Cut Content in New Super Mario Bros. U !

So recently I’ve been toying around a bit
with miyamoto. For those of you not familiar with it, miyamoto
is not only the name of, well miyamoto, but miyamoto is actually also the name of a new
super mario bros u level editing and rom hacking software. What miyamoto allows us to do is to basically
alter, rearrange and modify all the beautiful levels in new super mario bros u. The editor is incredibly powerful, it actually
easily allows to create a completely new mario game within mario bros u, which is really
really awesome. But that’s actually not what this video
is about, because there is something I personally found even more interesting hidden within
this great level editor. It grants us access to tons of unused items
and features, that are still within the code of new super mario bros u, but never actually
appear inside the real game. Some of them are just small neat little things
that didn’t make the cut into the full version, while others are actually pretty cool obstacles
that at some point in development probably had a full level build around them but then
got kicked out for some reason. So today we are going to take a look at a
lot of those cut features, that are still hidden within the games code, and we will
speculate a bit about what their purpose was, and why they were cut. So are you ready? Let’s do this! Okay so Mario’s day starts in the middle
of a frozen ice cave and immediately a couple of things catch our eye that certainly don’t
exist in the real game. First and most obvious, the snow particle
effect in the background isn’t used in the release version of the game, as most of you
wonderful ladies and gentleman probably noticed at once. Here we have tons of snow particle effects
on top of each other so that it is a bit easier to see what it would have looked like. Hooray! But that was actually not the only thing that
was new at the beginning of this frozen cave. There is also a really cool unused bullet
blaster variation. Those blasters cycle up and down, and always
shoot out a dangerous bullying bullet bill when they are at their highest and lowest. There are tons of different settings possible
with those, and they are a really interesting item that was unfortunately cut, we’ll see
more of them in a second. Also the background theme we see here is actually
not featured in the real game. This is now probably going to be a huge shock
for many, but as it turns out new super mario bros u is actually written in the same engine
as mario wii. This background was used in the wii version
of the game if I’m not completely mistaken, and there are a couple of other mario wii
artifacts still in the game. The world one overworld theme of the wii version
for example is still in the wii u game files as well. Anyway if we actually start to play the little
ice cave hack we made for marios pleasure then we soon find the next unused items. First this piranha plant trap didn’t make
it into the release version, and second and much more interesting, there is this moving
ice platform. Those platforms actually exist in the game,
the penguin level in the fourth world uses them, but they are always static there. At some point in development they had those
platforms moving around, and to be honest, I totally see why they scrapped them. The mix of them being ultra slippery, while
moving around makes it quite unpredictable to platform on top of them. Next up we run into one of the most interesting
cut obstacles, but before we take a look at it, you know what. I’m getting a bit tired of this samey ice
cave theme. Maybe we should change it to a swamp area,
maybe even add some poisonous water, hmmm that’s better, but you know what, let’s
go with an underwater background instead, but let’s put rising lava at the bottom. Yeah that works for me, hooray! Alright so now mario faces those rotating
ice cubes in the middle of this frozen underwater lava cave. Those cubes come in many different shapes
and sizes, and with lots of different customization options. Those are one of the most fleshed out cut
items, so its really surprising that they never used those in one way or another in
the main game. They are really cool! Anyway the growing shrinking bullet bills
also exist in an upside down version, that allows us to create areas where bullet bills
grow out of the ceiling, which seems to be a pretty cool use for them if you ask me. Actually now that I think about it, those
growing bullet bills would make for an awesome addition for mario maker 2. We are almost done with our sunken frozen
fire cave now, there are just a couple of smaller things for us to take a quick look
at. So first those small pickupable pickup .. pick
up ab … sigh not again, uhm … : those ice blocks that mario is able to pick up. They aren’t the most exciting thing ever,
but still deserve a mention and finally there is this huge sinking platform. The smaller version of the sinking platform
actually appears in the game, but as it turns out at one point the small platform actually
had a bigger sister. Hooray. Okay so that was the first little showcase,
before we take a look at the second, let’s first talk a little bit about a couple of
other smaller hidden things that are within the code of the game. So first there are a couple of unused level
files. Most of them aren’t too exciting but look
more like small testing areas. For example there is the mysterious toad house
type 4 area, that not only looks like the area where the credits take place, but also
crash the game if we try to enter it, there is the famous A W1 climbing level with corrupted
tileset area, that crashes the game if we try to enter it, there is this jungle area,
that is actually really fleshed out and quite fun to run through. No idea what they were testing here, I’m
just pretty sure that this wasn’t a real stage at some point, since there are a couple
of spots where our plumber, when he is big mario, almost softlocks if something goes
wrong. This cut level is also quite well developed. Here we have colorful blocks, lot’s of fuzzys
and flying koopas, the area doesn’t crash, which is also a huge plus in my book and we
even have those strange rock throwing crabs. Then there is this area, that only consists
of a lakitu and a couple of moving platforms, a fuzzy mountaintop climbing stage, that always
drops mario into an abyss when loaded, and a desert zone area that only features this
little screen. Most of those areas are probably just testing
