Fall PC games preview and loot box discussion | The Full Nerd Ep. 33 (2 of 2)

well let’s jump over and talk games yeah
cuz there’s gonna be so many that do dx12 and all sprawl yeah they’re already
so many and I would say man this has been an amazing year for games and it’s
not even over yeah there’s no there’s really no better time to be a gamer than
this year I don’t know about that 98 in 2007 or the two years we talked about
most often but yeah it has been really good and it is I mean we’re only in what
is it October first three started and yeah we already had a real crazy fall
September was the most packed September I think I’ve ever I mean I’ve been doing
this five years this was the worst September I’ve ever had in terms of just
like the constant onslaught of games and it didn’t help that two of those games
were divinity which I’m now 80 I’m crossing the 80-hour market and he said
you just finally got to the to the last of four areas in the 80 hour mark and
then total war hammer which is I think I spent like 30 hours playing so total war
hammer to actually so yeah like between those two games requiring a hundred and
ten hours of my life in September and then the fact that like a million other
games came out it’s been really crazy because you’ve been messing around with
cuphead yeah for a bit I’m trying a steamworld dig st world a
to cook up like two days that one was a short one but I I think that game is
really good if you like a solid Metroidvania know you’ve been working on
some some racing stuff as well yeah we’ve been playing for that project cars
too came out in September it’s just been really busy in october’s not getting any
less busy we have shadow war next week we have evil within – next week the the
real killer is yes South Park
is at the end of the month when we have destiny to comes out on PC on the 24th
and then I think Assassin’s Creed and Wolfenstein both come out on the 27th
and so that week is gonna be brutal – I’m actually surprised and this is gonna
be dumb I don’t know I don’t know sales figures on the Assassin’s Creed at this
point but I’m actually really surprised that you’ve a soft put Assassin’s Creed
on that date I think that putting that up against destiny on the PC and
Wolfenstein 2 was a real dumb move really um yeah I don’t think Assassin’s
Creed has the the love anymore to do that they don’t have that no the trust
of fans to do that thing you’re talking about you know your reviewer you get
these games you have to play them and that sucks cuz there’s so many a lot of
choosing like one or two one game yeah exactly and at that point like I don’t
know I think it’s assens crease should have been pushed in November because
actually like November used to be the real busy that used to be the month and
like this year November is almost empty and that’s it there’s nothing else and I
don’t know why that is I don’t know like Assassin’s Creed used to come out in
November and then at one point they changed the end of October and they just
never went back and they just always have kept this weird end of October slot
so yeah I don’t know it’s all kind of strange but this year has been very busy
and very good I think are they coming out with all the games on PC now because
they want to get ahead of the consoles crushing us is that well the xbox one ex
is coming out we’ll be putting it up I mean one of the things that the consoles
currently have the advantage on is there’s a lot of HDR TVs out there and
they’re still not very many HDR monitors so awesome looking g-sync ones got
pushed back yeah next year no exactly I always wait because right now so Samsung
has like I think it’s less chg twice and that’s like your best bet that’s
like a $500 I think it is free sync to enabled and it’s 500 bucks and 27 inches
or 650 for a 32 inch but other than that like there’s nothing there’s nothing
good out there and there’s no G Singh enabled ones so anybody using an Nvidia
I don’t know it’s a very weird market right now and and I don’t know why it’s
taking them so long to get HDR 10 and respond if it sees it’s way too bad
because like Mass Effect Andromeda theoretically supports it you know but
there’s nothing to play it on and that was a g-force – yeah there’s a bunch a
doe Warrior 2 came out a year ago now and that supports the HDR on the PC and
there’s nothing you can play it on there’s no games like there’s a warrior
and Forza horizon presumably more to sport is there much is there much more
of an increase on graphics logo and HDR I mean it’s not much right now it’s just
it’s just a color thing no it’s not not too bad as far as I know right now Elena
Wilson air don’t know what’s taking so long the fact that both AMD and NVIDIA
already have support in the graphics card and and we don’t have anything to
output it to it’s very strange to me so I don’t know why it’s taking monitor
manufacturers so long to get it around I don’t know if it has to do with a
hardware latency thing or what but you know it does suck it’s the one thing
that I really like every time I go play my ps4 Pro and it’s all very vibrant and
colorful on my TV and then I go back to my monitor oh yeah I could see that
because I mean latency is way more of a thing oh yeah absolutely every time I
have a PC hooked up to my TV and in order to use it with games you have to
turn off like literally everything like you use any of the special effects or
any of the color grading stuff and even then I move the mouse and like there’s
that you yeah usually you gonna feel the delay
every time you know sluggishly moves across the TVs and that’s why consoles
are better I mean it makes sense they can account for the latency but yeah
it’s been crazy I mean I’m still loving there’s a lot of controversy about four
