Ep.4 Investigating! | Subnautica Gameplay in Survival Mode

Should be round here somewhere… Oh what’s that?! Hi everyone and welcome back to another episode
of Subnautica with me Jasey Bee! We had to cut last episode short because I
ran out of time. I spent too much time exploring and looking
around and gathering stuff. So! We left off; we were just about to create
the seamoth because we’d just got the mobile vehicle bay, so let’s cut back to where we
were. Ugh! I just got all the stuff I need to make the
seamoth and now it’s DARK I want to watch it happen! So let’s go and check the radio again because
there might be another Sun beam broadcast. Oh it is! [Game Dialogue] You did! [Game Dialogue] Yeah! Taking back your sarcastic comments now! [Game Dialogue] I think you should have turned the thing off
there…not really filling me with confidence but hey ho!!! They’re on their way! Is it light yet? Come on! Right! We’re gunna wait for daylight and we’re gunna
make the seamoth and then we’re gunna have a little bez around in it Finally!!! Right OK. Let’s go let’s go let’s go! [Singing] I have everything I need! Hahaha love this bit! [Game dialogue] Yes ma’am [laughing] let’s go get it!!! Whoop whoop woooo look at it it’s so cute! [Computer speaks] Welcome aboard captain yes, another little
computer voice. Ok so let’s, while we’re waiting for another radio
message let’s see if we can’t find that escape pod in the red grass area Ha ha haaa, oh it’s so great having this because
you can go quite deep down and you’ve got somewhere to get air but it’s also, you know,
quite safe, a lot safer. The thing that gets me is when you’re driving
around and you come across some fish and they always bump into the windscreen. It makes me chuckle… I mean poor fish but, you know, little things
like that amuse me. Ok so we’re at the red grass area so let’s
have a look around and see if we can find life pod 6. Now it said that it sank to about 100m so
I’m guessing it’s not going to be down there. So we’ll keep going around this perimeter. Aah them Cheshire catfish can’t get me in
here, ha ha ha ha ha! [mockingly] Oh what’s that? Ooh! I found it! Have I found it? Is it number 6? It’s number 6! Ultra glide fins, awesome! And, what’s that? And a PDA which we can listen to in the seamoth. Anything inside? How do I get in – oh top. What’s that? Oh lead! Oh we’ve got some flares! I want it! There. Anything else in here? Or is that it? I think that’s it. Let’s have another look around it, see if
we can find anything else interesting but I think that is it. Right so let’s have a look at this – oh there
was two PDA’s wasn’t there. Crew log one and crew log two. [Game Dialogue] Yeah, I’d go too ha. Oh gosh, that doesn’t sound good [Game Dialogue] Oh dear [laughing] Um… Yeah, I think I said it in the last episode,
a lot of the crew just weren’t that bright… I’m surprised they made it this far. Anyway, I don’t think we’re going to get to
the sunbeam this episode but, what I want to try and do, because we know that life pod
6 is 400m west-northwest of life pod 4, if I go east-southeast I should be able to find
life pod 4 surely, and hopefully it won’t be too far down but it’s looking a bit like… Oh I don’t know… well let’s just see Oh my goodness, it’s getting a bit scary in
the dark over here – what is that? [Gasp] Is that a piece of the Cyclops? I really don’t like it when you get to this
bit, look at all that open water! There’s, um, some scary things lurking in
the open water but that is a piece of the Cyclops, I’m pretty sure… Oh yes! We really needed to get that. Now I’m quite close to the Aurora here, this
drop off is making me a bit nervous GO AWAY cheshire cat-fish. We don’t want you here. Let’s get further down here. I just want to find life pod 4. Ok, so we’re trying again, oh actually, if
I – where is life pod 6? Yeah, so here… is west-northwest, from life
pod 6. If I go backward I can tell when I get to
400m. But this is probably quite dangerous… [Laughing] I’m actually really scared doing
this… I’m kind of regretting my decision. Oh…Are we getting to the cliff? That was close [laughing] I’m nearly at 400m…away
from it… So it
should be around here somewhere! Oh what’s that? Oh it’s dark. I don’t like when it’s dark… Is this not where I was before when I found
the Cyclops fragment? I’ll get out and check this because that looks
like… a time capsule. Shall we scan it? So what did we get? What was it? Lantern fruit… Is that it? OK…. Nothing else? “I see you got my message, if you put this
in a planter you can eat like crazy” well I don’t have space for it… Ok well, so where’s the life pod? Oh!!! It’s floating up there!!! It’s there look! [Laughing]. OK, OK, OK…. OK… It’s upside down, that’s no good… How do we get in?…there. Right, OK we’re getting somewhere [laughing] Oh dear… This doesn’t look very good does it? Creature decoy and another PDA. OK, I believe that is everything in there
so let’s head back to our life pod, and wait for the next message. But that is unfortunately all I’ve got time
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then! Thanks for watching! Byyyyeeeeee


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