what’s up guys I’m retreating Hardware Canucks today we’re visiting ASUS we got our name tags I’ve decided to be the
money just for fun of it and this looks like a bit of a night and IKEA set to be
honest but I hear there’s a new case somewhere floating around I think I’ve
noticed it but first huge thanks to Thermaltake Phanteks be quiet and razer
sponsoring our CES video should be should be should be do be do be do be do
be do be do be do so this my friends is what I want to check out today the rog
z11 in its final finished form we saw the prototype being display at Computex
a few months ago but it’s actually quite awesome to see it being finished and it
scared to see many awesome cases being released at CES whereas usually that’s
the case for Computex but the z11 is now just give you a quick rundown on the
specs is a $249 case so that’s a little bit pricey your opinion the ROG tax it
is the same price as the LG Helius enclosure and there’s also a two $99
model this that includes the all the display in the front that you can
connect to the ROG terminal that can display CPU temperature and whatever
else you want to display similar things you see on ROG motherboard so the two
$49 price point what does that get you it’s a full aluminum enclosure okay so
no steal full aluminum frame aluminum paneling on the outside and some plastic
bits here and there the one thing that this thing reminds me of outside of
having likes very ROG complexity and dynamics in terms of the paneling and
the little shapes here and there is if you guys are into sci-fi and if you
watched the expanse that thing looks like the spaceship the rosin on tape
especially from the back with that beautiful aluminum thing I don’t know
this is something that I thought of when I first saw the case from the rear so
the z11 where does that come from that is the actual angle in degrees for
the motherboard so they’ve patented this thing where the motherboard is not flat
against the motherboard tray as the motherboard tray is angled 11 degrees on
the interior and that presumably actually has many benefits we have
additional spacing behind the motherboard tray for cables which is
actually quite important when you’re dealing on the ITX form factor even
though this is a pretty large enclosure for ITX space but that
degree offset on the back of the tray gives you more space for cables so that
is one thing the second thing is performance because having more area
behind the CPU backplate means you have more cooling the power supply is
installed at the bottom supports full ATX units because I mean the case is
pretty massive the shroud is nicely angled the cables do exit from both
sides we do also have a bottom intake 140mm our fan that is included and it
slightly below the power supply so if you do have a really long unit they will
not interfere I do appreciate that so cooling wise we have two more fans at
the top 140 Miller fans are included set in exhaust and we also can install dual
120mm fans for the rear and this is most likely the perfect scenario where you
install an all-in-one cooler with these radiator and fan installation set up to
exhaust from the back the GPU area is located the front tempered glass is of
course to reveal all that beautiful card at first we were worried about
performance because it is fairly close to the side panel but we do have
ventilation that is available on the top on the side and at the bottom of the
graphics card plus because of that angle we do have additional spacing there so I
don’t think GPU temperatures should be a problem all the potential intake ports
are dust filtered with a fine mesh that you can easily clean as for storage you
can install dual SSDs instead of the radiator in the back so there’s a bit of
a compromise there we also have this low cable bracket below the motherboard that
is to hide the cables onto which you can install an SSD and you can also install
one behind the motherboard tray CPU towers up to 130 millimeters are
supported so you’re most likely going to want to go with an AO solution or
actually build a custom loop in which case you will be able to mount a 240
radiator up top otherwise you can’t really mount an AO at the top because
there’s not much room width wise the RG hub behind the motherboard tray is
included with six PWM fan headers three 5 volt addressable RGB header steel and
dual USB twos pastors so because this is ITX it’s always great to have additional
USB ports that are included in the hub now since the motherboard is facing up
all the i/o of course is hidden it’s not your traditional orientation so you will
have to route all those USBs and whatever DisplayPort your connect
thing into the motherboard and the graphics card and because the case can
orientate both vertically and horizontally we do have multiple cutouts
behind that you can route all these i/o cables and I’m guessing this is
something of a bit of a compromise but really should not be an issue the i/o is
also pretty rich with four years B ports a type seen there and some buttons to
control the case light I have asked them about what the assembly procedure is
like because the case does appear to be large for an ITX system while also maybe
kind of a cramp to work in but they have put conscious effort to make sure that
the assembly procedure is as user-friendly as possible and I do
appreciate ROG taking risk on this even though it’s a super expensive tower but
ITX form-factor is such a small niche in the entire
computer space that I do appreciate them doing something that is very different I
hope that more companies take approach on that whole angled motherboard tray
especially when it comes to I TX form factors really really want to test to
see if what exactly is the benefit in terms of cooling performance having that
the motherboard being angled having a little bit more space behind the CPU
block and the fact that you can place the case horizontally is a nice
innovative touch we’ve seen that with the evolve shift and not many ITX
enclosures go with the hybrid approach but the rog z11 might be a pretty
popular tower in the ITX space if you like the design and like ROG as a whole
this will launch at end of q1 let us know if you’d like us to review it I
don’t think this would be very popular in the ITX space simply because the ITX
case form factor has been blowing up lately with really focus on making sure
that you can compact as much as possible whereas the ROG approach I mean this is
a very large enclosure for an ITX form factor and there is potentially room for
micro ATX but that’s not a segment that is very popular so yeah let us know what
you think of these z11 thanks so much for watching I’ll talk to you guys in
the next video


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    GPU: You'll speak to the front panel about it
    Asus: Be careful not to choke on your aspirations, GPU.

  • Metal

    Damn… That thing is hideous.

  • mtbrdude

    This case is stupid. There are a hundred ATX cases that would work better.

  • Spastic Tuesdays

    OK, that's an absolutely terrible case.
    From cables to the huge size to the buried I/O to the suffocated video card, there's no way it's anything better than terrible. Terrible may be a best case scenario.
    Of course this is from the brain dead company that thought DTX was a great idea: All the short comings and challenges of ITX but almost as bit as μATX! GENIUS!

    Small form factor machines are either small or stupid.

    Please do get one of those to review, I love seeing idiotic cases eviscerated for justice.

  • Miguel Chang

    Asus, your case is dead on arrival 250 dollars for a case that can't fit multiple radiators? Enthusiasts would just buy the Lian Li O11 Dynamic XL

  • denns0r

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    Seems there's no simple and discrete options for those who build a system for work.

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    Gpu default oc : on
    Plays call of duty for 3 hours.
    Removes left or right bud of headphone
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  • Thomas Darby

    Totally ridiculous. You may have tried to explain some of the advantages of the 11-degree tilt, but with the IO port access difficulties, the thing is a gimmick only, a non-starter in my book. The case looks good, but form needs to follow function, first– THEN add all the doo-dads, RGB bits, glowing coolant, etc. if that is what turns on your glow-worm.

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    I like the form factor and layout…buuuut way too gamery. Looks like a prepubescent gamer's dream. It's so full of different angles which makes it look horribly cluttered with bits and bumps unecessarily jutting out all over the place.

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  • Selfmedicate


  • John Christianson

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  • Anthony Himself

    Never will I get a ROG product just in the past month I’ve received two dead motherboards and one dead brand new graphics card all brand new products


    All those Engineers and designers at ASUS, came up with this!!!

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  • RJ

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  • A Courier of our hopes and a American future

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    A Few Moments Later…

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  • LookattheBiggerPic

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  • Anon F

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