Fallout 76 Review

(grunting) (gunfire) – [Brandin] After more than 50 hours plundering the irradiated
wasteland of Fallout 76, the greatest mystery still lingering is who this mutated take on
Fallout is intended for. Like many of Vault-Tec’s
underground bunkers, Bethesda’s multiplayer riff
on its post-nuclear RPG series is an experiment gone awry. There are bright spots
entangled in this mass of frustratingly buggy and
sometimes conflicting systems, but what fun I was able to
salvage from the expansive but underpopulated West Virginia map was consistently
overshadowed by the monotony of its gathering and crafting treadmill. On the surface, Fallout 76 is another dose of Bethesda’s tried and
true open-world RPG formula, except that aside from
some gorgeous lighting, it somehow looks noticeably
flatter than Fallout 4 did three years ago. When you look closer, the
ambitious idea to replace all human NPCs with other players results in a lack of
meaningful interaction. Other than the 20 something
other players spread thinly over a massive map, just about
the only voices you’ll hear are recordings of long-dead
quest-givers, robots, and AI constructs who simply
deliver information at you. – [Recording] See it to fruition. – [Narrator] There’s no opportunity for the morally tricky decision-making that defines most other Fallout games. Even the so-called main
story quest boiled down to obediently following a breadcrumb trail of journals and notes. With the exception of some
goofy and creative tasks, it all feels like chasing ghosts. And though later missions
mask the shallowness with some cool events and set pieces, they’re fleeting moments. Wandering the diverse
wasteland of Appalachia does reveal one of
Bethesda’s great strengths, environmental storytelling. Discovering a goofy teddy bear
playing pots-and-pans drums, an evocatively posed skeleton,
or a half-sunken church all instill the sense that
enticing secrets are hiding just over the next hill. On paper, a multiplayer game
in the dog-eat-dog-meat world of Fallout sounds like a
thrill, but in Fallout 76, you’re almost prohibited
from engaging in anything resembling player-versus-player
aggression. Because you can’t do
any significant damage until both people have
attacked one another, there is no sense of danger. It’s the most kid-gloves version
of competitive multiplayer I have ever seen. And even if you do kill someone or even just pick the lock on their camp, there’s virtually nothing to be gained but a price on your head. Instead, Fallout 76 is more
of a cooperative PVE game, and that’s where it’s at its best, in spite of some frustrating UI and experience distribution design. The mechanical benefit of
grouping brings the ability to freely fast-travel to one another, use teammates’ custom-built camps, share a subset of cards in
the flexible new perk system, and of course, the added firepower. But what I appreciated the
most is the companionship in this lonely world. Mechanically, Fallout 76’s
combat falls somewhere between floaty and just fine. I leaned into rifles at long range and shot guns or melee swipes up-close, but always in first person because hitting anything
up-close in third person is very hit or miss. With only a watered-down realtime version of Fallout’s signature VATS
auto-targeting system available, I found it nearly useless
except in specific situations, but every little bit helps
against the inventive and varied enemies. The recognizable insects,
ghouls, robots, super mutants, and not-so-super mutant
animals are all here, alongside some strange, creepy, and downright bizarre creatures
that reside in the fringes of West Virginia’s disdained
and atmospheric biomes. Unfortunately, poor AI and pathing means most of these monsters can be killed in the cheesiest ways possible. The brightest spot here
is your portable camp, which you can build up and drop almost anywhere in the world. However, there’s little need to fortify it other than to lure
enemies to their deaths. And like just about
everything else in Fallout 76, this system suffers from a number of bugs that make moving camp a huge hassle. When you’re not running
quests, you’re scrounging, scrapping items for
materials, and crafting. There is a wealth of weapons,
armors, and items to collect, assemble, and mod, and
hunting down the plans is one of the best-feeling
measures of progression. In fact, toward the late game, the emphasis swings from
exploration and discovery to resource and inventory management. That’s when you’re required
to build, maintain, and carry your entire arsenal
of power armor, weapons, and ample ammo, alongside the food, water, and chemical stimulants
that keep you alive. All of this weight easily bogs you down, and your personal stash box has an absurdly tiny 400-pound limit. By the time I reached late-game levels, I was spending five minutes
of every hour I played just managing and sacrificing inventory to avoid being overencumbered. That got old quickly. When my team launched a nuke after a series of
needlessly convoluted steps, the seconds before and after the impact were the highest highs
Fallout 76 had offered so far. Yet, when the smoke cleared, it revealed the
temporarily irradiated area was more of the same,
just with higher numbers. Was it all worth the trouble? Probably not, and that’s when I knew I
was done with Fallout 76. Finally, the fact there’s a cash shop with obscenely expensive
cosmetic items adds some insult to the overall injury. In an effort to do everything, Fallout 76 fails to do
any of it well enough to form an identity. Its multiplayer mindset robs its quests of the moral decision-making
that makes the series great, and all that’s left is a
buggy mess of systemic designs that never seems to work together and regularly contradicts itself. It all culminates in
an aggravating endgame that’s more busywork
than satisfying heroics. Bethesda missed the mark with Fallout 76, in part because it seems
like it could never decide what it was aiming for. For more reviews, be sure
to check out our review of Battlefield V, or our
re-review of Warframe. And for everything else, you’re
already in the right place right here on IGN.


