Easiest way to install Magneto mod in Vice City || in Hindi || Eng subtitles

Hello friends, in this video we will see the installation of Magneto mod but let’s see a bit of gameplay first. Using this we can attract cars towards us and throw them away from us as you can see in the video. This mod is pulling the cars towards him and throwing them away. second feature is force field in which the car coming near us will start repelling away from us as you can see the bike and the car as I go near to them, they are getting repelled by me and this has one last feature focus point the point on which I am focusing there all the cars and all the people who have some metallic component will get focused on that and everything will be attracted at one point as you can see here in all of these objects there is something metallic so everything is focused there. So now we will see how the mod can be installed Now we will download the Magneto mod. For installation we will need to download cleo and Img tool whose link can be found in the description and can be downloaded from there. Now let’s extract the cleo file. As you can see we will cut and paste these in the root directory of our game. Paste it there. And now we will extract Img tool and Magneto. And now within the script folder we will paste the Magneto .cs file in our cleo folder. Now we will use Img tool to add the Magneto model. Select the gta3 image file which will be in the “models” folder of your game. Now we have to add the Magneto model Now we have to add the files from the model folder. Open Then rebuild archive. Our installation is complete. Now let’s do some gameplay.

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