CGRundertow BIG LEAGUE SPORTS for Xbox 360 Video Game Review

If you’re a Kinect owner waiting for a sports game to
compete with Kinect Sports, keep waiting. The only thing this game competes with is
your patience. And sanity. It’s Big League Sports. On the surface, this looks like another compilation
of condensed sports games. There are six sports in Big League Sports, so you might say, “Hey,
that’s fun. That’s the same amount as Kinect Sports. This must be just as good.”
Only it’s not as good. In fact, this game makes Kinect Sports look like a motion-controlled
War and Peace. So there are technically six sports here,
but only two remotely resemble the sports they’re claiming to represent. Baseball
and golf offer short versions of the sports, much like the Wii Sports games in structure.
But the other four are just minigames, emphasis on mini. They literally last a minute or so,
and what’s worse…they’re all the same. Here’s how they work. You run or skate forward,
and at you encounter defenders, you have to do situational movements. That’s it. For
all four. So in basketball, you dribble up to a defender, and then you move. In hockey,
you skate up to a defender, and then you hit them. In football and soccer, you run up to
some guy and juke him. You do these things a few times in a row, and then you win. I’m not kidding. Look, that’s it. I won. I guess you could argue there is a bit of
depth, since successfully performing those moves in combination puts you in some kind
of pro mode, but all that does is remove the onscreen icons that show you how to do the
moves. And really, if that is deep, so are puddles. So you have the main games, which essentially
are the same simple minigame with different aesthetics, but you also have two additional
minigames per sport. In soccer, you get to block shots and score goals. The funny thing
is these are supposed to be short games based on specific sports skills, but they end up
being about the same length as the main games. In fact, I don’t even want to talk about
those four anymore. It just puts me in this confused state in which I question my own
existence. But at least there are the other two, right? You know, baseball and golf? The
full, Wii Sports-like games? Yeah, turns out the only good thing about those is that they’re
longer, but that—in fact—ends up being a bad thing because they’re actually worse
than the short ones. Or short one. Baseball struggles with inconsistent motion
control that seems totally arbitrary in its translation of your movements. I swung the
same every time, and it was like the game just decided on its own where it wanted my
hits to go. And pitching has an even more random feel. It fact, I gave up several runs
in a row without getting a single out in the first inning…but then all of a sudden, with
the same motions, I struck out the next three batters to end the inning. I felt like a mercy
rule went into effect or something. And somehow, golf is even worse. It’s based
on the whole “swing when the arrow is pointed the way you want” thing. Real accurate and
realistic stuff. Fortunately, there’s only three holes…and this is one of the long
games. To its credit, this version of Big League
Sports is much better than the Wii version, which is one of the worst games of all-time.
This one isn’t that bad. But it’s not that good, either.


  • Chris Church


  • Daniel Clark

    Nice review man.

  • Obi-Wan Kannabis

    Finally a derek review xD
    He and his reviews of bad games…

  • Leonardo Brayner

    War and Peace is a game? You don't mean Tolstoy's classic novel?

  • Izaak macdonald

    The 'Don't use your hands' bit made me fucking lol.

  • fsmetal

    This game sounds like one where the developers are laughing all the way to the bank

  • Kaded

    thumbs up if you knew this game would suck

  • DaveThe SodaGuy

    derek is the new queen of shovelware games

  • theras18

    when the Wii came out we've been asking for better graphics.
    now Kinect did has it… and yet it still sucks.

  • Philip Scott

    All these stupid Wii Sports clones on the Xbox 360 are mad jelly of Nintendo's innovation.

  • brutalandy

    @DaveTheSodaGuy0 hahahaha, so right

  • tjoris9

    @aglewi41 Looks like they just let people use their XBL avatars

  • Serpico's Beard

    Derek's going to go insane soon from constantly playing crappy shovel ware.

  • Dino Acuña

    this game is Shit!!

  • Thiago

    Yes This game is Shit hahahah' Kinect Sports Season two is the best xD

  • psimon

    hahahahaaaa, oooow these wannabe wii avatars that want to be a bit more mature but not that mature that it wont reach the HOLE audience and fails miserably by that mind set, MS is to funny x) choking by there own greedyness :p

  • Omar Rodriguez

    Thank you! your video helped me to save money!

  • Bryan Ruben Osornio Huerta

    Play for 2 players? In vs


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