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I haven’t forgotten our dream about Paradise Falls it’s going to be an
adventure just like you imagined gnarrk what are you doing out there kid I’m trying to get my wilderness explorer
assisting the elderly badge huh I’ve never been in a float and cops before
Paradise Falls a land lost in time you’re going on a trip to South America
touch that Oh you all right sir sir sir you’re awake
while you were asleep I steered us down to South America it was a cinch with
your map and my wilderness explorer GPS well it’s summer you two go how long before we land mr. Fredricksen early it’s so beautiful mr. Fredricksen mr. Fredricksen your
house it’s floating away my house it’s floating away wow what a beautiful
butterfly species this is so cool I can start a brand new collection it’s one of
my pictures they must have blown away when we landed hope I can find them all
each of these is a memory of Elli only good bugs are dead Bunga no stop it
come here little bugs I’ll save you hey look it’s like a teeter-totter this
could be fun we’re not in a playground kid what you expect me to jump on the
other side from up there yeah I’ll make me fly I suppose I might get us where we
want to go okay Russell but if you make it find a way to get me up there too we
need to get my house back Oh
le I’ve lost our house maybe not sir look at those tree trunks my wilderness
explorer manual says that floating tree trunks can reuse this canoes now get
your hopes up kid that rotten wood is never done belly I can’t believe what this give is
making me do see I wouldn’t miss explore manual as
always right lucky my house got hung up on that tree and now we just have to
find a way to reach don’t worry I’ll bow down or open my
mouth be careful there are thorns down there first I’ll be careful
neither worry about yourself I don’t want to end up with pink lips because
you drop me not throw me the rope that trunk looks solid enough for us to pass
let’s give it a try we just need to do this one at a time once you get to the
other side move the trunk so I can get across it’s your turn now mr.
Fredricksen I wouldn’t want to lose our house before getting to Paradise Falls my wife there’s a real adventurer but
never mind that just help me bring the house down come on grab that hose Russell you gonna be able to climb all
the way up there we need to get back in the house I’m almost there
this will be easy look over there those dogs are attacking that poor bird we
have to help it that’s all wait doc it’s okay you’re
safe now come here don’t be afraid no don’t go
away forget the bird Russell come on no we have to find him and make sure he’s
okay I know I’ll give him some chocolate you’ll love that I can’t move this crate by myself come
over and give me a hand Russell don’t worry boy I’ve got something for
you hey I was right you’re awesome Kevin
Kevin who Kevin this bird that’s the name I just gave him looks like they’re giving up all thanks
to Kevin the dogs won’t give up that easy
we can’t let them take us by surprise we got home don’t work muscle thanks mr.
Fredricksen hey it’s Kevin no we don’t we need to get my house to
Paradise Falls an explorer is a friend to all Viet plants or fish or tiny mole
about noon run can you believe this kid le that was fun
mr. Fredricksen glad you enjoyed it kid hey did you see all that fog yeah we
better look around if we’re trying to head through it with the house let’s tie
her up and go have a look over there I can smell you I cannot see you did you
hear that Russell where are you I think it’s coming from over there
you’re right hello up there there’s that voice again I think I see somebody let’s
go say hi great now way we get was a bit like this
hey there’s a crate up there maybe that’ll help us mr. Fredricksen we were misled by that fog
wait I can hear you I still cannot see you though but I am here and I will find
you hurry up let’s go that’s it I got no more time to waste playing hide and seek another dog wonder who he belongs to
shit hi there did that dog just say hi there oh it’s a talking dog
my name is dog do you want to be my new pastor I mean think about it yeah take it and on the way to learn how
to bark like a real dog fun for you seems to be anything that
keeps me from getting my house I know a way back new masters follow me to the
place where the water falls twice see what I’ve come to Le forced to follow a
dog yeah but he’s a talking dogs sure here is the place where the water falls
whites thanks dog and just how are we gonna climb that
faster faster I know a way to the top thank you there and you find your house
then you let me sleep under your porch because I love do we have a choice here water everywhere more tree trunks sir
my wilderness explorer manual says we can use them to build let me guess a
raft there’s your house mr. privates in I
knew we could do it we’re a great team alright thanks
Russell tell me where the bird is huh Oh
alpha says never to me never never never never never
I didn’t know they’d be that good we read it just a time that wins really
begging things tough I sure am glad I thought to tie your house loose Rock mr.
