Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon Official Trailer

Pegi 18 Sausage Pancakes. Cream! Lots of it! Robo Pattet. We’re waiting for you! It is the near future. The apocalypse has had an apocalypse. A rouge Cyborg army is reshaping the world into Cyber-Hell. And only one thing can stop them… “Let’s show them how Cyber-Commandos get it done.” “Mark IV style, mother fucker!” “I want them alive!” From the toxic ashes of Vietnam War II, a new breed of Renegade soldier is born. Part man, part machine. All Cyber-Commando! “Fuck you.” Sergeant Rex Colt is leading the battle between Good and Evil, as it’s never been fought before! He’s on a desperate mission to bring down a battalion of ruthless, killer Cyborgs! And save the world. “Lights out, Rex.” Michael Biehn is Sergeant Rex” Power” Colt. In this year’s most thrilling, action-packed, Cyber adventure! Farcry 3: Blood Dragon *Paladin Children sold separately.

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