  • Mister Two

    Well this was a waste of money… Went back to fallout 4 after half hour playing fo76. 4 is miles better

  • Tudorel Virgil

    Everybody try Metro Exodus.. Got 8.5 but is more like 9

  • BigdaddyFatSak

    I am now singing"🎵

    Almost heaven

    bugged Virginia

    Clipping mountains

    No textures in the river

    the engine's old there, older than the trees

    Stutter through the mountains

    Slowing frames like a breeze

    Take mee hoomme

    reffunndd roaadd

    to the bank where it belonnnggsss

    throttled downloads

    delelet the data

    take mee homee

    refund road

  • lol bye

    Its ok

  • Sam Gardner

    Why do game critics seem to think that you give 5 to an unplayable game, 7 to mediocre game, and 9 to the game of the year? You'd think 5 would mean a dead average game.

  • Happyfacereaper 000

    anyone else hyped for fallout miami?

  • Joe Doncaster


  • DaMIAN w

    When i was playing F3 there was a quest with some kids in a cave protected by wolves when i go inside by missclick i shoot to 1 kid (then fight start) i was surprised when i try to shoot to kids (immortal mode ofc then iive used mini-nuke to see what happen) but it was possible to kill wolves my question is – ive found some infos about that EU (European v) was censored or idknw how to call it diffrent, but in American version is possible to shoot to the kids in that cave is it true? (my coment is about your saying about agreament to pvp ((in WoW they do the same)) they building no fight society / no regret(Corporations) / no resistance ( but i think they failed) or maybe they just are with no idea ^^

  • Potato Gaming

    Woo IGP doesn’t hate on it even before they fixed the bugs!

  • SirChuck MyMeat

    online didn't mess fallout up, pve/pvp did, should of made it like division and have a area for pve/pvp and the rest of the world just co-op so you can keep it clean and not clunky like ESO

  • Rictus Erectus

    So there’s no single player mode? Just multiplayer?

  • Jueece Inahoven

    politically correct child friendly christian culture…. ruined this game 🙂

  • Rouge- Stixxy

    This is so sad Alexa play


  • Vexx

    Finally an honest review from ign

  • Spencer Elliott

    It’s fun.

  • Marin Banks

    Not even worth the money they are asking for, Bethesda just stick to single player. Next fallout would be dope if the worked with obsidian.

  • Oddnificent One

    Is there hope for this game?

  • Persuasion Gaming

    Hahaha 5?! Really?!😂

  • Gage Gruber

    IGN reviews have been growing very negative in general…

  • Dedsec

    Fallout New Vegas was best in the series

  • SuperBendy Logan

    All I got to say is Bethesda better look out if rockstar ever decides to go full rpg

  • Crystal Kittycat

    Fallout 3: where’s my dad?

    Fallout 4:where’s my son

    Fallout 76: hey where is it? My refund bro.

  • Adrian Aguilar

    This game is boring fix it

  • Breaking Baz

    Fallout 76 is dead

  • Gary Johnson

    Damn, the intro was enough for me!

  • หรั่ง เครา

    They will loose a lot of fans if it goes online, the error of every game or movie is when they decide to change the way it made it popular and also… the most of people does not have the fastest connection or the newly graphic card

  • Potato Gaming

    Guys, I have found balance for the next fallout, make it like Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands

  • Blackdog4818

    Fallout 76 requires yearly service Xbox Gold? No, not doing it.

  • valter gjergji

    lol shitty game

  • Fuck Boy69

    The only better thing in my opinion is how they designd the mini map in the playre menu

  • Nani Anims

    I made the mistake of buying the game digital 😢 I want a refund somehow

  • Jon 117 Master chief

    At least fallout 76 is better than fortnite

  • Michael Del real

    I was wondering if anyone can answer being a free game is it worth downloading to play or not?????