to seven and loop boxes there’s a lot really what’s the so so forts and salute
boxes are a hot topic at the moment and I don’t know of world of wars Corden knows a lot so yeah there’s a lot
of controversy about loot boxes in games that you have paid full price for it
not so much in free-to-play games but games that you’ve paid 40 to 60 bucks
for and then they show up and there’s this pseudo gambling element so so even
the games that it’s done well like I think overwatch for instance does loot
boxes very well and by well I mean it’s very addictive and you always are like
oh I want to see like what I get and they seem to put a lot of effort into
the rewards that you get out of loot boxes then there’s games like Forza and
the way the Forte has implemented their loot boxes you get a couple of things as
so first of all they they now show your driver and you can dress up your driver
but you’re in a car you can’t see the driver when you’re driving so instead
the drivers just like on every menu like any any menu that you see there’s like a
ragdoll of a dude standing there and then he’ll just like yeah do that and
he’ll do like you know like the idle animations that you see in video games
or you just haven’t moved for a while yeah it’s just like constantly that so
it’s just like a guy like clapping and then like he’ll like hold his hands up
like he just does that also you can see your dumb costume in the name of these
other things called mods and the mods are the ones that I think are the most
controversial because some past 40 games the way that you would earn more credits
per race was you would turn off the assists and so okay incentivized you to
get better at play the game because if you turn off like
for instance the driving line you would get like maybe 30% more credits out of
every race and so do you make that harder yeah so you could go buy more
cars and so the way they did this time is none of that exists anymore instead
you get mods that are just like trading the bad trading cards and then you
enable those on a race and so then it’ll be like a race specific thing so you
know on this race the the ABS is turned off and that gives you 20% more credits
and it’s a limited time use item so you can only use it for like four or five
races huh and so for those four or five races you get this twenty percent credit
boost but then it goes away and like if you have ABS off still it doesn’t matter
it’s just like a thing that you’re doing to play the game that way that’s weird
that’s the part that bugs me cuz it’s actively taking away what was available
in past games to make it shittier to implement loot boxes yeah I think it’s
just like a poor implementation and it makes the game like the racing the
racing itself is still really good everything around the racing is just
like very complicated and like there’s a lot of just managing which cards you’re
putting on each race and the way where they do it is they like have done this
thing where it actually makes more sense to buy loop boxes at the lowest level
they have like a twenty thousand credit loop box that’s like the lowest level
and you normally rate you normally earn like eight thousand credits per race so
that’s like three races to get to this first level but the the mods are so
powerful that they actually like make you buy this basic bad loop box because
you’ll get four mods I think out of it every single time and those four mods
are used on four races each and you can stack three of them and so you’re like
you get like I think a hundred percent credit boost when you stack three these
mods and so you’re basically incentivized to like even if you don’t
care about this stuff you might as well just buy the lowest box anyway because
you’ll make money over the course of like you might only make a profit of
eight thousand credits or whatever but like you have made a profit
is I don’t know it’s just like cheesy crappy way to do it I haven’t played it
myself yet I’m just put that up front I’m hoping to play this weekend but
another part that reinforces that reading your review it seems to me like
it reinforces it is the way they’ve changed you need the car ratings so you
need to have X amount of cars yeah I can move up to the next class and it feels
to me like that just kind of feeds into the whole you should spend money on mods
you should spend money on loot boxes yeah so I used to play like I mean I
mean the way that I used to play foursome was I have like my four cars
right that I enjoyed driving and it was like a 70 charger and then like a
Bugatti Veyron on the high end and then like another like 2 or 3 cars in the
middle and you would just like save up like I would drive that charger until it
like you know it’s like driving your your old crappy Honda dies you got to
drive that charger for like 10-15 hours until I had enough money to just splurge
on a Veyron and then I would buy that and then drive that for another like 10
15 hours or whatever and now the way that they’ve done is they’ve
restructured every car into like a rarity level and there are five levels
in order to like buy cars in the next tier you have to like buy enough of the
bad cars that you don’t want to like move up into the next it’s like a
real-life collector yeah yeah so like all the cars that you used to just look
at and be like I would never buy this put all that crap you like pays an 88
Volkswagen and you look at it you’re like me that’s an ugly car like it’s a
bad looking vehicle like I don’t even need this now you’re just like well just
buy it because it’s twenty thousand credits yeah and that feeds into the need mods
to get more credits yeah it’s just like very weird so I made it like halfway
through the career and I’ve kind of just quit like I think the racing is real fun
