CGR Undertow – ZOO TYCOON review for Xbox 360

You know, it’s hard to say anything negative
when you’re feeding a giraffe. Like, what do I say? Look at those eyes. Things f*cking adorable. I got nothing. It’s
Zoo Tycoon for the Xbox 360. You know what I love about this game? Other
than feeding the giraffes? This is a tycoon game, animal game, simulator thing…that
isn’t more complicated than it needs to be. You don’t have to micromanage a spreadsheet
and, freaking, navigate 37 menus just to play with a monkey. Zoo Tycoon knows why you play
these games. You want to play with the monkey. So go on, play with your monkey. Weirdo. So it’s really simple. You have a zoo, and
you get to change it however you want. You want the lions to be next to the giraffes?
Hey, you’re the boss. You want to put a cool rock along the path to the elephants?
Well, aren’t you the…rock…guy. It’s all up to you, boss. Of course, with cool
rocks comes not-so-cool responsibilities. You have to pick up poop in this game. It even says the word, poop. Which is actually
kind of awesome. The game’s split into a couple different
modes. The campaign gives you a bunch of specific situations spread across zoos all over the
world. Like little objectives. So at this one, you have to bring in a certain animal.
At that one, the savannah needs repairing. Stuff like that. There’s also a free play
mode, which gives you an unlimited budget and let’s you…get wild. No matter what you play, though, it’s the
same story. You get to manage the zoo from above, with this bird’s eye view, as well
as from the ground. That’s where you actually get to see what you’re creating, and how
it looks to the visitors. It looks good, too—the animals are gorgeous. So you’re moving across
the zoo, tweaking your exhibits…running people over. I want my buggy to be 30 feet tall. That’s
what I want, for the zoo. But again, what I like is that it’s simple.
Whatever you want to work with, you just walk over to it…or drag the icon to it, from
above. From there, you a simple menu, and you can do whatever you want. There’s a
ton of stuff you can add to each exhibit, and it’s all divided into categories. Animal
care includes things like feeders and showers, and you can also add things for the visitors
to interact with. Stuff like hoses, to blast the elephants. Now it feels like a video game. Freaking…Call of Poopy. Get over here, let
me spray that heinie. Now, there’s definitely some simulation
stuff here. You can manage your facilities, and you can adjust the prices of cheeseburgers.
But there’s not much of that. At least, not compared to other games like this. But
that’s what I like about it. It’s far more focused on the animals and the fun, which
makes it perfect for younger players. It’s a game you can get your kids and just let
them play for hours, and not be worried about it. There’s not much in the way of mishaps
or music or math. This game’s just simple and fun. And…freaking adorable. It’s Zoo Tycoon
for the Xbox 360.


  • alufangirl1993

    microsoft canned the zoo tycoon pc games for this. those where my childhood, evil company and I will never support this game.

  • Rettroix 2nd Channel

    I wish it was on PC…

  • TheKingOfTown

    I'm guessing Derek hasn't played the older versions

  • Dreamstepper

    I tried the demo and really enjoyed most of what I played, it's sad that this game get blasted for not being like the old tycoon games.

  • HylianMadness

    Not going to lie… this game might sell me an Xbox One. It looks really fun.

  • Emanuel Ibanez

    Imagine Jurassic Park Operation Genesis with some of the interactive features of this game

  • Nathan Lambert

    Loved the original so I might try it.

  • GlaciaGalaxy

    The animals look more realistic then others, and im a creative gamer, i like to be able to create things, so that free roam thing sounds awsome, ill get this for my xbox one day

  • Mateo Rivera

    Atlanta brought me here



  • Hanniesbitxxh

    Oh my gosh I am so excited to to play this ! Animals have always been a huge part of my life! When ever I am feeling sad or upset I always go to my animals! Luv y’all

  • antivaxxnugs

    It's way more boring compared to other consoles, they have kangaroos and shit


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