CGRundertow OVERLORD for PC Video Game Review

It’s good to be the king and it’s good
to be the Overlord. Sure your minions are little, ugly, noisy and smell funny, but hey,
they’re loyal and they like bringing you shiny things! This is Overlord for PC. Released in 2007, developed by Triumph Studios
and published by Code Masters, Overlord is a bit of mix when it comes to genre and play
style. You control the Overlord, stalking around, swing weapons and casting spells leaning
toward action-adventure, there also RPG elements with upgrades to your gear and stats, but
you will also simultaneously control a small horde of minions with an almost RST feel to
it. Combine all of this with the satirical nature of the whole game makes for a good
time of tyrannical hack and slash. Your objective is to reclaim dominance over
the land and rebuild your tower taking your rightful place as evil Overlord. To do this
you have your helpful servant Gnarl, pretty much leading you the whole way through the
game, a mistress to redecorate, and bunch of little germlin like minions. Four different
types are unlocked during your journey, tough brown melee ones, ranged red fire guys, green
stealthy minions and blue ones that can survive in water and heal. Your minions will also
help you get through certain obstacles as well, red for fire, blue water and green poison
for areas. You can tell them what to do and where to go all while doing some damage yourself.
At first this was a bit awkward for me until I got used to sending the minions to attack
and taking out baddies myself at the same time. You can send out sweeping movements
and attacks with all of your minions at once also. It’s pretty entertaining to see them
go town on some barrels and run back to you with the spoils. So you’re pretty menacing looking and you
might kick your jester on occasion, but actually you don’t really have to be a bad guy. The
game gives you choices at times to be generous and merciful or just mean and violent. Choosing
the later will add to your corruption effecting your look and a few other aspects of the game
like villagers reactions to you. This is one of a few similarities to Fable that kind of
glared out to me. There are morality choices woven into the game play and not only that,
but the over all style and presentation seems a lot like Fable. Maybe it’s the accent
of the townsfolk really… I wouldn’t say they were necessarily stealing
ideas from Fable, if anything the game is poking fun the various genres mashed together
in Overlord. Luckily the parody enhances the whole experience and doesn’t get in the
way of being a fun and interesting game. There are a few other options of playing besides
the single player campaign, there are some multiplayer options as well. Now to my knowledge,
the online version is no longer works, but you can still play over a LAN or split screen
as well to see who’s the best Overlord of them all. There is an expansion “Raising Hell” which
will add new levels as well as some new items and upgrades. There is a sequel, Overlord
II, as well as a spin-off for Wii, which was reviewed here on CGR Undertow and another
one for DS. The game is a bit dated now, but it is still
a lot of fun to play. You can play Overlord on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 or on PC which
is available through Steam that has an Overlord Complete Pack, giving you Both Overlord I
and II as well as the expansion for the first one. So take a break from killing dragons and saving
the day, let your evil overlord out for
a little bit.


  • A. A.

    The dislike bot already came here.

  • Fredo5227

    More PC reviews!!

  • akawhut

    It's a boring version of Pikmin

  • PocketGojira

    Forget Fable, I'd say more ideas were "borrowed" from Pikmin.

  • U4Real?

    Stop copying Pikmin, not cool dude

  • The Handsome Bounty Hunter

    even though my PC couldn't play this game right with all the lag and stuff it didn't stop me to enjoy it, it feels like Fable Pikmin and a bit of Missadventures of Tron Bonne mashed together in a really fun experience, not sure why I got bored of it

  • Lee Log

    is this coming on teh 360

  • solidv2

    the missadventure of overloard !

  • Ricky Johnson

    @IDMWEIGHTSIDM it came out for 360 in 2007…

  • Lee Log

    @rickyjshiznit thanks excuse my retardedness.

  • KameronRCT3

    ive been haked. i have this game but it's called overlrd raising hell

  • matjacks100

    People saying this is pikmen honestly probably never played Overlord. Different game play, period.

  • Karmaquarius

    buy it!

  • Luciffrit

    Cool, didn't know this had multiplayer at all. People keep saying it has none. Hamachi to the rescue!

  • The PowerPC Hub

    OVERLORD Complete Pack 75% off on Steam until November 1st!

  • SWIFTzTrigger

    wtf kind of half arsed review was this? 

  • Zhou Yongkang

    Pikmin clone !!!!!!!!!!!!  Wtf why must every game be some sort of copy of a nintendo classic

  • Woolph Yo


  • Woolph Yo

    +KameronRCT3 Overlord raising hell is a sequel.

  • TheRobinsonX1

    4.99 ON STEAM NOW!!!

  • Robbie Fazle

    I'm getting this on Steam! Can't wait!

  • Samuel Vasilev

    I must try it … but once i finish the second one ..i love it !

  • supersmashbro596

    Peaceful young races with fire on their houses,
    Millions of voices all silenced like mouses,
    Watching the cowards bow toward their new king,
    These are a few of my favorite things.

  • Wraith DemonSoul

    Overlord games are like Pikmin for the big kids.

  • donkeydonk127

    This game is rare on ps3

  • Zastavan

    It's actually really boring after halfway through or so, its just repetitive and very slow.

  • Chubzdoomer

    It's like a sinister version of Pikmin!

  • Venoxisguides

    overlord is so underrated they need a new gen sequel

  • Vlad S

    Shame I haven't heard of this game until I accidentally stumbled upon it on Steam sale

  • Ivy Elizabeth

    I honestly was waiting for him to mention that it has a pikmin idea. Lol

  • CaptainSkelebones

    soo this game is pikmin with a mid 2000s xbox 360 fable look?
    ok thats cool

  • NinjaMaster909

    All those people saying that this is just a copy of Pikmin obviously haven't actually played it. Yes, you control a small army that fight, push, and carry things for you, but that's where the similarities end. You have a home base that you can freely explore and upgrade, you can actually fight, you can upgrade weapons and armor, it takes place in a completely different setting, there's friendly NPCs, there's no timer, collectibles actually do things and aren't just simply the objective, there's moral choices, gaining more minions isn't as tedious, and there's actually story. Plus, just because Pikmin first had the army type gameplay doesn't mean that no other game should ever have that gameplay without being a ripoff. Come on, you're sounding like SuperMinecraftKid or whatever his name was. You know, the kid who thought Legend of Zelda was a ripoff of Minecraft because it had a sword?

  • Bobby Vincent

    can anyone tell me who does the main voice for this game? It's absolutely genius

  • Psykhedelic

    Never heard of this Pikmin game everyone keeps saying, but this looks awesome!

  • Jan Berrios

    Cool, when does it come out?

  • Calion Snow

    Overlord was so much fun! too bad it didn't have more success :/

  • Game Geekerz

    I have a question. I bought the physical CD of the game. Does it require CD Activation key or not? I am asking be cause my current PC is Windows 10 and the game runs on Windows XP.
    My old PC is in the maintenance shop and will be back within 2 days from now.


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