and and we’re gonna play some this later but like I’ve been testing that and
project cars too you know and as somebody who is more of an arcade racer
I think forces a lot more approachable for obvious like I mean once you touch
the wheel you’re like every time I take a lap in project cars – there’s a 50 or
60 percent chance spin out on one of the corners because
like the handling in that game is like very twitchy and also just like very
like expert handling all those all those cars giving ya bring you know they want
it to be like a real world sim and I don’t I don’t think they quite get there
even in project cars – I don’t think that it approaches like iRacing and a
set of course and all these other racing Sims but they like try and forces just
like hey we’re we’re like a sim like racer but like we really just want you
to have fun and like we don’t want you to spin out on all these corners and die
and whatever but like project cars – you start that game and they’re just like
here’s all the cars and here all the tracks and you can just race any car on
any track like right from the get-go we don’t care there’s no like weird gated
system and I don’t know like I played Fortson I was enjoying the driving part
but every time I get kicked back to a menu I was just like what is going on
here there’s so much stuff in the way of me just enjoying the race isn’t that
turbo and I gotta say it does seem like a troubling trend because you can it’s
like you can imagine if you go into a casino they have figured everything out
– how to get you like where they’ve where they put the machines and then how
much you get to win and then just everything is designed to get you to
gamble more and more it just feels like videogames that they’ve got some kind of
psychological expert con if you make this here and then here we were
absolutely do and the funny thing is like this is outlawed in a lot of the
world so so this type of mechanic is called a gotcha pawn mechanic but that’s
what the loot box is technically from is these gotcha games that were real
popular in mobile gaming in Japan like in 20 GA popular in like the 2009 like
that early smartphone period 2009 to 2012 and there the Japan was like no
this is gambling like we don’t care what it’s just gambling we’re like we’re
banning this and then some countries have have changed those restrictions so
now like I think in China for instance that’s one of the territories where they
have to publish the likelihood of like all the items coming out of loot boxes
so like oh like you know a rare costume an
overwatch like blizzard has to put the number out there of like this is how
likely this costume is to drop and that like is supposed to like dissuade people
I guess from from gambling on it like if you see it’s a one in 5,000 chance that
this thing is gonna drop you might be less likely to buy 10 loot boxes because
your chance is not that good put the same Holmes in the back of scratch
tickets yeah exactly but in the US for some reason this has not been legislated
yet and so companies can kind of just get away with whatever at this point
yeah at the moment now speaking in 2017 there’s nothing like there’s nothing on
the books about oh you have to like do this and it’s actually kind of
surprising given how much legislative scrutiny video games have undergone you
know the history of video games in this country there’s it’s kind of amazing
that nobody’s put out like a protect the children capitalism and
yeah I don’t know I mean video games were such a hot-button topic from like
2000 you know especially that Jack Thompson lawyers it’s weird that
nobody’s put out like hey this is just gambling right like maybe we should not
let people put this in their games but I think what bugs me is it’s not like
they’re really gambling they’re trying to take advantage of addictive
personalities or active I mean it is gambling like if you are if you are so
like back in the day when microtransactions we came out when DLC
became a thing you know in 2007 issuance or 2005 ish I guess when oblivion came
out you are paying money for a thing right like you pay money and you get
horse armor or whatever back and like you have made it an exchange of goods
the problem with with loot boxes is and yeah they’re their defenses hey you can
just use in-game currency like that’s their defense every time like no matter
who it is but there is the option in most of these games to put in real money
and get back as a number of random boxes they’re just inscrutable closed boxes
and then you pop them open hoping that thing that you wanted was inside and
that’s that’s just a straight-up gamble and if you’re putting real money into a
thing and you don’t know what you’re getting back
that’s just gambling and I don’t know like I don’t have a huge problem with
the idea of it and as I said I think there are certain games that do loot
boxes in a in a way that’s decent like I think that when you play overwatch they
reward you with boxes pretty often the boxes or the items that they put in
those boxes are well crafted they’ve like clearly spent time on it they’re
always coming out with like more stuff like I think there are games that do
this okay I don’t think that it’s a thing that needs to be banned
necessarily but like Forza is just like a very bad implementation and from what
I understand like so shadow war comes out next week that also has loot boxes
that’s also a $60 game and in that one you’re like you’re loot boxes contain
orc followers they contain gear that contains stuff that you’re actually
using the like play the game which is even shadier to me than what force is
doing and yep I don’t know I think that were like heading down like a real bad
path in regards to this stuff III thought that DLC was not a great path
