CGRundertow HALO: COMBAT EVOLVED ANNIVERSARY for Xbox 360 Video Game Review

This is it, guys. It’s my favorite video
game of all time, Halo: Combat Evolved. Without Halo, not only would the Xbox 360 most likely
not exist, but the first-person shooter on the console would be nothing like it is today.
This game gave us not only awesome gameplay, but a huge universe which has spawned several
novels, spin off titles, and even toys. Near the end of 2011, the game was given the HD
treatment, and it isn’t just as good as I remembered, it’s even better. This is
Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary. This game’s story will be familiar to fans
of the previous games in the series, such as Halo: Reach from 2010. Picking up right
where Reach left off in the story, Master Chief wakes up to find the Pillar of Autumn
being attacked by the Covenant, and with the help of Keyes and Cortana, he manages to crash
land a life pod on the ring planet, Halo. Again, fans of the original Halo already know
all of this, but Halo Anniversary is also a great point for newer fans of the series
to jump into. If you’ve played Reach, play this next, because it will help to answer
some early questions you may have. The story is still as epic as ever, and everything about
it is just like the original game. Gameplay in Halo Anniversary is absolutely
excellent, and not just for an HD version of an 11 year old game, but for any game period.
Shooting and physics are spot-on, weapons still feel awesome, vehicles still have that
slightly loose feel that must be mastered to do well with, and enemy AI is still great.
It’s really astounding how well this game holds up. I replayed the original Xbox version
of this game a few months ago, and it is still a jaw-dropping experience. Whether it’s
the first time you see a Phantom or when you load up an Elite with needler rounds, this
game plays perfectly. And yes, killing your own guys with grenades is just as fun as it
was the first time you ever did it. The only gameplay issue I actually could find
in my time with Halo Anniversary is the odd choice to switch the mapping of two buttons.
The default controller layout has the melee button as the right bumper and the grenade
switch as the B button, and the game actually does let you change this, but you also have
to change other buttons and go to a whole new layout to do so. I really wish melee was
B in this, but this is a very, very minor complaint, as you can tell. Fans of Battlefield
might even like this better if they’re used to using the bumper for knifing.
As this is an HD release of the original Halo, you’d expect it to look like a brand new
game, and it does come fairly close. Character models and environments both look nice, for
the most part, but heads look a little bit stiff when talking. Still, the original game
doesn’t actually look bad today, so an update just makes it look better. Music is still
epic, and voice acting is still some of the best ever. I love this game so much.
Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary only costs 40 bucks new, and that’s a huge bargain
considering how incredible it is. If you’re interested in picking it up, it also comes
with a few reworked maps for multiplayer play in Halo: Reach, and believe me, you should
definitely be interested in picking it up.


  • simcity356

    This game defined console not pc shooters.

  • Jade King

    Starting your review with "my favourite game of all time" isn't a good way to sound professional

  • DESTROYER999998

    You can use the halo ce original controls its an option called the duke named after the orignal xbox's first controller.

  • אורי מגנזי

    How to pass the level after 2:20

  • Not An Uploader

    Oh my, you suck at this game…

  • ryukishifan0396

    the facial animations look terrible but other than that the game looks nice

  • DoomGuy

    With the facial expressions and moment you guys do realise they literally just got the old game and put a new engine in everything is the same just looks new

  • Brandon Hall

    One of the worst remasters of a video game ever this and the original suck

  • Mr GOOBS

    Mine looks like the xbox evan though i bought the 2013 anniversary

  • Bad Bricks Productions

    This guy is the worst halo player I have ever seen… Was he playing on Normal????

  • MikePitcher

    This guys voice is horrendous

  • Chieff Eddie

    I beat the game already even the achievement anyone else beat the game?

  • The Doom Master

    The only thing about Halo CE Anniversary that bothers me is I have trouble figuring out which graphics are canon. Here's an example, does the Assault Rifle really look like the HD version in the story or is it the classic version?


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