“Don’t Stop Running” in Super Mario Maker!

This week super mario run celebrated it’s
first birthday. Super Mario Run is a pretty interesting game
for the mario franchise not only is it mario’s first own game on android and iOS, but it
is also the first Mario game, where Mario is forced to run, no matter if he wants to
or not. But is Super Mario Run really the only game
where Mario can’t stop? Or is it possible to create a Don’t stop
running stage in Super Mario Maker as well? Well you probably guessed it by now, today
we are going to add a new entry onto our dangerous list of evil, today we are going to take a
look at a stage where Mario isn’t allowed to stop running. So are you ready? Let’s do this! So first we are going to take a look at the
stage and afterwards we are going to take a look at how everything works. This is the don’t stop level. Mario is forced to beat this stage without
ever slowing down, because if he decides to just let go of the run button for a second
the floor transforms into shiny yet deadly coins and mario is forced to take a lethal
lava bath. But if Mario wants to proceed here, he not
only needs to run like crazy but he also needs to collect the five red coins which are along
the way in order to get a key because the only door here takes him back to the beginning
of the stage. The level changes its layout slightly once
Mario made it through once. Some new bullet blasters appear which block
his path now while others go away. It is only possible for our running plumber
to collect all coins during the second run through, since a couple of coins are unreachable
the first time he makes it through here. If Mario misses a coin he is sent back to
the beginning of the stage over and over again until he finally collected all five red coins
and obtained the key. Together with his new friend, the key, mario
is able to unlock this door which grants him access to the checkpoint flag and the second
part of the stage. This area works a little bit different than
the one before. Once again everything collapses if Mario only
stops for a split second thanks to a hidden evil don’t stop contraption. But this time mario’s goal isn’t to collect
five red coins but to make it through this area three times in a row. At the end is a door that takes him back to
the beginning, but if he makes it through here three times, the door becomes blocked
and the exit pipe opens up. Everytime our plumber runs through this area
it becomes more dangerous. While there aren’t many things that try
to stop him during his first time, the second time a lot of evil threats appear. Suddenly there are cannonballs, bullet blasters
and lava-bubbles which try to stop mario. But stopping is no option. Because stopping is lethal. Once Mario survived this area for the third
time the exit is unblocked and he is finally able to reach his beloved axe at the end of
the bridge. Hooray! Okay so how does this stage work, well it’s
actually surprisingly simple. This is what a don’t run contraption cell
looks like. There is a winged p-switch on tracks and a
muncher, and that’s it. Once the winged p-switch gets loaded it starts
to move towards the muncher, if the p-switch hits the muncher it is triggered and in consequence
the floor is destroyed. The reason why this works is because of mario
makers wonderful loading logic. Entities on tracks are only loaded if they
are no more than four blocks away from the current horizontal camera border. The pswitch takes a little bit more time in
order to reach the muncher, than it takes mario to run through one screen plus four
blocks. So if mario runs the p-switch becomes unloaded,
but if mario only stops for a small moment, the p-switch isn’t unloaded and therefore
triggered. And that’s the whole trick. It’s not even necessary to put the cells
this close together, if you are running into troubles with the enemy limit, but the closer
they are the faster the contraption triggers. So the reason why the stage changes layout
whenever loaded is pretty basic spawn blocking. I won’t go over each change in detail since
they are pretty basic, but the last layout change is really really interesting and the
logic behind it has insane potential. So this bullet blaster here blocks the pipe
the first two times it is loaded but the third time it is loaded the bullet blaster doesn’t
spawn. Right? Well, interestingly no. While this just happened before when we played
the stage we can put mario up there and reload the room as often as we want, the blaster
won’t go away. But if we play the stage as intended the blaster
disappears the third time it is loaded. So the reason why the blaster should go away
is this invisible block, if this block is triggered by the shell the blaster can’t
load, but this block can’t be triggered by the shell, since the blaster blocks it,
right? Well, no. There is this old one hundred year old question
that has plagued humanity for an answer. Does a bullet blaster exist if no one looks
at it? And I’m proud to announce that we as humanity
finally have an answer to this question. So check this out, if mario reloads this room
three times, the invisible block isn’t triggered. But if Mario runs towards this bullet blaster,
the invisible block is triggered the third time mario reaches this area, and the blaster
doesn’t load. The old question, does a bullet blaster exist
while no one looks at it has finally found an answer. No, it doesn’t.I’ll explain in a second
why this works but let’s first take a look at an even cooler practical example for this
quantum blaster. We have a pretty basic room here, to the right
is a contraption consisting of a trigger and a quantum blaster. This contraption is wired to two output question
blocks. This little contraption is able to detect
and store the information if mario walked, or ran at specific location of the level. Here it tests for these four blocks. If our plumber runs through these four blocks
the question block to the left is triggered. If Mario walks through these four blocks though,
the question block to the right is triggered. Crazy isn’t it? So why is this possible. Well it’s actually surprisingly simple! We once again make use of the strange loading
properties of mario maker. Entities are loaded once they are four blocks
away from the camera. This means that when mario makes his way through
this section, the trigger and the shell become loaded and then the bullet blaster gets loaded
once mario comes close enough to it. The thing is if Mario runs the blaster becomes
loaded before the shell is able to pass it. But if mario walks, the shell moves further
to the right, but the blaster isn’t loaded yet. The blaster has no collision detection when
unloaded and so the shell is able to pass right through it and to trigger the other
question block instead. The reason why all this works is because of
something really weird. All basic entities are unloaded if they are
more than four blocks away of the current camera, but moving shells are only unloaded
once they are 16 blocks away. So this means that all entities between block
5 and sixteen outside of the camera are ignored by the shell. Take a look at this scene. If we start this room the shell should never
be able to hit this question block at the end. There are tons of things in its path that
should prevent it from reaching the block, including a chain chomp. Yet as soon as we start this room the shell
travels to the left and back to the right, and if we walk to the block we can see that
it was triggered even though this should be completely impossible, because all the objects
in between the shell and the question block are, in a ,what I like to call quantum state. They exist but they can’t interact with
anything. Or do they exist yet? Anyway, the same happened in the don’t stop
running stage, here the shell triggered the invisible block below the bullet blaster before
the bullet blaster existed, and then the blaster is loaded on top of it. That’s pretty cool and I’m really looking
forward to toy around with this more, because there has to be something completely mind
blowing possible because of it. So yeah that are quantum blaster, I hope you
enjoyed this little video, if you enjoyed it don’t forget to leave me a thumbs up
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button, or if the subscribe button becomes unloaded as soon as you don’t look. I hope that you have a wonderful day and to
see you soon. Goodbye!


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