for gaming to go down for a decade or whatever but like this is just Shady the
the DLC stuff I thought was just like hey it’s a necessary evil we need to
monetize our games of blah blah but like the this new step is hey we’ve chosen to
monetize our games off of as you said addictive personalities and people that
are like oh I need to have this stuff right and this stuff like doesn’t have
any real world value in any way and studies into that those gotcha mechanics
kind of things to loot boxes have shown that it’s like 1 or 2 percent of the
population that buys like 95 percent of the loot boxes yeah so it Julie is
taking advantage of addictive personalities yeah I think it’s like the
problem is that you know in a lot of cases the game was balanced around this
stuff and even if they do a good job of it for me at least it subconsciously
feels worse like every time I so like the worst part and fortunately this is a
great one today I’m an announcer in all the menus
and usually the announcer you just ignore him he’s like oh you did a great
job on that last race origin Erik sound bite barks but there’s one and I can’t
remember like where it happens I think it’s pretty early on they kick you back
to the menu and he like tells you to go buy loot box he’s just like hey hey that
was a good race but did you know you can go buy prize like it’s like a very
blatant like gross implementation of this thing to direct people and so to be
fair at the moment you can’t spend real money in four to seven that’s the
important distinction to make but they have said that that’s their endgame here
like within the next month or two that’s the endgame and so the fact that you now
have a guy who’s just like telling you like get out your credit card go buy
those blue boxes kids retail title this is a full price game which you have to
get through the Microsoft Store right yeah on PC at least and I understand why
this happened I love steam sales and game sales in
general but there’s no doubt that that steam sales and humble bundles and stuff
like that have really soured the market on spending full price on games and so
you know like back when I was a kid the game was 60 bucks like that was that
that was the price for a long time that is you know three years later that’s
still a $60 game uh and then like my teenage years it started to be like you
know they would start at 60 and then like a year later that would be a $30
game and $30 was as low as those games ever went like Half Price was the lowest
you ever saw games until they were like a generation old and I remember like
when the 360 came out I went into a game stop and I bought probably like 20 X
Bartling original Xbox games when the 360 came out because what happened was
you know all the old stock which is going a bid and all these games would be
like buy one get one and they’re all marked down like five bucks cuz Game
Stop just wants to get rid of all these old Xbox games nobody’s gonna
anymore when the switch disks as well yeah it’s so like it used to have like a
like publishers made money over time there was a tail on these games and the
problem now is like you see that price just like before the games even come out
like it’s six it’s listed at 60 bucks on on Steam but I don’t know the last time
I actually saw a game launched at $60 on Steam they’re just not making their
money but yeah those games launch at 10% off so they’re down at 54 already me
Amazon Prime gives the same deal within like I don’t know three weeks you’re
down to like 45 and then within like two months sometimes you’re down to 30 and
then but when you add in steam sales everybody’s just waiting for the next
steam sale so you know October we got the Halloween sale coming up and you
know bunch of those games just came out you know like so so doom is a way year
and a half old it makes point yeah and you know like doom will be in that
Halloween sale for like five bucks ten bucks maybe well the thing is I think I
agree and I think that especially for these Triple A games has been ridiculous
amounts of money like Forza Casas a ton to make yep that they need to make their
money but the problem is like these loot boxes don’t belong in this kind of game
like I agree Elsie’s I’m fine with expansions I think you need to think of
a thing that makes sense for your game because loot boxes and pores and shadow
of wars yeah yeah it’s a weird fit and yeah I feel like I mean that’s one of
the things like I don’t mind I think overwatch is a weird case
because it was a forty dollar game that had loot boxes and people generally
don’t mind those loot boxes that’s like one of the only games I can think about
that with because the rest of the time everything that’s free-to-play I have no
problem if you’re free to play and you have loot boxes fines whatever I do not
care does not bother me in any way it’s mainly these like yeah we’re 60 bucks
and that’s how we’re gonna make our money on top of the money you are a paid
yeah I think some of it is also social – you know I mean like like hey you said
in forts that you barely see your character you know but you’re also not
playing online and showing other people like like an overwatch and overwatch
you’re like hey I this and I get to show it off and that’s
part of the problem is Fortas whole thing for years was built off you can
customize your car however you want and so you could see how another racing game
like maybe a project cars or whatever their whole loot box system could be
built around like hey you can customize your car like hey this is a new car skin
and now your car looks like a dragon or whatever like that’s rocket leagues
whole mo rocket leagues mo is just hey is we’re an expansion or where every
every expansion every piece of DLC is just a new car and then the things that