  • Fallout 76 MMOGO

    Fallout 76 has been playing more and more since its launch.

  • G L

    Angry joe was right here!

  • Steven Hunt

    Can't wait for the Todd Howard interview to be released on Tuesday that confirms what I already predicted before release – that this game was a fraud to simultaneously capitalize on people begging them for multiplayer since SkyNET and show why they never make multiplayer games anymore.

  • Khalil Khan

    When people think about fallout its only about story, NPC and choices and fallout 76 had none of that. perhaps I was the only person who was disapointed once this game was revealed to be online only.

  • cooliokid124


  • dave anderson

    Not got round to this game yay. Is it a franchise killer?

  • Phoenix

    I downloaded and deleted this game 3 times I didn’t want to give up on fallout lol. I’m just gonna play 4 again

  • Kevin Rachman

    Bethesda tried to cash in on online multipli-player they learned their lesson, hopefully1

  • Mikey Lelboi

    Same thing that happens to gta online

  • Marc Clarke

    The game is crap

  • kae zemmermann

    Born dead ..

  • kae zemmermann

    Also: I find ist seriously annoying with Bethesda and
    others that one has to go play online MMO ..
    dont need stressed out online gamers around me..

  • king RAPTOR

    Fallout 76, this game is very boring. It's a loss of money

  • Auqte 420

    I was more then impressed with fallout 4 I thought it could only get better I was wrong this game is worst then fortnite

  • Hein Lemans

    Is this another game then fallout 4?

  • brandon smith

    A fun modding game has turned into a boring rpg and bulletsponge enemies simulator with no story at all

  • Bank It

    Multi Player and the elimination of NPC's, ruined the entire concept and enjoyment of the game, no matter what Nuclear winter promises lye ahead.  Not to mention the requirement to buy an additional subscription to even start playing the game.

  • Yago Oliveira

    Fallout should stay in single player

  • Shaun Alexander

    i bought this game and train sim 4 for ps4! $5 for train game and $15 for this one! guess which game is more fun!

  • TheCommentSuperhero

    I actually really like this game

  • Alex Jones

    Finally, a decent review from IGN! I half expected them to give a 7 or 8.

  • rarewawelot el

    I actually rather play this shitty game for 500 hours than play fortnite for 5 minutes cuz of pro crybabys

  • killjoy666

    Fallout trying to be like destiny

  • lain 4896

    That bear was definitely a pun on Tommy Lee

  • Daz Shuffle

    Is it generally worth my time playing it or should I play something else I would like to know

  • Anomalocaria

    i was honestly shocked when this game was announced. people had been begging for a Fallout MMO for ages and Bethesda swore up and down that they weren't going to do it. they flat out said that the Fallout environment just wouldn't work for an MMO. the most frustrating part of it is that they're wrong – they just half-assed it. it seems like a self-fulfilling prophecy.

    i don't understand why they thought it wouldn't work. ESO worked fine and there are plenty of looter-shooter MMOs that demonstrate the viability of the game. they might've needed to tone down the crafting and looting actual garbage, which was half of the appeal for the series, but it'd have been better than toning literally everything down at the expense of the looting system – like they've done with this game.

  • Randomiser Plus

    Truly, a next gen game

  • It's okay to be white

    im not even gonna bother playing this now

  • 0 subs with no videos


  • 0 subs with no videos

    I haven't actually played octopath traveler

  • supereme killer

    " after 50 hours playing "

  • DiamondRanger8

    At least fallout 76 doesn’t get a 9.0/10

  • Skydi

    the purpose of fallout 76 is to make fo4 look better

  • Tommy Brad

    Too many bugs and glitches!

  • Umberto Novelli

    9.7 “It does a little bit of everithing for everybody“.

  • True2022

    Brilliant game and 10 times better than Fallout 4 .No idea why it still gets a bad rep .

  • Jammorel Huntinghawk

    Game is pretty much completely garbage

    9.5 it has a little something for everyone

  • MLGBongRip 99

    And this is why I waited for it to be 30$ 👌🏼

  • Ice Boi

    This game would be great if it were offline! I mean Virginia is a beautiful state and there can be so much do do/explore just like the common wealth of Fallout 4.

  • Pepperoni

    9/10 it has a little something for everyone

  • rongding chen

    It has a little something for everyone

  • andyenid2

    Man compare this to fallout4s 9.5

  • King Man Dog

    Fallout 76 is bad

  • hacked why not?

    weel the guy what the everyone to attack each other in a buggy game like wtf

  • Ieu Pad

    Too lenient but otherwise a decent review


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