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Ahoy! Today’s 1 minute guide is about extreme upgrading. Extreme upgrading can be performed on armor,
weapons and bikes that are at least osmium or blue grade. The item must be at least +15 before you can
attempt it. The difference between the grades, is that
starting at osmium with level 1, each grade can hold 1 more level of extreme upgrade,
up until 7 on demonite items. For the upgrade itself you are going to need
extreme cores. The basic way to obtain them is the craft
NPC in Port Lux. In her shop you can find something called
supplementary extreme core pocket, which gives you a random core upon opening. However there’s also a recipe that allows
you to craft normal grade pockets, and with the cores obtained from those, rare grade,
using the ones from rare grade you can try epic, and so on. Other than that, extreme cores are popular
rewards for various events, like bingo, some objective based stuff, hunting, collect&exchange,
and so on. And of course, it would not be Cabal if you
could not get them from the item shop for a bunch of ecoins. So once you’ve got those, you’re ready to
begin. Talk to your favorite town’s Alchemist, and
select the extreme upgrade option. Put your item in there, and the cores you
want to use. The amount of cores required for a try depends
on the current extreme level of your item. Also, the higher the sum of the level of the
cores you use, the higher your success rate goes. However, I should still emphasize that the
name “extreme upgrade” should give you an idea of the success rate. A little hint: it’s extremely low. So once you’re done offering a prayer to whichever
deity whose favor you wish to earn to improve your luck, click the button! There are 3 possible outcomes:
If you’re super lucky, the upgrade succeeds. That means your item’s extreme level is increased
by 1. If not, and you fail, the extreme level might
be reset to 0, and you have to try it again from the very beginning. Or your item’s extreme level might not be
affected, but in that case it will become broken. That means you will be unable to equip the
item, or trade it until it is repaired. To repair an item you will need a repair kit. There are also 3 types of those:
Bronze is the cheapest, for a reason. Its success rate is 90%, but if a bronze repair
kit fails, it means your item is destroyed permanently. So don’t ever use that. Silver has a much lower success rate of 50%,
but in case a silver repair kit fails, nothing happens. Only the repair kit is used, but your item
remains as it is. And finally gold repair kits are guaranteed
to succeed. Bronze repair kits can be obtained by crafting
a repair kit box, and that thing also has a tiny chance to give you a gold one. There’s also a repair kit box in the item
shop, unsurprisingly, that is likely to contain a silver one, but also has a small chance
for a gold one. And of course repair kits are sometimes also
awarded for participating in various events. If you are discouraged by the cost and the
success rate of this system, there’s also a way to trade extreme upgrades. Of course you can buy or sell your item with
the extreme upgrade already on it, but there are seal stones of normal and master grade,
both of which can be obtained in any of the 4 premium DX dungeons. Normal can seal extreme level 2, and master
can seal anything above that. Both of them are also pretty damn valuable
so if you play on a server with the free dungeon entries in mail, you should also do 1 run
of each of those every day. But to give you an idea of the chances, I
haven’t found any in about 2500 runs. Anyway, check the video description for a
guide about that! And I would also like to thank this player
for agreeing to let me use the video footage of an upgrade service as the base of this


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  • 1 minute CABAL guides

    For those who are curious about how an extreme upgrade "service" may work, here's a possibility that I used when selling:

    I placed a price tag on every char/acc binding core and repair kit (in this case 25% of AH's price, roughly) and basically "gave control" to the buyer. He told me which core to use and when, adding up the price of everything, regardless of the outcome of the attempt. So if anyone has too many char/acc binding extreme cores and repair kits at his disposal, he can consider doing something similar!

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