pop out of loot boxes at the end of match are just random decals and stuff
like that but forts that can’t do that because they already they had that
system for free before it just seems to me it’s like it’s it’s not worth it like
you’d be interesting because you know all developers always say yeah you got
your grip brand new six core coffee lake and risin eight core what you do we’re
not gonna we’re not gonna support it nobody has these things what if they
said like hey $25 we’re gonna add support for six core CPU oh yeah I mean
we’ve talked about like Brad and I have Brad see me my articles I’ve written
things about size before and I definitely think there are things that
developers should be fixing on the technical side no game download toys
yeah game download size like so forth says a hundred gigs stay on the same
time you have fortune is a hundred gigs and that’s gotta be a record yeah I’m
pretty sure for just a bass game with no expansions I’m pretty sure that is the
record at the moment I think I think doom was like 65 on release and gears
for was like 75 maybe on release but yeah I think 100 is the most I’ve ever
seen I think there’s like there’s gonna be a reckoning there in a couple years
too or no I don’t like I mean now that we have now that we all nationwide have
a one terabyte cap on our internet I think well and start causing problems
it’s 10 of it before you even start watching
that free audio I think that’s gonna start causing problems for some people
but I really think that like the monetization aspect is just like the
biggest problem in games at the moment and I understand what the root cause of
the problem is these games cost a lot of money they aren’t making a lot of the
money back on sales anymore pre-orders aren’t as effective as they used to be
people aren’t really buying DLC anymore I think that they sort of poisoned the
well on DLC so much and on expansion even the games that you used to care
about like you know fallout 4 I think broke a lot of people because
the fallout 3 and Fallout New Vegas DLC was great and so then Bethesda came
around and said hey we have a season pass for fallout 4 and everybody bought
it it was nanocarbon rehab bismal there was like one piece of actual content and
then a bunch of trash and so a lot of people now are just
along I’m never gonna buy a season pass again it only takes one game to poison
that well for everybody so I understand how we got here I don’t think that this
is a healthy way forward for the industry this is really depressing I
gotta say this entire conversation so how our loot box is on on warships as
you said you have some experience just get free stuff let me out just get your
free whatever and it doesn’t you can’t improve your gameplay or whatever yeah
but I don’t you know here’s here’s something cool you know to make us a
little happier over on YouTube born uh says he built a Sandy Bridge era Pentium
with an AMD 5670 and hooked it up to a CRT TV to play cuphead games out there I
think are doing a good job holding down that line I think it’s not I don’t want
to get in trouble with PR people but I don’t think it’s very surprising that WB
is in the thick of this controversy if you asked me what company I would think
would cause a monetization crisis in the industry
they’d be up w you would probably up there it’s funny because I think that ei
and and you’ve soft and Activision traditionally have been like the three
that people are always mad about and for a good reason historically those
companies have not been great companies but I think W be especially is is much
worse than any those three at this point pushing it up and gonna get yeah between
the disaster that was the Arkham Knight cheesy poor and that was the Mortal
Kombat PC poor and then their whole hey we’re not gonna actually put this DLC on
the PC and then six months later they’re like actually we are we were just joking
I don’t know WB has done a lot of weird stuff lately and I think that Bethesda
is probably up there – as far as anti-consumer practices go in recent
years so yeah i i’m not surprised that we’re coming to this sort of problem but
it is it’s cast a pall over like what’s otherwise been a great year for games
like I think the whole loop box thing has like really come home this year I I
feel like last year I was like knew of a couple games it was like overwatch and
dota and Team Fortress and there are a couple games that had this and this year
it’s just been like all over the place every game walks it’s it’s loot box
implementation yeah thanks Hayden for coming by and telling us for sure and I
think a game I mean we’ll see I had some problems with our second demo that we
did but man the first III demo or newer a wheelchair I watched you play that
yeah yeah III demo is the opening a game and you were like grievously injured at
the end of the last one and so you start the game in a wheelchair and you roll
around this whole level in a wheelchair with a gun and it was cool yeah it’s
great it’s just very creative and fun it’s what I liked about the first
Wolfenstein know that the previous Wolfenstein so yeah that
fry I don’t know maybe Battlefront see I tell you what it’s stupid is probably
not gonna be my game of the year but I am most looking forward to battlefront
yeah because the original one my brother never played PC games but because it was
Star Wars we spent dozens of hours playing the original battlefront
together huh just shootin blasters and stuff so yeah and this one’s like a real
game that’s like really got battlefront like I’m excited for us to get the
battlefront game that we should have gotten two years ago oh cool we put if
you go down the checklist of like what they’ve added to this game it’s just all
