Dollhouse – Story Trailer | PS4

Rated M for Mature. [FOOTSTEPS] [SLOW MUSIC PLAYING] Listen to me very carefully. What I’m about to tell you is important. Every story consists of three parts. The first part is the introduction. It’s when you meet the main character
for the very first time. We get to see their day to day before anything happens. But, of course,
something does… …or there will be no story. That is when we reach the second part… …the middle. They’ll need characters
that will sway them like a pendulum. How our character handles that
will dictate the final part. This is the part we like to call… …the end. What is this? She doesn’t love you. You can’t run forever. You are going to die. The show is about to begin. Emily! Please don’t. Survive. Don’t. Survive. Don’t. Survive. Don’t. Survive. Don’t. ….if you are to survive. [HEARTBEAT]


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