CGRundertow WORMS for Xbox 360 Video Game Review

I’m going to be a good boy and let this
preamble be the only reference to Jim Carrey’s schtick in Dumb and Dumber. That out of the
way? Good. If you’ve never played Worms… well, you’ve probably not been to the right
kinds of parties. There was a time that, if alcohol was being consumed in the vicinity
of a PlayStation, a game of Worms was going to break out. It’s goofy, it’s quick to
pick up and play, and the premise is simple: You’ve got a team of worms, they’re armed
to the teeth, and they have a death wish. If that doesn’t scream “grab a towski
and make some mayhem,” I don’t know what does. Worms is about physics, aim, and destruction,
in some order or another. Your team of four worms – With customizable names, vocal patterns,
and platoon designation – Are outfitted with bazookas, grenades, cluster bombs, air strikes,
homing missiles, ropes for rappelling all over the place, uzis, shotguns, sheep, mines,
TIGER UPPERCUT, energy blasts called Dragon Balls (copyright Akira Toriyama ORIGINAL CONTENT
DO NOT STEAL)… the list goes on and on and on. Some of the more basic armaments are unlimited-use,
some come in limited quantities but can be refreshed by collecting ammo crates that parachute
onto the battlefield. Speaking of, you never have to play the exact same battlefield twice,
as an algorithm generates new terrain before each skirmish, by reticulating splines or
something like that. Of course, the pristine landscape doesn’t stay that way for long,
as pretty much any action you take is gonna leave a dent in the ground where something
– or someone – went boom. And that happens a LOT. While you can create random matches on a lark,
or play through a progression of escalating conflicts in the Challenge mode, the bread
and butter of this beast is multiplayer. Fortunately, cementing its place as a keg’s best friend,
you can seat up to four players at a time, locally or online, and let the good times,
libations, shouts, fist-pumps, fist-bumps, and occasional outbursts of invective roll.
Too few games these days offer a robust local-multiplayer experience; 90% of the time, it ends up being
Castle Crashers or Rock Band. So let’s invite Worms to the party. They can… um… compost
things. No one was going to eat that potato salad, anyway. I hope.


  • Todd Sanders

    First, Im also not bragging im sorry im so epic

  • BrainSeepsOut

    Learn how to play, dude. You don't have to charge the bazooka all the way.

  • VonSeux

    NOOB, he didnt hit a single missle

  • Tuffalufagus

    ELEVENTINE FOURTH!!!!! thats a reference asscheeses :3

  • Astfgl

    +1 for the Sim City reference. Reticulating splines!

  • Xendmust

    The online is dead 🙁

  • Cyberbrickmaster1986

    Worms 2: Armageddon is better. Though it wouldn't hurt to have a Worms: Open Warfare 3 for 3DS and Vita!

  • LtDanw

    drinking and physics don't go together.

  • Serpico's Beard

    All the people saying he didn't hit with any rockets, maybe he was drunk?

  • Polygone

    Used to play the PC version online. over 500 hours of playtime. It was sad to see the worms community diminish but it always happens with each release. I think the problem was it was not balanced enough to attract the competitive gamer. I mean you could spawn next to a crap ton of barrels and lose more than half your worms in 2 turns or get the absolute best placement. This made it a great party game but that is about it. 


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