the stuff that people wanted the first time around like oh wow we have a
single-player campaign oh dude I mentioned we also have space battles did
I mention we have a class system like 0.5 yeah it’s basically all the stuff
that people actually wanted last time if they were like they put out a eye they
clearly liked that game was under time constraints to hit before force awakens
right alright so they were we gotta get something out we gotta just here’s one
multiplayer mode in the Horde mode and we’re done but yeah I’m looking forward
to battlefront I think we’ll see the beta 4 that’s running this weekend so
nice anybody some people in chat said that downloading it yeah I think right
now actually you can jump over on Origen and start playing so I think it window
I’ve at like 1 a.m. last night Pacific time so you know even though I don’t
have many friends to play it with I’m kind of excited to check out destiny
yeah yeah that’s you know I I’ve been less excited after hearing people’s
console experiences I think well that’s because consoles suck right so so that
game when it released was really people were really pumped about it and then the
first raid came out and it seems like the the perception of that game like
switched overnight everything I’ve heard about that raid has been very negative
it’s a weird puzzle aspect yeah and and even if you like get it down it sounds
like apparently it could still take you 12 hours even if you know exactly what
to do because a lot of it’s very finicky so I don’t know I’m not psyched about
that part but I I’m excited to have that game on PC it
plays really well I’m never gonna get to a raid I’m just like 1f you’re never
gonna make it either oh there’s no way I like I’ve been
putting like you know like two hours maybe every every weekend yeah cool so
you got like 45 weeks but yeah how about you gar do you play anything this fall
all right we’re gonna wrap it up wrap I’m still playing world of warships I’m
it’s free to play man and I’m a premium wallet player it’s free to play free to
play how much have you put in the world warships it’s it’s great because it’s a
free game and then I buy the ships wow this is a great ship I’m gonna buy I
think I’ve spent probably probably 250 dollars on ships for the game my wife
doesn’t watch the podcast yeah I mean probably if you added up all the premium
ships I purchased I have a small premium shit they’re only ships that the USS
Hornet you know they’re historically a
Christians like but they’re but you know they sell them for a little while bail I
only buy certain ones and you know you do have a supporter in the chat coffee
on youtube says he likes world of warships yeah
you know this is the first I’m hearing about Gordon put real money into it I
played it cuz it was you know on your recommendation I bought battlefield 1
I’ve played that all of three minutes if I could take that for one and sell that
license to somebody for like 30 bucks ship or something it’s just like I
started to play as like just real quick born on youtubes asking
what do we think or yeah what do you think about doom and fallout for VR you
can try those though so yeah I tried those like a month ago we had a Bethesda
thing here in SF so I think the do VR stuff is really cool I think that it’s
not gonna replace playing that on our you know masking keyboard is a very
different experience but I do think they’ve done a cool implementation as
long as you can get past like that teleport stuff which to be honest like I
don’t notice anymore I know that some people that’s a big
sticking point and I think that you can actually play normal motion with a
controller in there like a normal glide motion mode but I think that you would
die immediately I think that I’d like to test sex I’ve really tried to push the
boundary of getting sick in VR yeah but who knows maybe not I think it’s really
cool like seeing those those monsters like Cacodemons are a lot bigger than I
thought they’re like six feet tall which really
blew my mind because like when you’re playing on at normal screens don’t get
the scale of those so like the little the Imps and stuff they always look like
they’re right they’re small they’re like full grown human size so that was a real
weird part of that game but yeah he’s like they had the BFG in there and stuff
and it was really crazy to like that gun is like gigantic that was fun
fallout 4 I’m a little less hype done me wrong with fallout 4 like it so I think
it’s really cool in sort of the same way that Google Earth VR I think is really
cool it’s very interesting just tour around these areas that you’ve seen on a
normal screen and so the demo was like we started right outside I can’t
remember the first town where you the you started in that game but you you
like sweary hills is that that’s where you come out of the vault and you’re in
sanctuary hills and then there’s the town that’s like where the museum is and
you get the power armor on the roof Concord good so yeah we went into that
town and I shot like a deathclaw and stuff and it it looks really cool it’s
like amazing have been able to port that into VR but
I think that a lot of them mechanic stuff doesn’t work very well in VR
so like looting is a key part of playing Fallout and looting and that game is
very clearly not meant for VR so you’re not like pulling open drawers and you’re
just like clicking on drawer like a drawer the drawer opens and there’s like
and you can’t like see the stuff inside like if there’s you know if it says
there’s a baseball glove in a drawer you don’t like see that glove or it’s just
like because it’s the same system they had in Fallout 4 for the PC originally
you could play pay for that premium option made yeah like that’s where it
