English Games for ESL Teens | Prefix and Suffix | Uno Card Game

Sandra why the long face it’s just that
my students don’t understand what a prefix word is and what they mean oh
it’s okay that they don’t know what a prefix word means yet it’s not like it’s
the end of the word get it oh sorry hi I’m dr. Hampton welcome back to my
channel if you’re new here I want to let you know that I make weekly teaching
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bill so you don’t miss a video one of the most important roles as an ESL
specialist is that I make sure that I expose my students to a wide variety of
content academic vocabulary so that they’re able to participate in the
content classroom as well as be able to understand vocabulary at their grade
level because of this game that I’m about to show you how to play my
students have had more confidence when coming across unknown and unfamiliar
words because they have word attack strategies because this game allows them
to review the meanings of prefix and suffix words the only materials that
you’re going to need for this game is a wider blackboard and a pack of uno
playing cards make sure to stick towards the end because I’m gonna be including
some fun tips and some adaptations for this game if you like games using uno
playing cards make sure to check out this video linked in the description
below before I begin please be sure to type in
the comments section below whether yes or no if you’ve ever used
uno playing cards in your classroom in order to play this game you are going to
utilize all the number cards excluding 0 so in total you will have 72 cards on
the board you’re going to write the 4 colors across the top next write 1
through 9 under each color and write a prefix or suffix next to each number
next you’ll shuffle and deal each student five cards place the rest of the
cards in a pile facedown in the middle of the table
students interned play a card using the prefix or suffix a word a point if the
student is correct and a worn another point if the student can use the word
correctly in a sentence for example if student a plays a red 3 which is unn and
says unhappy the student can say I am unhappy because I don’t have money and
then student a will get two points a student draws a card if one of the
following occurs the sentence is not grammatically correct or a word that was
previously said at any time was said again continue until one student does
not have any cards left an important adaptation to this game is that if you
have not covered as many of these prefix and suffix words you may want to lessen
the number and perhaps have for example three under blue under green red and so
forth so as not to overwhelm your students thank you so much for tuning in
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