areas that somehow slipped into the final files, though I do wonder what the jungle
and fuzzy levels were at some points. Those definitely had some effort put into
them. Anyway, let’s take a look at a few more
cut obstacles. So first there are those balance platforms. They are classic mario obstacles and act,
well they act as they always did, since the very first game. It’s two platforms connected with a rope. Interestingly those exist in the games code,
even though they never appear, most likely another new super mario bros wii artifact. There is also something more subtle going
on here, the fog effect isn’t used in the game. Let’s overdo the fog a bit so that it’s
easier for us to see. Beautiful, simply amazing. I’m honestly baffled why this perfect fog
texture didn’t make it into the final product. This is fog perfection. Okay so the next cut item comes with a small
story attached to it. So everyone’s favorite crow, psycrow has been
toying around with nsmbu rom hacks a lot recently. He actually made a really awesome rom hack
stage built around ice flower mechanics. (here played by juzcook, check the description
for the full vid of psycrows level). So there was this one section in his level
that featured this four way platform that moves into any direction if mario stands on
the right spot. So I saw the clip and wrote him something
along the lines of: wow I love what you did to this four way platform, that was amazing. And he replied something like, thank you,
but I actually didn’t put that one together that’s just an unused item in nsmbu’s
code and I was like, wait there is unused stuff hidden within nsmbu? Aaaand here we are. Huge gigantic and enormous shoutout to psycrow,
he was a tremendous help in setting everything up for this video. There is a link in the description to psycrows
level and I highlestly recommend to check it out. It’s really cool to see what can be done
with in nsmbu by someone who actually knows what he’s doing! Okay so back to our cut content, next up is
one of the weirdest code leftovers. So there is an object in the code that miyamoto
labeled wooden box spawner. So what does wooden box spawner do you might
ask? Well it spawns wooden boxes. Endlessly. That one really left me wondering why anyone
ever would want endless wooden crates in a game. It took me a while to figure it out, but I
believe that spawner probably once was part of a conveyor belt castle stage, since there
is a similar level in the game, but with metal crates instead. Okay so there are two more small things for
us to take a look at in this area. First there is this coin fountain, which,
thank god, didn’t make it into the final game, and then there are those firebars that
never appear. And once Mario made it past those firebars
he is finally allowed to leave this area by throwing himself over the exit cliff. Hooray! In case anyone is wondering why we are having
exit cliffs today, well, uhm … I haven’t quite figured out how to link up doors yet. Sorry mario. Okay, so next our plumber finds himself in
the middle of a flooded desert. So first this air background theme is never
used in the finished game, although a very similar one is. Second we once again have a secret particle
effect in the background going on. This time it’s an ember effect. But the most interesting thing here is that
we actually have a wind effect placed in this stage. So the wind effect is strange, it’s most
likely a carry over of nsmb wii, but it doesn’t affect mario in the slightest. In fact it only seems to affect two things,
rope-ladders, and weirdly enough the checkpoint flag later in the level. If we continue this path we run into a couple
of other neat things. First those floating question blocks. Those only work on top of water, and look
a bit weird if you ask me, and second, and much much more interesting. Here we have another cut bullet bill variation. Those blasters shoot dangerous, chasing, blinking
bullets, that even explode after a while! The metal box in the middle is also a cut
object, though the blasters are a bit more interesting. Hmmm you know what I already have seen enough
of this background, let’s change it. Let’s change this area into a castle, and
let’s swap the water at the bottom out with, hmmm, lava, hmmm no let’s go with poisonous
water this time. Also let’s place one of those gigantic koopa
shell caves from mario wii in the middle because apparently they are also still in the code,
I mean why not. Wait, those crash the game, well, uhm, nevermind
then. Alright the next thing mario encounters, are
those flying mecha cheep cheeps. So, ladies and gentlemen, I need your help. I could swear that those appear somewhere
in nsmbu, but miyamoto has listed them as unused. Do those appear in a stage or am I just slowly
going crazy? Anyway the next unused item mario encounters
is this golden pipe. It’s hard to say why they never used this
glowing golden pipe version. Maybe there was a problem in the pipes collision
code ,maybe they just weren’t able to find the right level for it, maybe it’s because
the pipe is ugly as fuzzy. Scholars remain divided. Alright so there is one final cut obstacle
for us to take a look at. This really really fascinating huge bullet
blaster, with a beautiful luigi emblem on top of it. (THUNDER!) But the really cool thing about this blaster
isn’t actually that it is a huge weegee fan, but that it shoots gigantic chasing red
bullets. After having been shot those bullets fly towards
the same vertical position mario is currently at, which makes them really hard to dodge
for our poor plumber, and a really cool obstacle. Alright, so that was the last thing for us
to take a look at, but there is actually still a lot more stuff hidden, tons of objects that
appear in the game have settings that we never get to see, and there are even more cut items,
though most of them just crash the game once placed. Huge thanks again to psycrow for helping me
with setting everything up, and another huge and enormous thanks to the team behind the
miyamoto editor. You guys are doing incredibly important work
for the community! Seriously, huge thanks! And with that being said, I hope you enjoyed
this little video, if you enjoyed it don’t forget to leave me a thumbs up and maybe you
feel especially like an awesome rotating ice block that got cut for absolutely no reason
today, and want to hit the subscribe button as well. Seriously, why cut the ice blocks. Anyway I hope that all of you have a wonderful
day, and to see you soon. Goodbye!


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