falls apart for me I don’t think that it feels as immersive as people are gonna
gonna hope for from a game like that but on the other hand I can’t think of
another game that’s like 90 hours long that you can play in VR we’ve got
somebody in chat asking if you’ve played the project cars – in VR I’m not I’ve
keep meeting – but Ivan I haven’t booted up on there yet I’ve
heard it’s really good I’ve heard of the VR implementation on that is perfect
then racing seems like it would be yeah it’s good cockpit games so it’s super
easy if you have a wheel especially it should be very nice but yeah I haven’t
done it yet me know what I wish they had him fallout 4 VR I don’t know if they
will I doubt they will like a tourist mode or whatever she could like toggle
the switch and then nothing will attack you yeah just obviously be better I
think that like just being able to walk around and talk to people because I just
it’s a little bit weird right now another thing that’s weird is when
you’re in a conversation you can’t interact with anything else and so some
of those conversations are really long and theirs is Preston right the
president lies like I met him in the museum and we went through like just
this long conversation and the whole time you’re just like stuck in this room
and you can’t like there’s a bobblehead on the desk and I can’t and the lady
running my demo was like oh I’m not sure why you can’t pick that up and I was
like well I’m in a conversation she was like oh yeah that’s probably it
he stopped talking which took like five minutes like oh now I can pick up the
bottle head so yeah there’s some kinks there’s some stuff that clearly that
game was not built for VR but I do think overall like it’s cool implementation I
don’t know if it’s gonna be something that people like actually play all the
way through ninety hours in VR some people might but I don’t think
that’s good enough for that and it’s really but yeah and to be honest it’s
cool it Bethesda’s just put in VR stuff out there they’re the only studio
I mean you bossam put out like a couple of those experimental games they put out
this Star Trek game and stuff like that but Bethesda is the only one that’s been
like no we can make like a triple-a game run on this on this system I think
that’s really cool nobody else is doing that so who is there and we also I mean
I I don’t want to spend too much time on this but we also have oculus connect
coming up this week so we should have more VR news they still make those yeah
not only make them but there’s rumors that there’s going to be a new model
coming out of connect to this week so next Wednesday so have the prices of
these things budget all over the summer the rift was down to 399 controllers
yeah with controller Spotify vive is now down to $6.99 which was the original 600
so it’s a hundred bucks more than where the rift is right now rift is at 500
right now but they both come down I mean that rift especially I know a bunch of
people that bought rifts this summer because that 400 bucks for the same cost
as PlayStation VR is a pretty great deal yeah when they announced that offer my
wife’s like quick buy one and she’s never one to let me do it it was already
sold out like two hours after the yeah I know a bunch of people I think like
three or four of my friends all bought rifts during that sale so yeah I think
that sale was real smart I think that sale got the numbers I mean I think
they’re they’re basically 1 in 1 now before the vine before the vibe was out
selling two to one I think the rift was one-to-one refresh yeah because the
price competition is good and and that also means a much larger install base
going forward so I think we probably have cracked a million at this point
which for that sort of hardware is still pretty impressive of me yeah roo-roo to
says of VRS and expensive doorstop I don’t know I I go I feel like a
fluctuate back and forth daily now I feel like I used to be real gung-ho and
then for a while I was like I don’t know no he’s buying it and it’s not really
nothing’s coming out for a little faith and now like six months later I feel
like it’s starting to turn around again that sale really helped I feel like when
we are up at eight hundred bucks and six hundred bucks yeah but I feel like that
sale really helped now we’re starting to see growth again Matt over on YouTube
says uh he got there were Amazon Prime had to deal with $100 off of that so 300
bucks yeah that’s not touch controls for the
rift yep yeah yeah for 300 bucks like for me I really do I I don’t have a
vibe and you’re all the warships no I was curious cuz I was sure they had the
eye tracker and IR if they did would you want to be like in the captain’s deck
thing no would you want to be like it doesn’t
really it’s one of those games where it doesn’t really doesn’t really work for
VR experience and it’s just it’s just not it’s it’s it’s a you know strategy
game third-person strategy game is what it is so yeah I play some good strategy
games in VR well when your team isn’t made of complete morale which is only
half the time but yes let’s stay tuned Wednesday the Wednesday morning I think
like 10:00 a.m. or something way too early we gotta we gotta be all the way
down in San Jose so we gotta be there up super early
I’ll be there but yeah I’m looking forward to maybe seeing some cool stuff
coming up I get the five price down like 400 bucks I agree I under dollars
it’s like I think that vibe prices still I’m surprised they stayed as high as
they did I sure I’m sure HTC which is in dire straits at the
moment could not have gone much lower maybe they can’t afford to sell that
hardware at a loss and maybe Facebook can but I’m still pretty amazed that
they haven’t dropped lower and then we have all the windows mr stuff coming out
