Hi everybody how’s it going? Welcome back to Marvel’s Spider-Man PS4 for more superhero action. We are right back where
we left off about to take on our next main mission which is called Heavy Hitter and
it involves going after Rhino. But first if you haven’t already done so make sure
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guys thank you all for your ongoing support. So here he is mid rampage
already feel a bit more I’ll let this happen first so I feel a bit more
prepared for facing right now with spider-man’s powers why is it going slow
motion like that instead of just miles you have to like make him head by that I’ll drop it on him so what we’re doing
here nice try man right yes so that’s what we’ve got do
then isn’t it we’ve gotta get him to charge up a run and yank it down on his
head like so okay what do we use next it looks like we’re out stuff a little bit
Oh God where is he we’re stuck okay we can use this thing
over here no throwing that please okay so I mean I get the gist of it I also
got this thing over here oh geez he moves quick okay so it’s not too bad so far god
scorpions here it’s another 2v1 oh god just like
against electro and vulture you know I’ve got these two boys together okay this is quite do we wear them up
I’m guessing with webinar that was what we did in the practice realm so I think
oh ok gather way damn he’s not there nice try me right so scorpion is a case
of webbing in my genes that was close I thought it was the UH no slight they
didn’t actually Oh God then properly named it did they okay let’s get rhino
over here if we can scorpions relatively okay to deal with I feel because we can
just sort of webinar missed damn okay come back this way Rhino on your head
son heads up oh good get out of here
scorpion geez it’s very difficult to get both of them
in the same time rhinos getting a suit removed what’s
Octavius promise you scorpion god this is very difficult I’m struggling a
little bit cuz the two of them together are actually pretty tricky I feel like
on their own it had been manageable but yeah together they are a bit of a
handful on me I can’t actually see scorpion I don’t know where he is and
this is the problem scene we start attacking one and the other one
shows up keep talking to me
he saw him helped us out a little bit no that didn’t hit me surely now I need
to get get them separated a little bit God waits scorpion now I think Rhino
took him out I don’t know I’ve got a feeling that Rhino might have just taken
him out for me there is a thing hanging up somewhere but I do know where it was oh no scorpions gone so you must still
be about oh geez so you say these things are quite small and difficult to scale where’s the other thing that crane thing
right and I shove off me I’m over here come get me I can’t gain from that come this way Rhino come on you can do
it big boy there we go okay yeah I think you took scorpion out for me because
scorpion was cause in a lot of trouble yeah there we go and now they’re fighting each other
which is convenient oh now they may strap another two down it’s us four of
them down now all right URI that’s four down just
octavius and Lee left something tells me they won’t be as easy they’re only half
our problem though Devil’s breath cases are getting worse and Oscorp is being
coy about an antiserum I’m worried they’re seeing dollar signs in a
seller’s market I’d expect nothing less from our beloved mayor leave Devil’s
breath to me one of my best people is on it hey miles
oMG I’ve already been through his office computer are you thinking his penthouse
that buildings full of Sables men if they spot me other residents could get
hurt in a firefight okay so another MJ mission one for me to get near by then
make your move okay it sounds pretty damn risky if you ask me what’s that
that’s another tombstone mission so we could look at doing that actually seeing
as we’re in the area um sure I might just do that let’s have a look at suits
then cuz I think we’ve unlocked a new one
we have spirit spider oh that looks seriously cool but we needed a lot of
stuff to get that spider-man armor Mach 4 we can nearly get we just need a
couple of base tokens I inspired a suit again base tokens these two are really
similar on me I actually think I prefer this one and then we’ve got these other
suits here complete all the blackcats fake outs to get that one so we need to
do a base to be able to get a new suit really don’t we there is a sable outpost
here some thinking perhaps we do that first
to get our token and then we jump in to perhaps the tombstone mission my guys
just coming in me what are you doing scan on boys they’ve gotta use our
counters to good effect here get the feeling that’s gonna be RPG guys hey and
you as well shove off oh man is a lot guys of sticks ok the stick guy is a
potentially a problem RPG really wow somebody here lot of damage there that
hardly seems fair God what is that can ease guys Wow okay we are in a bit of a sticky
situation here yay okay we might have to get up there and take some of those guys
out as they are doing a lot of damage turns out write that one down there’s
still this guy still more guys don’t come over here with that RPG mate
we’re not having that going on on a man this is tricky the dodging left right
and center here okay that would do can we go up there
it’s not like even a thing will it let us do that I think we’ve got a gap here
and take some of these guys out you shove off yeah they are part of the base
so that’s fine Oh God that was really difficult Oh
bye-bye where’s the other ones over that side yeah hello that’s not fair zipped
me to the wrong bloody bit did you die think you did
who else do we have excite some more guys down on the ground or around here
somewhere well we lost them nice hi is another one that’s all let’s find out
what they were up to okay oh we did it that was quite easy