Fredricksen it would have blown away in that wing
yeah but now we have to find a way through that Canyon
the winds even stronger and there you know that just might do it you carry the
rock and pull the house it won’t fly away did good kid I never would have made it
without you now that the winds died down I can go
back to pulling the house with you sir the rift gets narrower let’s meet over
there what’s Kevin doing the bird is calling
her babies she always goes into the twisty rocks and there she hides with
them she is a girl that’s what the dog said the safe focus Russell we have to
find a way to join up thanks Russell I couldn’t figure out how to get rid of
these horrible boy I’m always happy to assist the elderly mr. Fredricksen right
of course now you can get me into even more trouble but the dogs are stealing my house
Thanks now give me back my house Oh No we’ll never be able to make it
over there we lost your house mr. Fredricksen no you’re forgetting what we
learn from your wilderness explorer manual we’re so lucky mr. Fredricksen
every time we need to build a rack we find tree trunks lucky would be me
sitting in my house at Paradise Falls they’re running away from the river
hurry we got to get over to the shore looks like they brought us to their damn why are you here I we crash-landed here
on the way to Paradise Falls my friends have informed me otherwise that you’ve
stolen something of mine a bird well we saw a bird but it ran off you came here in that yeah in a house a
floating house I steered that’s the darndest thing I’ve ever seen wait wait are you him
are you the Charles Muntz adventure is I’m Jiminy Cricket isn’t really you
you’ve been gone so long I’m so glad to see you alive this is good that has been
years since I’ve had guests yeah well probably let me show you my floating
house Wow whoa we’re not actually going inside
the spirit of adventure itself are we of course I never thought of million years I’d be
sitting with the Charles moves my Ellie would have loved oldest you know thanks
to you she had this dream come down here and live by Paradise Falls uh-huh yeah
yeah that’s why I’m here I made her a vow Carl adventure does not involve
houses and drawings and vows to wives it’s a serious business
no one adventurers vow is much greater beautiful isn’t she
wild child of this place there’s no other creature like her she means
everything to me no one believed I discovered something that’s important
that’s my bird I will capture her and show her to the entire world
well haven’t you been out here since I was Russell’s age ah she hides inside
for months at a time I can’t go in after her because once in there’s no way out
I lost 19 dogs making the attempt what huh P kevin is so great thanks Kevin fraid she
pretty hurt let’s give her a hand evidently Kevin oh don’t give me something I wouldn’t do
that if I were you hmmm I’ll make you a deal Karl
give me my bird and I’ll give you your house you’ve made your decision we did Italy we sing the house what you
still worried about that bird Oh fine we’re gonna get her back Thank You mr.
Fredricksen let’s go paradise fall mr. Fredricksen we did it Ellie
our houses at paradise what about Kevin don’t worry muscle I’ll be there soon dang I was hiding up here important
because I love you yeah you stay well you’re my dog and I’m
your master Astor oh boy oh boy Monts must have taken Russell got any
idea how to get inside this thing Saito point mr. Fredricksen dog you came to rescue
me you’re not gonna stop me from rescuing Kevin I’m here to rescue you
and find Kevin now get back to that house it’s too dangerous
but I can’t my mission is to rescue Kevin huh hurry up I saw them taking
Kevin over there I know how to go over there going toen will see us cuz I
insist we’re gonna have to trust him he knows the place inside out follow me new
masters here’s Kevin careful Russell not alone
that’s hide my whole pack is taking her to where the flying controls are must go
through that gate it’s okay Kevin we’re gonna get you out
of here hold it right there gentlemen and lower life-forms come on over here
and I tell criminal intruders to hold it I expect to be obeyed I will not take my
Kofi again we gotta find a way out of here now I got you kid that was scary
Ellie you know I’m starting to kind of not mind that kid Russell do it planes are trying to stop it that
protect Russell I fight Oh I knew you could do it kid the dirigible yes we got more work to do Doug we will
break his engines and he will slow down it may be fall down too what’s is gonna get inside if you get
Russell and Kevin out of there yes I know you’re here you won’t escape this
time bye Kevin goodbye Kevin’s babies they’ll
be safe now Russell are you sure we can’t take just one with us you know I’m
afraid we’re pretty full for the trip back Oh master
Mike walk well Ellie it was quite an adventure wasn’t it sweetie


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