse. The only problem is that…Painkiller might be too old-school. Like, it has all
the good stuff, but also all the bad stuff. Like those environments. Big, open, boring.
The levels have some cool visuals, but…in terms of the design? Not great. And there’s
also a mechanic where…if you collect a certain amount of souls, you can turn into this badass
demon. But it’s an instant power-up. Like, you can’t
store it. So if you happen to get it after an enemy ambush…it just goes to waste. Little
things like that would be ironed out in more modern shooters, but…Painkiller’s allegiance
to the old-school is unwavering. And in some ways, that hurts it. There are some issues with polish, but honestly,
Painkiller’s flaws are mostly due to antiquated design. And if you’re okay with that design,
you’ll have a great time with this game. I did. And it’s not because it’s, like, an interactive
Slayer song. The enemies are awesome, the weapons are fun…and for what it is, so is
Painkiller. Simple, old-school, fun. With giant demons. Old-school fun with giant


  • Caleer

    Fun games, but I still like Serous Sam a bit more.

  • Smurfman256

    How DARE you not mention the Shurikens and lightning gun!!

  • Luis Zambrano

    Osteoporosis gun BEST FUCKING IDEA EVER!!! imagine killing enemies by destroying their bones

  • JonjoCynic

    This game is so retro that it actually has gold coins.


    I love it.

  • moonknight1985

    I would of loved to play this on the ps3

  • ItalianoMobzter7

    I loved Doom, but I didn't care for this.

  • brunocar

    if someone wants to play a non repetitive game: doom, quake and serious sam are the best opcions

  • CellOfTheBrain

    I played the first painkiller about 5 years ago (after Yahtzee turned me onto it) and it's still amongst my favourite games of all time. It's so much fun you don't even notice the repetitiveness, seeing a monster get stuck to a wall with a giant stick through its heart never gets old. I agree with the criticisms in this video but its flaws just make it lovable imo!

  • Treuze Bits

    I think I'm gonna try this! 😀

  • Spookyskele Bloke

    I think I'm going to get this for the same reason I have any of Michael Bay's movies. 4 D keks

  • Spookyskele Bloke

    OK, that giant demon before the outro reminds me too much of Skeletonwitch.

  • RamboJesus

    The only thing that's missing is the antlers.

  • Matoro Zeliph

    How come it's not released for PS3?

  • PrmtymeTheGamer

    reminds me of serious sam

  • Marty2012

    Although this is good old proper FPS gameplay, I just don't like it lol I used to love traditional FPS games too =/

  • reezdog

    looks like fun. any BFGs lol

  • GameLifter

    Still have my original PC copy from 2004. Might get this version soon.

  • Fritz

    It's hypocritical to approve of this game yet rag on Manhunt because of violence

  • Thomas Lauricella

    Does it have the gun that shoots shurikens and lightning? It better have it.

  • duketogo1300

    Yeah, the game is very metal for sure. It's a bit more wave shooter (Serious Sam) than something like Doom though. Big open spaces with a wave/breather rhythm and linear level progression. Doom is more exploration with a lot of maze/key/puzzle progression, but all three games share a similar feel to their gunplay, and their love for secrets. I've always liked Painkiller more than Serious Sam.

  • idontcaremang

    Without watching the Manhunt review, he probably criticized it for the gruesome way you kill people rather than the blood and gore the game contains. We also see it differently when you kill a normal person in a game as opposed to some monster from Hell that aimlessly tries to kill you and doesn't care about self-preservation.

  • Elëctric Elf

    Everyone should play DOOM.

  • MarshmallowMadnesss

    I was playing Doom before half of the "Gamers" today were even out of diapers.

  • Krunchy The Clown

    Painkiller HD is much better on PC, the consoles versions came much later, and are also much worse.

  • makedaevilmage

    This sounds like a Hell of a game hehe xD

  • Brett Hicks

    Anybody know why I cant find this game anywhere? its literally not even on Amazon?

    please help

  • Brett Hicks

    what does PAL mean?

    Im the type of person who hates digital distribution, if I can get a physical copy, I do, otherwise I pass, and Ive been waiting on this title

  • Fritz

    What difference does it make if a monster 'aimlessly' tries to kill you or does so with precision? Who cares if a 'monster' cares about self-preservation? They're still trying to murder you.

    Why don't you think again about what qualities make people human before you respond.

  • Inzimus Doto Zulen

    congratulations, Derek – you just managed to actually [review] a game, based not on your bias, but on gameplay. glad to see you coming around.

  • keeperxiii

    You had sawblade weapons in good ol' original Unreal Tournament (using the stop time cheat to prepare in the air a few thousand blades before they all exploded onto some bot's head was something beautiful to behold :D). And yes, this is basically Painkiller Remix, and the original already had quite a few godzilla-sized monstrosities to release the smackdown on.

