COPS: Vice – Episode 1: The New City (GTA V)

Cashier: Oh god, please do not kill me. I have a family! Robber: Give me the fuckin’ money! Cashier: Ok, Ok Cashier: If you leave now, I won’t tell anyone.. I swear! Robber: Don’t you fuckin’ get it? Robber: This city belongs to the Westside Demons! I could kill you right now! *Bottle Breaking* Cashier: Oh god! Please don’t kill me *Grunt* Officer Chillay: I’m taking back this city Officer Chillay: Can I also grab some skittles? Police Chief: Officer Chillay, It’s been a while.. Police Chief: Thanks for coming in Officer Chillay: Things got a bit quiet for 6 years. I’m ready for some action. Police Chief: I sincerely hope you know what you are about to get yourself into Officer Chillay: What do you mean? Police Chief: I’ll tell you what.. Police Chief: Let’s take a drive and I’ll tell you all about it Police Chief: This city is overrun with crime and corruption. Police Chief: We have the Westside Demons and the Living Dead Brothers to thank for that Officer Chillay: Cute names, Sounds like a couple of gangs. What of it? Police Chief: Come with me Police Chief: So, here’s what you need to understand.. Police Chief: Everyone is watching Police Chief: Everyone is listening.. Police Chief: You can’t trust anyone in this city.. Police Chief: The Mayor.. *laughs* Police Chief: Don’t even get me started on the Mayor.. Police Chief: He’s a weak, spineless puppet Police Chief: Not to mention the police force, by the way.. Police Chief: I don’t know if you knew this, but half of them are being paid off Police Chief: There’s this guy.. Police Chief: This guy’s name is Jon Victoria Police Chief: Now Jon came to this city and started manufacturing Coke and Meth Police Chief: So.. Naturally he became popular pretty damn quickly Police Chief: He gained a lot of power and respect Police Chief: and now he has both gangs in his pocket.. Police Chief: He’s the Kingpin.. He’s the Head of Everything Police Chief: And he’s completely and utterly untouchable Officer Chillay: So how do I get to Mr. Untouchable? Police Chief: Huh.. You’re kidding me? Police Chief: I just told you, this guy is impossible to get to Police Chief: What do you think you’re gonna do? Grab a machine gun and go in there Rambo style? Police Chief: Look… Nobody has seen him for months Police Chief: Except his head guys, but that’s it! Officer Chillay: You aren’t giving me much to go on.. Police Chief: You have to do this on your own.. Police Chief: I’ll be keeping my distance.. Police Chief: If anyone knows you’re looking into this.. Police Chief: They’ll kill everyone.. Including my family Police Chief: Good Luck Police Chief: I’m sure we will see each other in time.. Officer Chillay: Any idea where to start? Police Chief: Strip Club on 31st Avenue.. Police Chief: I know for a fact it’s owned by one of his men Police Chief: Cars carrying drugs go in and out of there all the time Police Chief: One of Jon’s guys will be around, for sure Police Chief: Start there.. and please Police Chief: Try to do things quietly.. *Slow Motion Scream* Alexander: Fuck do you think you’re doin? Officer Chillay: Where do you send the drugs? Alexander: Oh… buddy.. Alexander: You walk in here thinkin’ you’re top shit Alexander: You don’t know what you got yourself into.. you’re a dead man! Officer Chillay: We all die someday.. Officer Chillay: I have 5 hours before this meeting.. Officer Chillay: Time to crash their party Joseph Clarke: I’m sorry to inturupt Jon, but ah.. Joseph Clarke: There’s a new cop in town Jon Victoria: Well.. That’s interesting.. Jon Victoria: Do you think he’ll be a problem? Joseph Clarke: He isn’t one that we can buy off Jon Victoria: Then we’ll kill him Jon Victoria: We’ll make an example out of him


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