oh that’s gonna change you know I don’t know that the windows at Mars stuff is
very weird because Microsoft has just muddied the waters on everything and I
keep seeing comments being like these do AR to right and they don’t they
Microsoft they sell it as mixed reality in every demo and don’t do any is so
like everything I’ve heard from Microsoft and from the vendors is that
Microsoft’s department name is the mr department like mixed reality Department
and it covers all of these new headsets and hololens and how is is the only AR
headset that they make all these other headsets are just VR headsets and and I
like every vendor I’ve talked to has been very clear with me about that
because it’s very confusing when I met up with an alienware and and
Dell at PAX they were like no these are VR headsets that’s it they don’t do any
camera pass-through they don’t do any like all this stuff that people think
these headsets are doing to like make AR a thing they’re not doing where exactly
is the mixed part of that real that’s the whole confusion bulges you can go
into it and then you can come out just muddy the waters because they have this
department name and and going forward their goal is to implement hololens
style stuff into their VR headsets and and all that but like these headsets are
just VR headsets they’re not there’s no room scale with them there is but it’s
done by the front cameras and so you have outside in tracking and it’s very
buggy from what I’ve seen we’ll see how the final units do especially in like a
house environment where there’s nothing there
my main problems we were doing this it packs on the show floor and I
started out we were playing super hot in VR and I started out on the ground and
by the time the demo was over I was like 8 feet in the air and it’s just like
slowly every time I reset just crept upwards another foot and so I don’t know
if that was a problem because there were so many people around that the
background is constantly shifting and maybe in like a house where your
furnitures just not moving better your advices for somebody who wants to get
into VR just don’t buy one of these until you’ve seen reviews like I think
that maybe it’ll be cool and I think some of the stuff that Microsoft has
talked about maybe especially with like gearing it towards business and
productivity that could be cool but don’t like day one October 17th like
rush out and buy off have been I’ve been to reality things for hololens yeah very
much about these video that’s also the problem is all of it at launch comes
through the Windows Store so how much stuff is actually getting ported over
and they’re like look a decent amount okay like I don’t think that’s enough
like Steam doesn’t even have enough for me to recommend the vibe in the rift
sometimes to like person is not at the price now you’re talking about like a
small subset of a subset of stuff in the Windows 10 store which nobody likes
using and that’s like your whole your first platform on launch day they are
adding steamvr support eventually so you will you will be able to use compatible
steamvr games with it but that’s not coming at launch that’s coming like a
mother too later so the only thing I can think of that’s more terrifying than
using the Windows Store is using the Windows Store all around me being
surrounded by the Windows Store it’s so spacious that somebody’s in there oh no
that’s the actual physical alright we promise we’re gonna answer some
questions but I think we’re just about out of time outstanding questions now
we’re gonna save he’s asking them and Hayden’s already answered them during
the show so we’ll be back to answer questions next time but I gotta wrap
this up because we’re going to get yelled and I’m so hungry and it’s lunch
time so check back in two weeks for your fix of PC talk in the full nerd for
audio listener subscribe to us on iTunes Google Play or stitcher also if you go
to iTunes leave a review saying how much the PC gaming is better than mac gaming
because it’ll be in the iTunes Store you can piss them off saying questions and
comes to the full nerd at PC world comm there’s actually no email waiting for us
we will read them and respond thanks for coming I’m Gordon hung with
Brad Turkish adios especially this hayden Dingman hey guys and Adam will
take us out see you everyone that’s creepy what


  • sirshriek69


  • ZeroB4NG

    FUCK loot boxes.

  • Autumn

    The car collection system in Forza Motorsport 7 was implemented so more people can enjoy more cars in the game they might have once looked past, instead of using one or two out of the several hundred there is.

    Its meant for people to have more of an appreciate for cars they would have overlooked otherwise.

    I think people are unnecessarily overcomplicating both systems. It isn't hard to play through the career without mods and still get plenty of money for cars in the game by doing longer races which grants you more than (8,000 credits by the way) and participating in multiplayer races. Most of the veterans have yet to touch mods or loot boxes in the game and they have millions of credits and hundreds of cars. The game isn't dependent on it. But if people ACTUALLY played through the career and took the time to play through it, they'd actually realize this.

    Love your guys' show but this is another moment where this specific "issue" is getting overcomplicated. Its there if you want to use it, but you can earn plenty of credits and cars without it playing normally too.

    The issue with Projects Cars 2 and them giving you everything up front is that there is NO PROGRESSION SYSTEM. The game doesn't make me feel like Ive earned anything when its all given to me


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