captain nice table guys look like they forced all the residents out of a
building so they could occupy it themselves and locked up the ones who
objected I’ll get the people out and have them
file reports with the police nice oh god wait – okay so that was it because it
was like we talked about bloody free and the prisoners and that and then now all
of a sudden there’s all these guys have shown up take him down take him down me
again more men get you more like there’s no way that hit me I’m sorry
that’s bullcrap that nice try shorty get over there a new gun guy shove off where’s the guy off the rocket launcher
gone speak of the devil there he is over there again
wait free oh yeah that’s not fair screw you me did I just get hit by some
stray fire there I’m calling BS on that there’s a lot guys here got a bit
swamped stuck on the slipping wall right now suck guy shove off don’t come over with a bloody rocket
launcher again okay we’re doing we’re doing all right
you’re not doing too badly it turns out pull the back up see if I care boys
you’re going down watch how many waves there are potentially five run light
wave three I think wait for here we go I’m sure it was five waves last time
we’ve got some special finishing moves and I can do Angie why you eat bit busy
you pull me back say the same to you boys grenades blah
blah blah well sure what that grenade actually
does Oh rocket launchers right kick in the face it’s like stray bullets always
seem to just about hit me we could have done the new move that we got there let
me I’m gonna resist constantly all right am i that’s true you might be talking
rubbish there okay wave five let’s take this video
help what the hell I can’t see camera come on camera don’t do that no messing
around boys come on oh nice it hits the guys about the
shields it turns out quite handy for us hey I didn’t say you could hit me
get the hell out of here there’s too many guys here get dangerous for us
isn’t it God bit surrounded up here a little bit let’s take shorty out give me that gun
oh nice that was one of our new moves where we throw the gun and it’s pretty
cool I like that it’s a good purchase I think we got hit by that red thing again
it’s really annoying again we’re a bit too close to these guys they can get
hits in on us ah I mean once you take the guys of the
shields out it’s not too bad the guys with the guns are of course the
easiest and wait the helm unlike the range on those on things is just crazy
seems like it can just hit you from anywhere let’s take that guy out
I’ve had enough even firing his flippin gun why does it not there we go that’s
what I was trying to do he’s down finally this is taking ages
this base at first I thought it’s really easy if it turns out it’s not it’s quite
time-consuming Andrew shove off fact yeah bashing to
your mate that helps us out nicely right here we go we’ve got some killer moves
now you know I mean finish it our final wave you weren’t even on the final wave hardly if we weren’t even on the final
wave we were doing all right for healthy
stuff though so could be a lot less I know it’s a bloody rocket launcher oh
nice we threw it back that was another one of our new news
turns out these new moves are coming in pretty handy yeah John step in take that check why still alive after being
smacked by that get down there go on shove off
well bashed him right into the thing now it’s handy wasn’t it I feel like up here
is the place to do this because actually you can get quite a few hits in and
stuff from up here it’s quite difficult for them to hit you a lot of the time
OOP take that did a little don’t dude and don’t there’s a guy a rocket launcher it’s
being a bit annoying as new is it them other guys in there or is it a nice try
me I can’t tell if it’s like automated machines firing those guns us or if
there’s guys in there I think there’s guys in there isn’t there
oh no they’ve got yank it off and I see it’s like gun turret oops I didn’t mean
to go out there hey is that it
I think that’s it I think we did it I think we’ve done it guys it was actually
right let’s release the prisoners but actually took a lot longer than I
thought it was going to let’s release these guys and get them out hopefully
we’ve got a fair amount of base tokens for that no worries cool
we got one base token not the best it’s gotta be said but returned to save an
outpost sorry player definitely don’t want to replay them I mean really the
only advantage for doing that is to get more tokens isn’t it let’s take a look
then at um you’ve only got one skill point did we get enough for that suit
not yet no we do have enough for this iron spider suit so perhaps we’ll get
that one next then but we might do that in the next episode because we’re out of
time so guys a slightly different one beat Ryan Owen scorpion in a two versus
one boss fight and then a really long sable outpost but we took that down and
got a vital token and so that is gonna do it for this episode so as always
thank you very much for watching if you enjoyed the video click that like button
it really does that we’re channel 2 gray so I do appreciate make sure you hit
that subscribe button and the notification better than you or just
haven’t already done so and I’ll see you all next time


  • proevomaniac999

    Hard fight but you got them back in jail nice

  • JMo

    I like that your voice is really cool not gonna lie! Also you mic is super crisp! That sets you apart from other channels for sure! I subscribed. I do gaming things like you on my channel but i dont got a voice like that!

  • Meli Playful

    I just got this game. Can’t wait to play!!
    Awesome video

  • SerialPillock

    Always makes you fight them in twos :S That Spirit suit is amazing! That outpost was tough.There's no possible way MJ's mission is going to go wrong next time >_>


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