  • Brett Hicks

    So us fun loving, gun toting, hotdog scarfing americans dont get a copy of this fantastic game on disc?

    the fuck?

    (thanks for the info, Imma go cry in the corner now)

  • The narcissistic wolf

    This is on ps3 to

  • ducciboi

    Did this game inspire killing floor?

  • halfhalo33

    KF was first a mod for Unreal Tournament 2004, then turned into a real game.

  • Uberfreek

    who dosent like DOOM!!!!!

  • ducciboi

    Well I already know that. I just want to know if the mod was inspired by this game.

  • Parosa

    "it's like an interactive slayer song"

  • Mrcapo100

    This is what shooter should be like.

  • z s

    a warning for everyone. i looked for this game for two months, it is hard to find. i finally got it.

  • Zombikiller Son

    Always had great Metal music, but he's right. The levels are so boring, you mid as well just sit in one room and keep shooting. How boring is that zzzZZZZ

  • Mr Bluntforce T

    You do get a signal that u will briefly turn into a demon after picking up 2-3 souls more and u also have a soul counter at the top with the body counter on the left.There is no real reason to harvest souls unless ur health is low and there are no yellow orbs around, so u do have some control over this "demon mechanic".You certainly can"t harvest 7000 souls b cos there are only a fraction of that many enemies in the game.

  • Kurt Kretschmann

    there's not enough giant bosses in this review

  • Jennifer Daum

    is this game worth getting

  • Bryan K

    It's fun for a bit but gets boring after a while…

  • MrVercettti89

    Would it kill them to put His hands on the barel of the gun.

  • M0rshu64

    Should I get this or the original?

  • thaUglyCupcake

    interactive slayer song LMAO!

  • Franco Krustofsky

    360 owner, this game 50% off any it looks like there are a hefty amount of DLC pack that are also discounted! Plus a demo is available, so there no worries if it's a flop.


    The original Painkiller game was created and developed by a easten European gaming company, think it was Poland if I'm not misstaken.

    This is "made" by a North-Germanic/Sweden gaming studio. 

  • KlassicKrusty

    Why didn't u mention the tarot card system? doesn't that add an extra wrinkle to the combat?

  • yokedmonster

    the only reason I looked up this game is because it's on sale on Xbox live for 3$

  • GaggleTheGameScat

    Love this fucken game.

  • david

    This game is like a gothic serious sam.

  • Stefan Boyadzhiev

    This was such an amateur review, I still can't believe how you have a channel and make reviews.

  • Geddy Knee



  • rising moon

    Why does he keep comparing doom to a arena shooter? Painkiller is more like Serious Sam idiot!

  • MyVash12349

    Watching you play this game with a controller is so fucking painful. It's like you're playing with a regular mouse… That's bin hit with a hammer a few times… And doesn't work.

  • Christopher

    Is this import only?

  • Ori No Game No Sekai

    LoL, >>>> I loved the sarcastic joke when you said: Also, you shouldn't play Doom.

  • XiaoYaoYou

    "He is the Painkiller This is the Painkiller"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

    Faster than a bullet
    Terrifying scream
    Enraged and full of anger
    He's half man and half machine

    Rides the Metal Monster
    Breathing smoke and fire
    Closing in with vengeance soaring high

    He is the Painkiller
    This is the Painkiller

    Planets devastated
    Mankind's on its knees
    A saviour comes from out the skies
    In answer to their pleas

    Through boiling clouds of thunder
    Blasting bolts of steel
    Evils going under deadly wheels

    He is the Painkiller
    This is the Painkiller

    Faster than a lazer bullet
    Louder than an atom bomb
    Chromium plated boiling metal
    Brighter than a thousand suns

    Flying high on rapture
    Stronger free and brave
    Nevermore encaptured
    They've been brought back from the grave

    With mankind resurrected
    Forever to survive
    Returns from Armageddon to the skies

    He is the Painkiller
    This is the Painkiller
    Wings of steel Painkiller
    Deadly wheels Painkiller

  • Christopher Childs

    Oh how I miss Derek :'(

  • DeathTrap Gaming

    He is in Purgatory. Between heaven and hell, and it's almost Hell.

  • Andy Davidson

    Is this the same game as "Painkiller Hell Wars" on the OG Xbox, just with a HD boost?

  • Terabit3 Gaming

    The gunplay seriously reminds me of Quake

  • Terabit3 Gaming

    It looks like if Quake and Doom had a baby, and the baby grew up to be goth

  • Fight For Utopia

    this dude sucks at this game

  • BushBumper

    Looking forward to Witchfire :'D Good to see the Devs still killing it.

  • Grigori Rasputin1990

    looks cool

  • pasquale antonecchia

    Judas Priest baby

  • who? me?

    Does anyone know if the servers are still working?

  • Brian C

    Such a bummer CGR is no more…. Will be greatly missed.


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