CGRundertow CONFRONTATION for PC Video Game Review

I consider myself more of a lover than a fighter.
So normally I try to avoid confrontation. I’m also not big into miniatures. Nothing
against it, just never had the patience to paint all those little figures, even though
most come prepainted now… Anyway, here we have Confrontation the game for PC based off
of the miniatures tabletop game by Rackham. Developed by Cyanide Studio and published
by Focus Home Interactive, Confrontation comes to life, so to speak, on your PC. We’ve
seen this done before, to varying degrees of success. Taking a tabletop game, Dungeons
& Dragons, Magic: The Gathering, Warhammer 40K, and make a video game adaptation that
you can enjoy at home by yourself usually with a campaign, or often times play online
saving you the hassle of storing hundreds of minis, books and cards and dragging them
to a friend’s place or the gaming store or something. Confrontation on PC puts you in command of
small squads up to four in a tactical RPG style. Each unit will have different abilities
and you can utilize a pause and plan play style to try and get the best use out of each
unit, kind of like the Baldur’s Gate and Icewind Dale D&D games. Pathing problems with
narrow corridors seems to be a frequent problem but aside from that once you get a good strategy
or two you can take out groups of creeps with relative ease. There is a lot going on as far as the story
and lore goes, but it will all be narrated to you rather than it actually being played
out during gameplay for the most part. This will kind of interrupt the flow of the game
at times, but someone really interested in the lore of Confrontation, will probably enjoy
this aspect. So who’s this game for? I’d say if you
really enjoy Confrontation and tactical RPG games and want to be able to play it on your
own time whenever you want, this would be a good game for you. For me I think I’d
rather play a game like this with some friends using minis and books and my imagination,
but like I said it’s nice to be able to play it whenever you want. However, it’s
kind of ironic the definition of Confrontation states: The act of confronting or the state
of being confronted, especially a meeting face to face.


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  • Violet

    Could you please do a review of the PS2 game Magic Pengel: The Quest For Color?

  • orz4567891

    This looks so much like Guild Wars.

  • TesWalkthroughs

    no…. it does not

  • hpwebcam45

    Rackham closed down way before this game, but it is based off confrontation, the new company that owns the ip is legacy miniatures

  • IMRavnos

    That game was great! Well, not great but extremely interesting and fun. Hell, and I am an old guy!


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